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2 years ago

22) New!! Pet.: Save Orangutans from Palm Oil Forest Fires Stop Palm Oil-fueled forest fires that are killing off threatened Orangutan populations! Cal M.

3 years ago

Watch Video:  Krista Orangutan #1

Krista is one of 350 orphans at OFI's care center on the island of Borneo. Don't let it be time to say goodbye.
The founder of Orangutan Foundation International is Dr. Birute M. Galdikas who has been working to save Orangutans and their Rainforest Habitat for over 35 years!
Video:  Orang Utan Island, Malaysia
A visit to an Orangutan sanctuary on an island in the Malaysian state of Perak.
Video:  Baby Orangutan Born in Indonesia

4 years ago

12) Pet.: Save Borneo and its Orangutans for God's Sake!  The heart of Borneo, homeland to about 2000 endemic Species with about 200 discovered each years is a forest too unique, too precious that if it is once lost, it will not come again. Very unfortunately the Gov.ts of Indonesia & Malaysia have started cutting the trees to give way to the Oil Palm plantations & the wildlife has to suffer. If we would not do anything than nobody will & our grandchildren will not be able to enjoy Borneo. Angela K.

4 years ago

21) New!! Pet.: Stop Hunting Critically Endangered Orangutans According to a 2004 study by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, only 7,300 Sumatran Orangutans remain. Over the past 75 years, their numbers have dwindled by an estimated 80% & they are listed as Critically Endangered. Extreme Habitat loss is the main contributing factor in their decline, but with so few Orangutans remaining, hunting also poses a real threat. Cal M.; Victoria O.

4 years ago

Palm Oil - in the Cooking Industry
Since Palm Oil is of a lower quality than Olive Oil, it remained rare outside West Africa. Its increasing use in the commercial Food Industry...  because: 1) Palm Oil has the LOWEST Production COST of the major Oils, and 2) Products last more time in the Supermarket shelves!! for the high oxidative stability (saturation) of the refined product when used for frying. Many processed foods contain Palm Oil but it is NOT DECLARED on Labels!!! Or Label simply says: "Vegetable Oils"!! Try to read a Chips Packet Label,  just as an example!!  This is a real offence to all of us, but particularly to VEGANS and VEGETARIANS devoting their lifestyle not to hurt animals, while, like all customers, they are unwillingly and unconsciously contributing to the SLAUGHTER of Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos, Wildlife... and GENOCIDE of Orangutans, who share 98% DNA with us!!!

Palm Oil - Health: Blood Lipid and Cholesterol Effects
The U.S. Center for Science in the Public Interest said Palm Oil (high in saturated and low in polyunsaturated fat) promotes heart disease; Report cited Research going back to 1970; also said that The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, World Health Organization (WHO), and other Health Authorities urged reduced consumption of Palm Oil; WHO states that there is convincing evidence that palmitic acid consumption contributes to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. A 2006 Study by the National Institute of Health and the USDA Agricultural Research Service concluded that it's not a safe substitute for partially hydrogenated fats (trans fats) in the Food Industry, as Palm Oil results in adverse changes in the blood concentrations of LDL Cholesterol and apolipoprotein B  just as trans fat does.

Palm Oil - Other uses
Palm Oil became a highly sought-after commodity by British traders, for use as an industrial Lubricant for machinery during Britain's Industrial Revolution; the basis of Soap products, such as Lever Brothers' (now Unilever) "Sunlight Soap", and the American Palmolive brand; derivatives of palmitic acid were used with naphta during World WarII to produce Napalm; to create BioFuel!!

4 years ago

This Destruction is led by greed GREED

GREED: only because Palm Oil is the CHEAPEST Oil on the market
at the expenses of our Health (children, grandchildren);
at the expenses of the Environment (Global Warming);
at the expenses of Local People (Displacement & Injustice) at the expenses of Wildlife and Biodiversity (EXTINCTION)

5 years ago

20) Petition: Save the Orangutans of Indonesia Target: Indonesian Minister of Environment: asking him to better regulate the Clear cutting of the Indonesian Rainforest, & to implement action, as follows: For every tree cut in the future, that it be replaced by 4 new trees to help enhance the replacement of those trees already cut & help return the Rainforest back to the Orangutans. Lindsey:

5 years ago

19) AusAID Don't Scale Back Forest Protection In Indonesia in 2007 the Australian Gov.t announced the Indonesia–Australia Forest Carbon Partnership (IAFCP) via AusAID with a project to re-flood 200,000 hectares of dried peatland, protect 70,000 hectares of peat forests, & plant 100 million trees in Central Kalimantan. But in 2012 only just over 10% - or 25,000hectares of the original 200,000 hectares of peatland is expected to be re-flooded. To date only 50,000 trees have been replanted, well short of the 100 million target first touted. This project is facing the possibility of being scaled back, or in fact failing to succeed in meeting the original target. If small NGO's can succeed in protecting small Forest areas in Indonesia with a very small limited budget, then how can AusAID fail or consider scaling back a Forest protection project with its multi million $ budget? Source: Vicynthia T


5 years ago

18) Invest More Resources in Orangutan Conservation   A Survey concluded at least 750 Orangutans were killed this year in Indonesia.  Cited as the first-ever survey of the Endangered Great Ape, Researchers expressed concerns over the remaining 50,000 Apes as Deforestation & Hunting continue.

