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Banks ? There Are Alternatives And We Must Act
6 years ago

Banks are the conventional method of storing funds, but they are far from the only option.

Bank alternatives may offer higher interest rates on your accounts to attract your business, or offer more insurance than at traditional banks.

Also, the fees for withdrawals, accounts and general money movement can be lower or even for free at a bank alternative.

Today more and more customers run away the major banks and open accounts in regional banks like savings banks and smaller.

Confidence in the big institutions dwindles and ethical alternatives are more and more sought.

Like the LIBOR scandal and other enormous manipulations have shown, the big players cheat where they can.

They're gamers, because the financial system has degenerated into a casino, which governs only the greed and the lust for profit.

The losses may be borne by the taxpayers.

The task of politicians to protect the consumer is a farce.


read about alternatives:

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