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Greece: Class warfare, banksters, money laundering, Petition
6 years ago


10 billion euros laundered

Meanwhile, one of the few remaining relatively independent, if right-leaning newspapers in Greece published an amazing story, that if confirmed might offer a view of the scale of plunder that the country has been subjected to by the elites.

Real News published last Sunday details of an investigation on money laundering involving over 10 billion Euros ,the current Speaker of parliament, Vangelis Meimarakis, and at least two more conservative former ministers: 

…Meimarakis is one of more than 30 politicians and public figures who have come under the microscope following a probe by the Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) into corruption in public life.
Prosecutor Popi Papandreou, who has taken over the probe from SDOE, is expected to focus on claims against Meimarakis, former Transport Minister Michalis Liapis and former Public Order Minister Giorgos Voulgarakis.
All three were implicated in a multi-billion-euro money-laundering network in a Real News report last Sunday. Before summoning the three politicians, Papandreou is expected to call two contractors - Iosif Livanos and Giorgos Zografakis - who allegedly accused the three ex-ministers of involvement in money laundering with rival contractor Yiannis Carouzos.

This investigation was under wraps and going nowhere for at least a year and a half. The Speaker of the House maintains his innocence and has definitely lost his cool, although this sort of macho - hoodlum behavior is par for the course in today’s New Democracy…

This is BTW why the Greek elites and their media are in complete terror that a party like SYRIZA, with no ties to this pyramid of corruption, might eventually win an election.

In point of fact SYRIZA’s immediate economic program is not much to the left of Paul Krugman.

What is destabilizing however is the threat of local elites losing control of the web of graft that they cling on to since their grandfathers emerged after the war, as nazi-friendly black-marketeers who bought a suit and became businessmen.

That EU elites chose to support the parties that nurtured this system, is probably telling as to where their interests lie…


read all, watch the poignant video and sign petition please:

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