5 years ago

17) Pet.: Save The Orangutan. Name & shame the companies who use Palm Oil that is not from renewable source
Target: British Prime Minister, D. Cameron
- The Orangutan is a highly intelligent & affectionate & is now under severe threat because it's habitat the forests are being cut down to create vast Palm Oil plantations. Their forests are being lost at an alarming rate. Please help we really do need to make these companies accountable & save these wonderful gentle & loving creatures. Monica T.

5 years ago

16) Pet.: Save the Orangutan from Cruelty and Extinction

In Indonesia, Rainforest’s cover 60% of the land but are quickly disappearing. Legal and illegal loggers are stripping the forests bare for wood and clearing the land to make way for palm oil plantations and farm land. Farmers are ruthlessly killing adult Orangutans to prevent them from eating their crops leaving many baby Orangutans to be orphaned in the forest to die. Source: Kit B., Cher:

5 years ago

15) Pet.: Commend Home for Orphaned Orangutans The Int.l Animal Rescue recently created a safe home for orphaned Orangutans in Sungai Awan, Indonesian Borneo, using £500,000 raised by Daily Mail readers. If they were not now living in the new sanctuary, these animals would probably have suffered immensely as pets. Captive Orangutans are frequently beaten, & lead lives filled with starvation & cruelty. They live outdoors 24/7 attached to a chain, or they are mistreated by their owners, who treat them merely as trophies, not like living creatures. The parents of these orphans are either living such a nightmare or are likely dead as a result of the habitat destruction wreaked upon the forests of Borneo by logging companies. They have 64 acres to live on, free from hunters & deforestation. Orangutans are not meant to walk, but rather to grab tree branches & move from tree to tree, workers at the sanctuary transport the animals in wheelbarrows to the trees every day, & wheel them back at night to sleep in protected compounds. They are sheltered, fed & rehabilitated until they are ready to live in the wild. By providing the orphaned animals with a place to grow up, this charity has saved their lives. Commend the Int.l Animal Rescue for creating a safe home for these orphaned Orangutans! Cher:


5 years ago

14) Pet. Save Orangutans from Extinction  In Indonesia, Rainforests cover 60% of the land but are quickly disappearing. Legal & illegal loggers are stripping the Forests bare for wood & clearing the land to make way for Palm Oil plantations & farm land. As Rainforest destruction continues at an alarming rate, Orang-utans or “men of the forest” as their name means, are forced to go into villages in search of food. Once entering a village they face capture & severe abuse. Farmers are ruthlessly killing adult Orangutans to prevent them from eating their crops leaving many baby Orangutans to be orphaned in the forest to die. Save the Orangutan! Cher:

5 years ago

13) US only!!: Tell Congress to protect Orangutans

  Baby Orangutans are illegally captured & sold as pets – while Logging & development are rapidly destroying the Forests where their parents & other wild relatives live. Unless we take decisive action now, Orangutans could go extinct in the wild. The USAID Biodiversity programs that protect Orangutans are on the chopping block now when we need them the most. Tell your member of Congress to support conservation programs that Orangutans depend on... before it's too late. Cher:

5 years ago

11) Pet.: The Plan to kill Orangutans

SHARE THIS PETITION AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!! Target: Indonesian President -the last place on Earth where Endangered Orangutans, Rhinos, Elephants, & Tigers still roam together -- but it'll be bulldozed to bits unless we give our President a massive global wake up call to step in right now & save this unique habitat.
A logging ban here in Indonesia has been a life insurance policy for our critically endangered species. But it's about to expire, &
now an area the size of a small country could be turned over to Mining & Palm Oil companies who've been lobbying behind the scenes to trash this Forest for a quick profit! If the Avaaz community lets the President know his global reputation, & hoped for future career at the UN, are at stake, we can get him to extend the ban & silence the chainsaws!! We need to act fast -- the Forestry Ministry wants to approve this disaster, but the President cares about his conservationist image, & can block this Orangutan-killing plan & renew the nationwide logging ban. Sign the urgent petition & tell everyone about this mortal threat to our majestic forest. If a million sign in the next 3 days, we'll get major media in Indonesia to cover this, & I'll make sure the President hears us loud & clear!Source Lynn P.

5 years ago

10)  Pet.: Remind the EPA that Palm Oil is dirty! 74,785 Signatures I signed with all my family Emails!!!! The Rainforests are the lungs of our planet & must be protected. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently determined that Palm Oil should not be included in the Renewable Fuel Standard, because Palm Oil causes the most pollution due to the clearing & burning dense Rainforests, many of them on carbon-rich peatland, for Oil Palm plantations. The PalmOil industry is vigorously attacking EPA's conclusion, alleging it's based on inaccurate assumptions & data. It doesn't want it used to disqualify Palm Oil-based fuels from the Renewable Fuels Standard. The industry has hired lobbying companies like Holland & Knight to overturn EPA’s preliminary finding that Palm-based biofuels don’t meet the greenhouse gas standards of the federal renewable auto fuels mandate. Indonesia is the world's biggest PalmOil producer: the widespread Deforestation for new plantations has made Indonesia the world’s 3rd biggest Global Warming polluter & has led to the killing of Endangered Species like Orangutans. Nancy:
Clearcut for PalmOil plantations in the Rainforest

