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Watch Bee Dying After Landing on Flower (Fukushima...)
5 years ago

I thought to post this here, as everyone should see the condition of our environment.

I am urging you:

Sign as many petitions as possible on this topic, inform the people about this threat.

Remember, when bees dying in huge numbers, mankind is most likely to experience the same in near future.

Think of your future and the future of your children and the world !

(I for my part could not even watch the entire video below, as my heart is bleeding)

here we go:

I believe this video was taken in Canada.  

Watch as a bee that lands on a flower exposed to chemtrails and Fukushima radiation and then dies within minutes!  

Something is very very wrong in our environment and most likely it's because of the Fukushima radiation that will always affect flowers and small insects before humans.  

This is why all of us must do more to expose the new world order.  

There isn't safety by keeping your mouth shut!  

The only safety is opening up your mouth and telling others what is going on.  

We can't let the mainstream media brainwash people anymore.  

This is reality!  

Nuclear power and chemtrails are DESTROYING this planet!  

Don't stay silent anymore.  

Support those that are spreading the truth and think of ways that you can wake up more people!  

The future of humanity is on the line.  

You MUST turn off your TVs and get serious about waking up more people!

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