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New economic theory
3 years ago

There has only been one economic theory to date, based on the concept of exchange facilitated by tokens called money. PANACEA is a new proposal to do away with exchange and with money, instead basing activity on the flow of data and information in a self-regulating feedback system. The basic mechanism is a Net Planetary Value index calculated for every product, person, corporate entity ranging from businesses, schools, municipalities, countries, indigenous peoples, bioregions, ecosystems.

I read the introduction--I don't get it.
3 years ago

By the way, the link did not lead to the article--but GOOGLE (I assume) offered an alternative link. The American dollar is already based on nothing more than the full faith and credit of the federal government. The trouble is--it is controlled by a bunch of filthy rich greedy bankers-- like Bank of America-- through the federal reserve system. If you want to put everything on a huge database with everything controlled by one big computer program, however is supposed to be in charge will have one hell of a time trying to prevent anyone from hacking the program. If anyone decides to do this, PLEASE, at least don't mess with passwords and "secure" websites for exchanging value. Instead, at least go with registering everybody's fingerprints, with their DNA genome as a backup. Now that a human genome can be read in 24 hours for a cost of $1,000, it would be a good idea to read most persons genomes at birth if not before and file it in their permanent health care record. For genetic ID, some sample of junk DNA would be used to identify.

Who does the valuing?
2 years ago

I was excited to find this group at Care and then sad to see how little activity there is here. An alternative economics is the key to our ability to live sustainably on this planet - it is probably too late to avoid devastating decimation of the human population by climate change - but survivors will still need to do things differently.

The link above should be NET not NEW -

I agree, Grace, that the centralised system this is proposing would be a target for hackers and also with the idea that I think you were implying; that the values embodied in it it would depend on who set it up.

I don't think this is the answer.

Just joined
2 years ago

Yes, sorry to see little activity...and i don't know if another member (me) can help, but I know I do save every article I come across about new ways to meet our needs on this planet and do it in such a way that does not promote economic exploitation.

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