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2 weeks ago

Watch Videos!!! Green - The film - An Orangutan's journey
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
Green, a female Orangutan, alone in a world which doesn’t belong to her, victim of Deforestation for PalmOil plantations, died of sorrow, because she had lost everything.. Deforestation of Indonesia: carried out by the Companies of PalmOil/Wood/Paper Industry & our passivity.
1950: Indonesia Forest cover=160 million Hect.; Today: less than 48 million left!! If we don't buy the products, those companies can't sell them. Our purchases from PalmOil prod. (from biofuel, toothpaste, biscuits, to garden furniture, plywood, paper, decide if Species are exterminated or survive! Greed for PalmOil, Paper & Wood products=exterminating Rainforest along with the lives it contains.
A Baby hugging his dead mother

2 weeks ago

Watch Video: Jungle Survivors: Saving Orangutans in Borneo

Beautiful, tropical Borneo is one of the few places on Earth where Orangutans still exist in the wild. Meet the Canadian woman who has devoted her life to saving these gentle creatures from the brink of extinction. Source: WOLFGANG W.

1 month ago

Marooned in shrinking Forests, Bornean Orangutans hang on as disaster looms (PART I) The word “Orang Utan” itself comes from Malay & Indonesian words meaning “Person of the Forest.” This development has severely affected local Orangutans, with a 2009 census indicating a population in the region had dropped to between 1,500 & 1,700 from as many as 4,100 individuals in 1995. The world’s 3rd largest island, Borneo is shared by 3 different countries. The largest portion, Kalimantan, belongs to Indonesia. The rest is home to 2 Malaysian states—Sarawak & Sabah—& the entire tiny country of Brunei. The island is home to the Bornean Orangutan (Pongo Pygmaeus), listed as Endangered by the IUCN: one of the world’s 2 Orangutan Species, with the Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo Abelii), Critically Endangered. From Sept. 29 to Oct. 6, NASA satellites detected 3,501 active fires within Borneo alone. Air circulation patterns bring the smoke to other parts of Southeast Asia, impacting air quality throughout the region; Cal M.

1. Bornean Orangutan; 2. Pair of orphaned Orangutans at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sabah, Malaysia

4 months ago

Indonesian Govt reiterates plan to clear 14M ha of forest by 2020 Indonesia now has the highest Deforestation rate in the world, topping even Brazil which has more than 5 times the natural forest cover.
Rainforest in Sumatra:

Indonesia cracks down on Illegal Burning, investigates more suspect Cos.
Every year, thousands of hectares of Indonesian forest are illegally burned by development companies. However, Indonesia’s Minister of Environment is optimistic that legal charges over such fires can be completed – even though he has just 3 months left in office. CITATION: Fidelis E. Satriastanti, Mongabay-Indonesia correspondent (Aug. 14, 2014). Source: Corinne F.
An Oil palm plantation that was burned to the ground during recent fires in Riau, Sumatra

6 months ago

Laura R. Suzanne L.

9 months ago

Laura R., Sara P., Waltraud U.:

10 months ago

Katy watches as the local media gets a look at 8 Orangutans during a tour of the Int.l Orangutan Center, Indianapolis Zoo, USA

11 months ago

Video: The unlikely friendship between a Dog and an Orangutan

A Video about an Orangutan and her best friend: a dog!. Showing their friendship but also an encouragement to not use Palm Oil, as Orangutans are one of the most threatened Species in the World!!

1 year ago

Watch this Video: Orangutan Smile

Watch this Video: Green Film Director talks about Palm Oil and Orangutans
a simple yet strikingly poignant film about a dying Orangutan named Green. The thoughtful, beautifully shot film makes chillingly clear our role in the rapid destruction of Indonesia’s Rainforests – and it does so without frills or embellishments, without so much as a spoken word.

1 year ago

Hardi Baktiantoro: I don't care if it is legal or illegal. My opinion is that as long as long as Orangutan habitat is being destroyed we have to stop it. It's very common in Indonesia to legally clear the forest but the definition of who controls the forest can be questionable-it is often disputed.

Orangutan with a garden hoe wound from a Palm Oil worker at a plantation

Zooming out reveals it to be a Mother with infant. The baby Orangutan is traumatized from seeing its mother severely beaten.