5 years ago

9) Pet.: NO Justice in putting lives at stake just for the expansion of Oil Palm plantations! By: Dianne Hillier Lone Droscher-Nielsen: "P.Oil is now the greatest threat to the survival of Orangutans in the wild, Deforestation, is like a man-made tsunami. There is no way that something as beautiful & innocent as an Or. could've ever evolved into man".Killing the Or. for P.Oil expansion into their Habitat is a Genocide, a serious environmental crime. Or. are our closest relatives, sharing 97% of their DNA with us. "Give a screwdriver to a Chimpanzee & it will throw it at another Chimpanzee. Give it to a Gorilla & it will use it to scratch itself. Give it to an Orangutan & it will escape!""Give 10 problems to a Chimpanzee & it will solve 6 of them in 30mins & never solve the other 4. Give 10 problems to an Orangutan & it will take 1 week, but will solve all 10 problems" These beautiful Apes are a vital part of the Rainforest Ecosystem in SE Asia. Or. become extinct because of Corp. greed & a lack of political will. We call for Malaysian Gov.t to take a tough stand against the Malaysian P.Oil Cos. for offences committed against Or., Indigenous Tribes, Ecosystem. We urge the Malaysian P.Oil Corp. to end the conversion of Or. Habitat into OilPalm plantations & to adopt a No-Kill Policy. P.Oil is having a shocking impact on our Planet: polluting rivers, causing land erosion, the plantation workers set fire to the remaining trees to make way for the OilPalms, producing immense amount of toxic smoke pollution. The 2nd biggest contributor to CO2 = Global Warming; rising sea levels, changing weather patterns, frequent natural disasters, ice glaciers melting & more Species wiped out. NOT just a Malaysian issue but a World Issue. We PLEDGE to boycott ALL Malaysian products & not just P.Oil until the unethical & abominable practices of P.Oil comes to a complete halt!


5 years ago
8)  Pet.: Protect Orangutans from Brutal Attacks in Indonesia

Target: Indonesian President Goal: Enforce harsher punishment in Indonesia for killing Orangutans An Orangutan that had been shot with a pellet gun over 100 times is expected to survive. The Primate, named ‘Aan’ was found on a Palm Oil plantation with 37 shots in her head, & the rest covering her entire body. She is still in a critical state. She lost one of her eyes, will most likely lose sight in the other eye, has extensive lung & some hearing damage; she will never return to the wild. In the past decade, the Orangutan population has diminished at an alarming rate; reduced by 50%. Already an Endangered Species, they are nearing extinction because of the destruction of their Habitat caused by the creation of Palm Oil plantations & the harsh treatment of plantation workers. Experts believe there are only a mere 50,000- 60,000 Orangutan  left on the Earth. Indonesia is one of the largest producers of Palm Oil in the world. Seeing Orangutans as pests, many owners of these Palm Oil plantations justify killing or beating them. While there have been some instances of beating or killing Orangutans that have resulted in a few months of jail time, this is not properly sending the message. Plantation workers chased down Orangutans with dogs before shooting, stabbing, & hacking them to death with machetes. Some plantation owners are even offering rewards for every Orangutan killed. This is no way to treat any living animal. We are infringing on their territory, & Orangutans should not be punished for trying to survive. Call for harsher punishment for the mistreatment of Orangutans in Indonesia. Source: Vicynthia T. 

5 years ago

Watch Video: Borneo: Unmasking the Truth 

attempts to expose the reality & corruption surrounding the Deforestation. Using footage from various sources: goal is to reveal the harsh truth on the very real threat of extinction for many Endangered Species of Animals & Plants. Borneo: the 3rd largest island in the world, extremely rich with Biodiversity, with many endemic Species of Plants & Animals. In 10 yrs(1994to2004) 361 new Species were identified & described, with thousands more still unknown to man. Home of many famous Endangered Species: Orangutans, Elephants, Rhinos, Sun Bears, Clouded Leopards, & Gibbons. Once (around 1950) covered extensively with Tropical Rainforests, but an ever-increasing rate of Deforestation in the last 50yrs rapidly shrank the ancient Borneo Forests. Source: Danuta W.

Unmasking the Truth

5 years ago

News: Primate Diaries

In spite of her traumatic past, Peni is a happy, healthy, playful girl

1. Peni with her mother before her rescue 2. Peni now!!

3. Baby Orangutan Noel 4. Rescued Orangutan Jacky

5 years ago

News: Pics: Orangutan conservation project, Indonesia Jan. 2012  Indonesia has lost 50% of its Rainforests in the past 50 yrs, putting the 50,000 to 60,000 Orangutans that live there in scattered, degraded forests, in frequent & often deadly conflict with humans
Surgeons in North Sumatra, Indonesia, operate on a 40-year-old Orangutan, Puyul, which broke his leg falling from a rubber tree when conservationists tried to remove him from a plantation

2.Orphaned baby Orangutans Septian and Seroja play inside a basket at the SOCP
Marvel, a 4year-old Orangutan having respiratory problems prepared for surgery

Marvel, whose left leg had to be amputated due to infections of the wounds caused by being chained up when he was kept as a pet, plays in a cage

5 years ago
Greetings from Ireland we love & admire the work your doing.  john

5 years ago

The Palm Oil industry has over decades killed tens of thousands of Orangutans and millions of other animals.
STOP now while there are still some Orangutans left!!

What makes an Orangutan special? Orangutans are born with an ability to reason and think. This large, gentle red ape is one of humankind’s closest relatives, sharing 97% of our same DNA. Indigenous peoples of Indonesia & Malaysia call this ape Orang Hutan literally translating as Person of the Forest. In times past they would not kill them because they felt the Orangutan was simply a person hiding in the trees, trying to avoid having to go to work.

5 years ago

One happy family...

5 years ago

Just weeks into this group, I've developed a sensitivity to these unique creatures and such a pride in their rescuers. I also appreciate what I read of other group members' thoughts and feelings. Thanks, all.

