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With Chemical Weapons Obama Speaks of Himself
6 years ago

Mr. Obama bluntly warned the Syrian government, any movement or the use of biological and chemical weapons would mean crossing a 'red line' and trigger U.S. intervention.

Obama said Bashar al-Assad would experience 'enormous consequences' if those weapons against the 'insurgents' are used.

'We can not tolerate a situation where chemical or biological weapons fall into the hands of the wrong people,' Mr. War is Peace President said.

'We have made clear to the Assad regime, but also the other players on the ground, a red line for us would be if we see a whole range of chemical weapons on the move, or to be applied.'

Last month, the Syrian government allegedly said to have threatened to use their stocks of chemical weapons, if foreign troops invaded the country.

However it was stressed, they would not be used in the internal conflict.

The mass murderer with the Nobel Peace Prize threatening a sovereign state with a risk of attack and dictated conditions which is again typical of the arrogance and aggression of Washington.

As if the United States in the many wars they have already fought did not apply any biological and chemical weapons.

Moreover, what is supposed to be an absurd reason for war, only the 'movement' of the weapons already is sufficient to strike ?

The use of biological and chemical weapons by the United States dates back to the Vietnam War, where Agent Orange, one of the most devastating weapons of modern warfare was sprayed everywhere all over the country, a chemical agent for defoliating forests and destroying crops.

The Americans wanted to turn Vietnam into a desert and let the people die of hunger...



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