1 year ago

News: An interview with Hardi Baktiantoro

I’m proud to say that Hardi was one of my friends when I was on FaceBook. …Led by Hardi Baktiantoro- its Director - the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) has mounted a guerrilla-style campaign against Companies that are destroying Orangutan Habitat in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. The group rigorously investigates new clearing, documenting Environmental transgressions through Video, Photography, and GPS.

Hardi Baktiantoro>

1 year ago

News: Teaching Orangutans to be wild - Orangutan rehabilitation - Michelle Desilets belonged to my Group, when I was on FaceBook. I had recruited 900 friends to "OrangutanLandTrust", "Don't Palm UsOff", and more than 1200 to "OrangutanOutreach". I met Michelle when I went purposely to UK to meet Lone Dröscher-Nielsen, the "OrangUtan hero", for 2 Conferences in UK, Nov.2010. I entered the Care2 Community in July 2010, when FB blocked my Account!!
Some pics:
M. Desilets, OrangutanLandTrust Executive Director, interview: Orangutan biology, habits & threats, from pet trade to habitat loss & OilPalm plantations. Rehabilitating Orangutans & teaching them to be wild.

1 year ago

News: The Worst Part About What Happened To This Baby Orangutan Is Knowing Who Did It  What happened to this baby Orangutan will make you choke back tears. This little fella was safe in his home when humans attacked it. They were chopping down his Forest, clearing it to make way for an Oil Palm plantation for a Company to use to make its products: Companies that put money above life. Now this baby is homeless… & without his fingers.
The 4 month-old Orangutan’s fingers were chopped off while workers were chopping down his Forest while preparing for an Oil Palm plantation or were killing his mother mith a machete

1 year ago

Jeaneen A.

1 year ago

News: Borneo's Rainforest Coal: City of London Profit The development of coal mines in East Kalimantan is having a huge impact on local & indigenous populations, destroying the Forest & displacing communities--London banks & City financiers take the profit. Cal M.

1 year ago

News: In Indonesia, Environmentalists See a Disaster in the Making Kalul Village, Indonesia - Near a Palm Oil plantation here, bulldozers & chainsaws can be heard in what is officially "protected forest." The hilly terrain is not ideal for large-scale agriculture, but the loggers are are denuding the land anyway. Col N.

1 year ago

News: In Palm Oil’s Wake: an interview with Robert Hii  Orangutans are the most iconic species/victims of “development.” The Sumatran Rhino: est. at no more than 200 animals, between Sumatra & Borneo. The Orangutans, with their human-like features & intelligent, big brown eyes, appeal to a wider audience. There is actually hope to save the Species, whereas the extinction of the Sumatran Rhino is now inevitable. If we act now, if we stymie the destruction of their habitat, we can save the Orangutan. Land grabs, displaced peoples, conflict between humans & wildlife, extensive water & soil pollution, endangered species teetering on the brink of extinction. Just recently, the Forest Research Inst. Malaysia declared the keruing paya, one of the iconic trees in Malaysia’s Rainforests, extinct, the last bastion of their survival wiped out to make room for Palm Oil trees. Col N.

1 year ago

Oil Palm plantation in Tesso Nilo Forest. Most  are illegal 

1 year ago

News: Greenpeace, Wilmar clash over Palm Oil supply chain  According to Greenpeace’s report - Licence to Kill: How Deforestation for Palm Oil is Driving Sumatran Tigers toward Extinction - Wilmar was documented buying Oil Palm fruit bunches from Tesso Nilo Nat.l Park through an agent supplying its mills. The area in Sumatra, where there are Elephants & Tigers, was illegally cleared. Greenpeace wants consumers to challenge Corporations for fully traceable supply chains & to support Cos. with no-Deforestation policies. Bet. 2009&2011, cleared 382,000 hectares of Tiger & other Species Habitat!! 400 wild Tigers thought to remain in Sumatra. Col N.

1 year ago

An access road is constructed in a peatland forest being cleared for a Palm Oil plantation in Aceh province, on Indonesia's Sumatra island. Swaths of biodiverse Forests across the archipelago of 17,000 islands have been cleared to make way for Paper & Palm Oil plantations, for Mining & Agriculture. The destruction has ravaged Biodiversity, placing animals such as Orangutans&Sumatran Tigers in danger of extinction, & releasing vast amounts of ClimateChange-causing carbon dioxide. Indonesia  3rd biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, after China & the US

1 year ago

"If Chimpanzees (OrangUtans- Men of the Forest) have consciousness, if they are capable of abstractions, do they not have what until now has been described as`human rights'? How smart does a Chimp (Orangutan) have to be before killing him constitutes MURDER???" - Carl Sagan

News: What If Orangutans Had Their Day In Court?
Environmentalists say nature should have legally recognized rights. But what does that really mean?