God bless these orangutans...
5 years ago

My heart breaks for them they are more than special and till the day I die I will sign whatever comes my way to help them.
Boycott=Palm Oil
Jail=Moron monsters in Indonesia who kill them, misguided villagers, managers who get away with murder to them, anyone else who does not understand the importance of our orangutans that deserve RESPECT and a place to call THEIR home.

5 years ago

I agree with Mari. What happens to orang utans in the indifference of a great part of the world including a lot of citizens in Indonesia is heartbreaking. The people who devote a lot of their time to take care of orang utans deserve our respect.

8 pets signed
5 years ago

My heart breaks for all the orangutans -- whether or not they're related to us isn't an issue for me -- the fact that they're living beings undergoing SO MUCH SUFFERING -- whether it's because humans are destroying their homes or humans burning them out of trees -- they're innocent and they have nowhere to go -- they're at our mercy and look what we're doing to them -- it's disgraceful, shameful, ever so cruel and downright unconscionable -- you see, THESE ORANGUTANS HAVE RIGHTS -- GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS! They have the right to their own lives -- they have the right to live!  Our role as humans is to help them live their lives happily and comfortably --  if only humans could grasp this and hold it as a true value, maybe such gut-wrenching suffering would cease. For those humans in Indonesia who do everything to help these orangutans, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!  You really need more help and I pray and hope that you get it -you surely deserve it.  I wish you all could band together and STOP the destruction of your beautiful forests and beautiful animals.

5 years ago

signed, how could anyone harm one of these gentle creatures ,,,

5 years ago

from Elizabeth M.

orangutan pics thumbs up older guy

Hi Michela ~ Thumbs Up for all you do for the Orangutans!!
Just read about little Tri, just rescued, 18 months old. Thank Goodness
there are organizations like the IRT for rescuing these babies.
Take Care and Have a great week.
5 years ago

Palm Oil plantation managers have been shooting & killing Orangutans to protect their crops.

Other Orangutans are killed when managers burn & destroy their Forest Habitats to clear land for plantations.

Though killing Orangutans is illegal in Malaysia, the managers' actions typically go unpunished. Orangutan numbers are depleting rapidly as a result of the slaughter.

5 years ago

Fun to read, in passing, that Michela's daughter joined the ranks...hi, Manuela! Jude

5 years ago
Watch Video: Witness Green Death of The Forests

Green Death of The Forests is an unusual film. It is both a hard hitting portrayal of the causes and consequences of deforestation in Indonesia, and a film which captures the tranquility and calm of wild nature. It contains no narrative or dialogue and yet helps us understand complex commodity chains
Source: Unnikrishnan Sasidharan
5 years ago

From Dianne C.:  Health Effects of Palm Oil

I researched my own question about Palm Oil: Health departments in Governments should be concerned about it as far as I'm concerned.  Just as bad as trans fats!!!  

Palm oil is produced in tropical countries like Indonesia from a particular palm that makes big oily fruits that are pressed for the oil within. The oil is high in saturated fats just like bacon, cheddar cheese or cocoanut.

Palm oil contains five different saturated fats. Saturated fats will raise your blood cholesterol levels and can lead to heart disease. All oils have some saturated fat in them but palm oil is very high in saturated fat relative to corn, soy or olive oil.

If you have any concerns about heart health or about the health of your arteries, you should not be eating any palm oil. And, its easy to avoid if you chose better quality foods and avoid the highly processed foods found in run of the mill grocery stores. Find a natural food store near you and shop for cookies etc there (you need to read the ingredients to be sure).

Palm oil has become very popular among food processors because of the recent backlash against “trans fats” which are hydrogenated oils that pose a serious health threat in terms of heart disease, stroke and other circulation diseases. Palm oil replaced those trans fats in processed foods because it will remain solid at room temperature and not leach out of products. Unfortunately palm oil poses the same health risks as trans fats.

5 years ago

What is inflicted on orangutans is revolting. The culprits should have to serve a heavy sentence. This really hurts me and I find the predicament of orangutans simply heartbreaking. Who do the guilty ones think they are??? So much cruelty is simply unbelievable.

5 years ago

News: Orangutan shot 104 times with pellet gun rescued in Indonesia

Oct 27,2012 JAKARTA A female Orangutan, believed to be about 15 years old, that was shot with an air rifle has been rescued in the Indonesian part of Borneo, & rescuers are working to remove 104 pellets from her body. The wounded Ape was discovered this month on a Palm Oil plantation in Central Kalimantan province. It's not known who shot the Orangutan. Veterinarians managed to remove 32 of the pellets lodged in her body & head during a 3-hour surgery on Oct. 20 at a hospital in the town of Pangkalan Bun, where an X-ray found 37 bullets in her head & 67 others in the body. The Orangutan, named Aan, was blinded in her left eye by the pellets. Another operation will be performed depending on her condition.

Indonesia is home to about 90% of the Orangutans left in the wild, but half its plush Rainforest been cleared in the past half-century in the rush to supply the world with timber, pulp, paper & more recently, Palm Oil. The remaining 50,000 to 60,000 Apes live in scattered, degraded Forests, putting them in frequent, & often deadly, conflict with humans.A survey last year by the Nature Conservancy & 19 other private organizations, incl. WWF & the Association of Indonesian Primate Experts & Observers, found that villagers living on the Indonesian side of Borneo killed at least 750 Endangered Orangutans in a year, some to protect crops from being raided & others for their meat.

Source: DiTIMEOUT C.

