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CASSE - economics for a sustainable world
3 years ago

Here is a thread about CASSE, the Center for the Advancement of the Steady-State Economy. Their website is at .


CASSE advocates change to an environmentally sustainable economic system, with economies at a steady sustainable size. This means (roughly) constant population sizes and overall consumption levels. As CASSE members see it, endless growth in the size of economies, with growing populations and consumption levels, is not sustainable. I agree with this. The current economic system encourages that kind of growth and is not sustainable.

This description is approximate and a bit simplified but I think it conveys the main idea.


I encourage everyone to look at the CASSE website at .  It is possible to join as a member of CASSE, like other non-profit groups. They also have a petition for a steady-state economy, at: . See what you think!


Award for best green think tank
3 years ago

CASSE has now been named the Best Green Think Tank of 2011. 


The award was granted by TreeHugger, which has been rated the top sustainability website and one of the top blogs in the world.  In providing the award, they said, "When it comes down to advocating for... the single most important economic concept of the 21st century, CASSE comes out on top."  

Treehugger also notes that CASSE has a lot of work to do.  CASSE is keen to recruit new members and supporters to help them achieve this.

Here is a link to the award announcement: .


Please tell friends! 

3 years ago

The CASSE position statement now has over 7,000 signatures. 7,525 individuals have signed, and 177 organisations have endorsed it.

I encourage everyone to have a look at and consider signing the position statement. And tell friends!


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CASSE mailing list
3 years ago

CASSE are keen to get more people signed up to their email mailing list. They certainly are an interesting group, and the well known ecological economist Herman Daly writes some of the items.


You can sign up at .

Wall Streets Irrational Hatred of Solar
3 years ago

from Sierra Club Insider 6/23/11 issue link to a newsletter about green stocks on the stock exchange. They bring out that since 1970 we have had an oil shortage and price spike preceding every recession. Now it seems to be a maybe two to three year cycle. Oil shortage and price spike cause recession. Recover from recession causes renewed demand for oil which causes another oil shortage and price spike which causes another recession. A vicious cycle.

We need a sustainable substitute for petroleum even worse than our ancestors back when they were about to run out of whales and whale oil needed a more plentiful substitute for whale oil. I suspect bio-diesel from algae could become that sustainable substitute for petroleum. All algae really need to grow abundantly is a place to live which can be a clear plastic sack, water, a little fertilizer, sunshine, and some protection from extreme temperatures. I believe our government would do better to massively bribe oil firms to take this from the pilot plant stage where it seems to be now to commercial production than to let the oil firms continue to get away with making such a mess scraping the bottom of the petroleum barrel. I prefer algae because they do NOT need good crop land better used for growing food for humans. Since all they need any land for is to hold them up to the sunshine, they could just as well have their plastic bags mounted on a roof top.

CASSE signatories - now over 8,000
3 years ago

Hi Grace, I agree that the world needs more renewable energy - as well as energy efficiency and energy conservation. Do we humans really need a holiday on the other side of the world? (I think the answer is no!)


I think it is also worthwhile to note that CASSE now has over 8,000 individual signatories of its position statement - 8,097 today. You can help them increase that number by sending the link to friends and family!

2 years ago

It is pleasing to note that a lot of people have signed the CASSE position statement recently. I see also that Sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand Inc have also signed recently. It is good to see that that organisation has a project to look at how CASSE's proposals might work in New Zealand. 

2 years ago

Here is a link to The Story of Change, by Annie Leonard:


In The Story of Change, which is a sequel of The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard highlights the need for people to come together and take action to change the way the economy works, to create an economy that puts people, happiness and the planet ahead of unnecessary stuff and corporate profits. This sounds like exactly the kind of economy that is advocated by CASSE.


Annie Leonard emphasises the need for real protest action to change policies and laws to achieve this, discussing the achievements of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr and their marches.


It is a very good video - I encourage everyone to watch this and take action.  For example, please tell your friends about CASSE at http// , and encourage them to consider signing the position statement at that site!


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