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How the media only permits CokeŽ and PepsiŽ
5 years ago

Did you know there are not only two known presidential candidates but FOUR other candidates who are applying for president and can be elected ?

Now honestly.

Had you not known ?

There is the general impression that the U.S. has only a two-party system and can only choose between Republicans and Democrats.

Here, the range is much greater, but is hushed by the media.

So manipulate and control the media also the elections in which they give the impression that the choice is limited to two candidates, or you only have a choice between Coke® and Pepsi®.

Indeed, there are third parties and candidates who receive no media attention.

Or you can call them by name ?

No ?

Here I list them:

5 years ago

For all of us, came to late to view the live stream of the debate, it's recorded and can be viewd HERE in RY.

Enjoy a break and the debate...

What a difference in substance offered to the people.

I think the link should be posted and followed closely.

Forget about voting Obama/ Rmoney and give your vote to one of these people instead.

Seriously, there are other choices other than the two plants they give us.

Lets get out of the nursery biz and get into what is best for the people.

Corporation rule could be a thing of the past if you vote for one of these 4 other choices.

You may skip the first 62 minutes, the debate starts there.

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