A female Orangutan named Aan receives medical treatment after being rescued, in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Aan that was shot with an air rifle has been rescued in the Indonesian part of Borneo. Rescuers are working to remove 104 pellets from her body!!!

5 years ago

From Liz G.:

Dear Michela sending love and hugs to you to wish you a beautiful relaxing weekend...YOU deserve the best of everything!!! Loving hugs Liz Xx

5 years ago

Signed petitions 2--7, Really unbelievable how some people treat these wonderful animals..thanks Michela!

5 years ago

Signed petitions 2) 4) 5) 6) 7)
Orangutan shot 104 times with pellet gun: signed, too.
I'd like the guy who shot at the orangutan to be found and shot at in the same way.

5 years ago

All news read and petitions signed.  I won't comment on the pellet gun situation since my comment was beyond nice.

5 years ago

from: Liz G.


Beautiful friendships..... Dear Michela, A big THANK YOU for the gift of your cherished friendship that brightens my day. I wish you and your loved ones a fun, relaxing time in Sweden, i have never been but maybe one day! Thinking of you and i send you warm hugs from my heart. Love Liz Xx

5 years ago

News: Rehabilitation Center Rescues 3 Pet Orangutans in Kalimantan Oct.19,2012 - “We have handed over 3 Orangutans, rescued by residents at 3 different locations, to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation”. 1 male aged 1 or 2 yrs, & 2 females: 1 aged 3to4 & the other 4to5 yrs. The Primates had been kept as pets for 1to3 years. “Orangutans whose natural traits have almost disappeared need to be taught again, incl. how to climb trees, prepare nests & socialize with other Orangutans”. The male Orangutan was rescued from a Palm Oil plantation, 1 of the female was found in a private plantation, & the other was voluntarily released by residents. These Orangutans have been displaced from their Habitat because of encroaching massive Palm Oil & Mining operations”. If nothing is done to prevent the spread of the Mines & Palm Oil plantations, there would soon be no more Orangutans left in the wild. Recent cases of cruelty against Orangutans helped raise public awareness of the need to protect them, as evident by recent voluntary actions by residents. “Several cases of residents handing over Orangutans because they learned that it is illegal [to keep them]”. Indonesian law punishes anyone caught hunting or trapping Orangutans with up to 5 yrs in prison & a fine of up to Rp100Million ($10,400). 50,000 to 60,000 Orangutans left in the wild. Indonesia: home to 80% of them, residing only in the Rainforests of Borneo & Sumatra, the remainder living in Malaysia. Many conservationists raised concerns that Orangutans may soon become extinct. A joint survey by 19 organizations, incl. the Nature Conservancy, WWF & the Association of Primate Experts revealed: ab. 750 Orangutans died in 2008 & 2009 due to conflicts with humans.

Source: Vicynthia Tjahjadi, Indonesia
Diane v.:

Orangutan survival is seriously threatened by Palm Oil plantations

5 years ago

News: Burnt Orangutan tragically loses fight for life

(30 Aug. 2012) - Int.l Animal Rescue Indonesia: "Although much blame is being attached to the villagers for their misguided actions, once again the real culprit in the story is the Palm Oil Industry which is destroying the Forest & leaving no food or shelter for Orangutans & other wildlife. The Orangutans are having to venture into agricultural land in search of food which brings them into conflict with local people – often, as in this instance, with tragic consequences."

The Orangutan in West Borneo that was burnt when villagers tried to smoke him out of a fruit tree has sadly died. The injured animal was being transported to IAR's clinic in Ketapang for treatment when he passed away. His death has devastated the entire rescue team as it was very sudden & it had appeared that the Orangutan's condition was improving. IAR vet was accompanying the Orangutan on the long journey from Pontianak to the clinic & has been particularly badly affected by the animal's death. As the Orangutan was confined to a transport crate in Pontianak, it had been impossible for Dr Siffa to carry out any medical tests or diagnostic procedures in order to make a proper assessment of his condition. It was therefore decided to move him to IAR's clinic where the facilities would enable him to be examined thoroughly & given appropriate treatment. An autopsy is currently being carried out.

Jill V.:  
6 years ago

by Shiva The Palm Oil Industry has over decades killed tens of thousands of Orangutans and Millions of other Animals. Between 3,000-5,000 Orangutans have been killed annually for the past 25years. This must stop now, while there are still some Orangutans left. Some Companies have a “NO KILL”, but many still do not. We must reverse this situation very quickly. We must persuade the Malaysia PalmOil Council (MPOC) to adopt a “NO KILL” policy. The Council represents a very large number of Palm Oil Companies, with plantations etc in Indonesia where most of the killing takes place. YOU can express your disgust at the killing & demand PalmOil Companies implement & enforce a ‘NO KILL’ policy immediately.

6 years ago

Not content with shooting Orangutans, the Palm Oil industry in general proceeds to shoot themselves in their feet on an almost daily basis. Take the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) as an example.

While proclaiming their members uphold the laws of both Malaysia & Indonesia which give theoretical protection to Endangered Species, inexplicably the MPOC & Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) refuse to endorse & support a No Kill policy towards Endangered Species.

Despite the advantages to both their industry and the animals being spelt out to the MPOC/MPOB, they still won’t endorse such a policy. This begs the question, why? Might it have something to do with 300 Orangutans having disappeared without trace from Sabah in the last 7 years? Or, the rapid Proboscis Monkey population decline. Could it have something to do with the Malaysian Rhino facing extinction?