1 year ago

petition signed,thanks Michela
You are signer #968
too less between one year (about 100 signers)

1 year ago

What about the alternative condition under which palm can grow without further destruction of rainforest? I can't remember the term...

1 year ago

News:  A Desperate Effort to Save the Rainforest of Borneo

The once-magnificent Tropical Forests of Borneo have been decimated by rampant Logging & Clearing for Oil Palm plantations. But in the Malaysian state of Sabah, a top official is fighting to reverse that trend by bringing sustainable forestry to the beleaguered island.

For most people, Borneo conjures up images of a wild and distant land of Rainforests, exotic beasts, & nomadic tribes. But that place increasingly exists only in one’s imagination, for the Forests of the world’s 3rd-largest island have been rapidly & relentlessly logged, burned, & bulldozed in recent decades, leaving only a sliver of its once-magnificent Forests intact.



1 year ago

Always time for a smile, tx for photos, group members!

1 year ago

from Katie S.:

2 years ago

Signed. Danuta, the pictures you've posted are particularly beautiful. I like yours to, Michela. TY to both of you.

2 years ago

Orangutans seem cool.

2 years ago

Signed the last petition (Selamatkan orang utan) and spread it as widely as possible. The pictures are beautiful and the babies look so sweet. I wonder how people can be so heartless as to harm them.

2 years ago



Last three pictures
2 years ago

Thank you for the pictures. They are beautiful and moving.

2 years ago

Signer #871.thanks Michela.

2 years ago

Thanks Michela. I've seen videos of baby orangutans traumatized after things like that hoe attack and it's heartbreaking. Nice to see there's somewhere that they can be safe in the wild.
signed and thankyou

2 years ago

I really need to go through your group's topics and archives, I AM GOING TO CATCH UP
" what did the Big tomato say to the baby tomato?.....................................ketchup,lol

The unlikely friendship between a Dog and an Orangutan :-)
2 years ago

Hi Michela The video with other unlikely animal pairs and the Dog and the orangutang was Great !!! Thanx for post ) ) )

2 years ago

Signed. If orangutans had their day in court we humans would lose our habitat. I'm always shocked to see the traumatized infants.

2 years ago

signed x 3 family; only 839 signatures

3 years ago

Signed! Thank you Michela also for all those wonderful pictures on these pages!!

3 years ago

Already Gladly Signed Selamatkin Orangutan and already recorded. Thank you my dear friend Michela. World of hugs for all you do for the beautiful Orangutans.

Selamatkan orangutans
3 years ago

Signed december 5, 2011 ; n° 764
Thanks a lot for the nice photos.

3 years ago


Selamatkan Orangutan
3 years ago

Added 2 more signatures. We need to do something to save areas of forest where are living this wonderful wild creatures.

THANK YOU for heartwarming video with Surya and Roscoe. You make my day Michela!


3 years ago

Signed. Very touching, my heart goes out to these animal friends of ours.

Thank you for all you do Michela,   Joseph

3 years ago

Noted, signed and forwarded. Thank you Michela.

3 years ago

added 3!

3 years ago

if only i could give you another star michela! unfortunately only allowed 1 a week as i already gave you one earlier in a deserve a billion of them for all the time and effort you put into this!

3 years ago

Thanks to YOU Michela
so we can signed the Petition !!!
with Love and Care from Cyprus "on the other-side of the Planet"

3 years ago

So sorry i'm still playing catch-up!
Petitions signed, photos viewed, videos watched.
Thank you so much for all your wonderfull and tireless work Michela, you are a true angel to these animals and their habitat! 1lOVE

3 years ago

Signed and I posted it to Facebook.Hope this helps!

Wonderful Video!
3 years ago

The unlikely friendship between a Dog and an Orangutan
A Video about an Orangutan and her best friend: a dog!. Showing their friendship but also an encouragement to not use Palm Oil, as Orangutans are one of the most threatened Species in the World!!

Thank you Michela, for sharing!

3 years ago

Michela, you are our solid rock foundation. A true blessing.

3 years ago

Thanks Michela you do such great work! 

Selamatkan Orangutan: News, Pics, Videos
3 years ago