6 years ago
Post Removed
6 years ago

A young Orangutan plays at the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary in Sabah, Malaysia  

6 years ago

I have tryed again. Nothing! OK. Use my data and signed as much as you,


Its devastating to see what this relatives are going through.

Michela,thanks for your efforts.



Noted and aLL SIGNED Today :)
6 years ago

Hi Michela I just got through noting and signing everyone of These Petitions today :-) Thanx so much for listing and Thnx Gudrun :-)...Barb E. Hugggs xx too!!

6 years ago

I've signed all petitions you've posted. I haven't been able to post in groups for a while so I hadn't thanked you Michela for all you tireless effots!

6 years ago

News: Orangutan dies after accidentally being burned by villagers

(Aug 30, 2012) - The 17-year-old Ape had allegedly crossed over the hedge of plantation areas in Parit Wak Dongkak, Pontianak. Residents living in the area were afraid that the ape would destroy the cops, so they tried to chase it out of a tree by setting the tree on fire. The attempt took a wrong turn when the Ape, instead of quickly moving away, caught fire.

Source: Andrea S.  


A male Orangutan clings to a treetop, in an attempt to avoid villagers who were trying to chase him out from their plantations in Parit Wak Dongkak village, W Kalimantan. The Ape accidentally caught fire, and died…

6 years ago

Thank you for this comment (and star) Brenda. Every death of an Orangutan means that I (and everyone here) lose a relative and in addition to grieving, I am extremely angry. I have now gone through every item in my home and office and checked the ingredients closely (not an easy task) and any that contain palm oil have been thrown away and products from the company responsible will be boycotted in future. In addition, I make sure that my personal gesture is notified to the company responsible for the product.

I am already waging war on pharmaceutical companies that use animals in experiments when developing drugs. I have to do this via an organisation of responsible physicians as I am often in the difficult position of having to deploy drugs that I know have been developed by exploiting animals. Each of us may feel that we are helpless alone, that we are but grains of sand, but I am also aware that the earth's great deserts are made up of tiny grains of sand. As long as there are people like Michela and all who have joined this group, we CAN make a difference.

Burned orangutan dies as a result ...
6 years ago

Noted, signed and made comment. This is absolutely horrible. How dare people do that to an innocent animal??? An animal that is our next of kin. Greed always comes first.

6 years ago

News: Burned Orangutan dies as result of increasing Palm Oil demand

Sept. 11, 2012 - After his Forest home was destroyed to make room for PalmOil plantations in W Borneo, the charred Primate dared to abate his starvation by feeding on the fruit of the trees that replaced his former lush peat jungle. In an attempt to smoke the animal out of the palm tree it had taken refuge in, villagers accidentally set the entire tree & the Orangutan on fire. He plummeted out of the tree & into the care of Int.lAnim.Rescue (IAR), that reported that the Orangutan succumbed to his burns & overall malnourished state & died. These close human relatives are arguably the most intelligent of our Ape cousins & use tools better than any other non-human Primate. As they attempt to live out their lives in the same way they’ve been doing for millennia, their Forest homes are being destroyed at a rate of about 3 football fields every day. Just in the last 20yrs, half of Indonesia’s Rainforest has been obliterated, &, the Gov.t announced plans to convert an area of virgin Forest ab. the size of Missouri into Palm plantations. This mass destruction is taking the lives of about 50 Orangutans per week. Demand for PalmOil keeps increasing. “Demand surged by an average of 2.2 Million metric Tons worldwide each year bet.2000&2009”. While this specific incident is tragic, the Orangutan Species as a whole is under serious threat because of the world’s demand for cheap PalmOil, fueling the clear cutting & burning of Indonesia’s once-vast Rainforests to establish Palm plantations.


  Video: Orangutan on Fire  




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The death of the orangutan from his severe burn injuries (and in my professional opinion, smoke inhalation and shock) has touched me deeply, since it represents just what is happening to our close relatives in what was a country that could once be described as paradise and is now a hell on earth.


I have been writing to friends and colleagues about this event. An extract is below:


The injured orangutan was being transported to IAR's clinic in Ketapang for treatment when he passed away. His death has devastated the entire rescue team as it was very sudden and it had appeared that the orangutan's condition was improving.


IAR vet Dr Siffa was accompanying the orangutan on the long journey from Pontianak to the clinic and has been particularly badly affected by the animal's death.

No one knew of this brave primate before this tragedy, but now, thanks to the internet, millions of people know of him. However, he does not have a name, so in his memory I like to think of him as “Bebas” which means “FREE” in the Indonesian language, for now he IS free. Free from the loggers, the hunters the exploiters and villagers who drove him to his death.

An autopsy is currently being carried out on Bebas ...........

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Welcome Manuela! All petitions signed and many thanks for all the photos & videos Michela.
Had a big smile of the photo of the Family enjoying the watermelon and then I cried after seeing the burnt male orangutan. As far as I am concerned the Big Palm Oil Companies like Cargill & Others & Govt. officials should be up for prosecution for endangerment, killing and abuse, and contributing to the loss of an endangered species- the Orangutans! They have no where else to live!! Like Jane Goodall, I believe "If we kill off the wild, then we killing a part of our souls".

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The orangutan in West Borneo who was burnt when villagers tried to burn him out of a fruit tree has died. The injured orangutan was being transported to IAR's clinic in Ketapang for treatment when he passed away. His death has devastated the entire rescue team as it was very sudden and it had appeared that the orangutan's condition was improving.

IAR vet Dr Siffa was accompanying the orangutan on the long journey from Pontianak to the clinic and has been particularly badly affected by the animal's death. As the orangutan was confined to a transport crate in Pontianak, it had been impossible for Dr Siffa to carry out any medical tests or diagnostic procedures in order to make a proper assessment of his condition. It was therefore decided to move him to IAR's clinic where the facilities would enable him to be examined thoroughly and given appropriate treatment.



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Welcome to my eldest daughter

Manuela M.

who JOINED Group, is SIGNING Petitions, is INVITING her Friends to Group, & is also SHARING on other Social Networks!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Manuela!!!!! Kisses!!!!! mamma



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Good article James ( Male burned in Indonesia and rescue by Iar's Rescue Team ) The recent picture Pinna and her mom, Noel, and Jackie are sooo cute!! I do believe the EYES express everything..the watermelon fest looks appetising mmmmm :-) Thanx Michela for ALL your faithful endeavores :-) Hugggs xo ) ) ) I'll be back soon, Barb E

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Wow that is so wonderful (about the blind orangutan now able to see her babies)!!! Thank you Derryce for sharing!

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I am almost speechless with rage after looking through the photographs of the male orangutan who suffered extensive burns and major mental trauma at the hands of a gang of vicious, clueless villagers.

In reply, I will say this - I don’t actually accept that the ’real culprit’ in this story is the Palm Oil Industry ALONE. The real culprits are “every” human creature over there that seeks to destroy, in order to benefit in some way from their actions. Some time ago, I ceased to see the villagers who perpetrate these atrocities as equal co-victims of the Palm Oil industry. Certainly, the people who live in the villages are being affected by the loss of jobs connected with the original forest and this means that they will be easy to recruit to work for the Palm Oil companies.

However, a percentage of the population in Indonesia do not need much encouragement to exploit the (what to us are) precious wildlife of their locality. I have lived and studied in the South Pacific region and I have met many indigenous people in New Zealand, Australia and many of the Pacific islands and the most outstanding characteristic of these people is their relationship and understanding of the natural environment. No amount of bribery, bullying or threats to destroy jobs would make them sink to the level of some of the people who are persecuting Orangutans in Indonesia. However, go across to Indonesia and you will find a different mentality dominating attitudes. The people who kill female Orangutans and steal their babies are not starving, They take the baby as  a ‘pet’ and lock him/her in a wooden cage to ‘entertain’ the children. There is a thriving market there that relies on the kidnapping of Orangutans to be used for ‘tourist entertainment’. The young Orangutans are brutally forced to fight each other, dressed in a mockery of boxing shorts, vest and gloves. I have witnessed hordes of brainless western tourists, whom you would think had more sense (and compassion), laughing and applauding as two orangs attempted to stand up and box.

The Palm Oil industry have not originated the culture of animal exploitation in that part of the world they (in the manner of all industrial exploiters) have simply capitalised on the facf that many local people don’t actually give a damn about their wildlife. The original indigenous people have been replaced by what I term ‘pseudo indigenous’ humans who are far removed from their predecessors who possessed an appreciation and identification with their natural environment. Many ‘modern’ rural indonesians are almost indistinguishable from their city dwelling contemporaries. Over the last 30 years over 80 percent of Orangutan habitat has been destroyed. Indonesia is now the closest to hell on earth that can be imagined – a glorious wild gem of a place, defiled by greed, torched, hacked down and left to rot.

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What a cute picture of the orangutans eating fruit. Thank you Danuta!

That latest video is so sad. We cannot continue to allow the palm oil industry to destroy the orangutans and other animals habitat!!

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News: Burnt Orangutan rescued by IAR's team in West Kalimantan


Source: Andrea S.

6 years ago

News: Burnt Orangutan rescued by IAR's team in West Kalimantan


Source: Andrea S.


6 years ago

News: Burnt Orangutan rescued by IAR's team in West Kalimantan

Int.l Animal Rescue (IAR)'s team in W.Borneo has rescued & is caring for an Orangutan that was burnt after local villagers tried to chase it out of a tree by setting it on fire. News of the story of this Orangutan spread all the way to the President. The police, Forestry Dep.t & many others became involved, as a result of a Video broadcast showing the Orangutan's hair catching fire as he clung to the burning tree.

The large male Orangutan entered the farmland & plantations of some villagers. They did not want to harm him but were at a loss to know what to do to frighten him away. They thought that by setting fire to the tree they could scare him away but tragically the Orangutan had no means of escape & himself caught fire. When IAR managed to dart & sedate the Orangutan, he was found to be in a critical condition & severely dehydrated, although the burn wounds were only 1st degree. He will be evaluated over the next 2 days to decide whether he needs to be moved to IAR's Orangutan rescue clinic or whether he is deemed fit enough to be relocated & released straight back into the wild.

"Although much blame is being attached to the villagers for their misguided actions, yet again, the real culprit in this story is the Palm Oil Industry which is destroying the Forest & leaving no food or shelter for Orangutans & other Wildlife, & creating conflict as people & animals compete for food.




Source: Andrea S.

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I met a man walking along a path between tall trees. I smiled and nodded to him in greeting and he looked at me with interest. I held out my hand in friendship and he gave me a piece of fruit. I liked this quiet man and sat down on a fallen log. He came and sat beside me and we sat in silence for a short while. I found some photographs of my children in my pocket and pulled them out to show him, He held them gently in his large hands and checked each one carefully. I asked him if he had children and he looked at me and through me and beyond to where the forest fell away.


In the distance we could see the smoke rising over the pyre that had once been a mighty forest. He stretched out a long arm and pointed at the smoke. I turned to look at him and saw the pain in his eyes. If the forest was gone, then maybe so were his children? Before I could ask him he disappeared quietly into what was left of the forest. My brother had gone, but the memory remains of an man of the forest who lived his life in the trees until human men came and felled his home and murdered his children. If we continue with this insanity I know that my human children will surely follow them.


OrangUtan - forgive us our stupidity for we cannot and must not forgive ourselves.

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Gudrun, You signed on August 7, 2012.

Your signature has been delivered to:
Malaysian Authorities

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Want to share this link
They are such adorable creatures but they are wild and deserve to be in the forest with their families without being harmed. Petition signed!

Genocide of Orangutans
6 years ago

Gladly signed all 5 petitions. Also the Congo Basin Petition from Alicia.
Fantastic photos, some so sad, others very happy! Michela Great Work!!!

6 years ago


Signed also the petitions on the Gratias Alicia!

Thanks for the vids Colette! I'll send the links to my friends. 


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Signed the latest ones.  Thanks for working so hard Michela!

6 years ago

Thank you for what you do, Michela. I really hope a stop will be put ot the genocide of orangutans. It's incredibly unfair. The people who do that to our cousins should have a life sentence.

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News: Emergency Rescue Centre in Ketapang

Desi: a young female Orangutan, 4-5 years old, being held captive, had been with the family for over 2 years, living outside their house in a steel cage of about 2 square metres. She was very dirty and clearly distressed when our team arrived, but otherwise in good condition.

The family claimed at the time to have bought her from a Palm Oil plantation worker. Desi had been fed whatever her owners had available: at times fruit but more often rice, chicken and other human food items.

Fortunately she seems in good health, has long beautiful hair and is eating with a good appetite. We will give her the time she needs to feel safe with us and, once she finishes her quarantine period, we will introduce her to her new friends and environment.

Source: Danuta W.

6 years ago

News: Emergency Rescue Centre in Ketapang

Noel our newest Orangutan. He was in good physical shape when he came to us but it soon became clear that he was mentally traumatized by everything that had happened to him. We will never know for certain what his story is, but he has not been with humans for very long.

For example when we brought him leaves he immediately began padding them down as if wanting to make a nest, skills he learned from his mother. Noel is still anxious and does not like being left alone – even just for a second, but he is becoming more and more independent and once he finishes his quarantine period he can start socializing with the other Orangutans.


Ongky & Puyol were moved from the baby school play area to the transit play area. The 2 boys were becoming rougher in their play and it was clear that they needed more space and challenges.


In the transit area we have many platforms, larger areas & more trees than in the baby school area. The first period they clung to each other & to the baby sitter more than they played, obviously a bit overwhelmed by the new surroundings & playmates. After some time though they both became braver and now they are well adapted and enjoy all the new space & playmates.


Butan, female 4 year old Orangutan, rescued last year, was finally introduced to the other babies in the baby school play area. She suffered from malaria & severe malnourishment, critically ill for many weeks. Still she has not reached the appropriate weight for her age but she is getting stronger (& cheekier) & has been healthy with a good appetite; prefers to play mostly on her own off the ground, but will join in & battle the others when there is enrichment.

The other babies leave her in peace, with the exception of Rahayo who constantly tries to get her in on the play. The two malaria sisters! It is extremely rewarding to see her climbing the platforms & trees in the playground.

Source: Danuta W.

6 years ago

I have signed them all!

Thanks Michela for all the fantastic work you do! I take my hat off for you and cross my fingers that your enormous work will pay off in the end!!!

With gratitudes and best wishes

6 years ago

Signed and shared on FB.  Thanks for all the work you do Michela!!

6 years ago

glad I caught this one...looks to be very important.

those pictures make me want to burst out must be so disheartened michela, they need you NOW MORE THAN EVER,AND ARE LUCKY TO HAVE SUCH A DEVOTED ADVOCATE...a million kudos,for all you do..

tears are trickling down my face as I write this.

I am thinking of the orangutans,tigers,rhinos,and all the endangered species ,we are trying so hard to save,while others are treating like garbage...

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Signed.  Thanks for all the hard work you are doing here Michela!!

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Michela!  You are so special fighting as had as you do for these special creatures!  Signed and did forward!  May they get the help they need!  Sadly, can't star you so...This is going to have to do for all of your hard and Special work!  Blessings and Thank you!  Marilynn

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Simply a disgrace to humanity.

6 years ago

As always, signed as Desanka says Orangutans are born with an ability to reason and think, and one of humankind’s closest relatives, sharing 97% of the same DNA.Thank you Michela for your untiring support for our nearly extinct spices that could be prevented if not for greed..

6 years ago

Signed and thanks as always Michela for your energy and compassion.

Stop the GENOCIDE of Orangutans!!!: 22Pet.
6 years ago

804 Signatures - The Palm Oil Industry has over decades killed tens of thousands of Orangutans and Millions of other Animals. Between 3,000-5,000 Orangutans have been killed annually for the past 25 years. This must stop now, while there are still some Orangutans left.
Some Companies have a “NO KILL” , but many still do not. We need to reverse this situation – and very quickly.

A good start will be to persuade the Malaysia Palm Oil Council (MPOC) to adopt a “NO KILL” policy. The Council represents a very large number of Palm Oil Companies, many with plantations etc in Indonesia where most of the killing takes place.
YOU have an opportunity to express to the Palm Oil industry your disgust at the killing and demand Palm Oil companies implement and enforce a ‘NO KILL’ policy immediately.



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