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Richard Duncan, The New Depression
3 years ago


Richard Duncan, The New Depression
The Breakdown of the Paper Money Economy


"The faults of this system are completely obvious, but we're overlooking the opportunities inherent in this system. The opportunity is the United States government can now borrow massive amounts of money at 2 percent. If it just borrowed on a very aggressive scale and invested aggressively in 21st Century transformative technologies such as solar energy, nanotechnology, genetic engineering and biotechnology, they could transform the world. They could restructure the US economy, they could create medical miracles, they could generate new industries that would generate new taxes and balance the budget. They could balance the trade deficit. All our problems would be solved if we just grasped the opportunities that are available to us within this new economic system."

Richard Duncan, The New Depression The Breakdown of the Paper Money Economy
3 years ago

Any sort of fiat money system that is currently extant is rigged. You cannot out borrow it. It has to be out-created. When you have private banks that run the world currency system the money they put out whether you call it pounds, dollars or euros is doomed to failure. Money has no business creating more money. When it does then you have a corrupt system that will fail as it allows those who create the money to produce nothing of any value so they have to make money seem valuable in order to exchange it for anything.

Money is a medium of communication between individuals to that an exchange can take place. It has been altered to become a commodity. And this is the basis of the breakdown in the "economy".

3 years ago

I think that, while all kinds of good things might seem to be possible within the current economic system, in reality the system often stops them from happening.


I think that this is because governments and businesses are busy focussing on economic growth (or survival) as defined in the current system, and they want to maximise this to keep their investors (the money). If they fail to keep up with the growth rates of their competitors, they may eventually go out of business in the current system. This is probably a slightly simplistic view but I think it captures the essence of what is happening, and the nature of the problem.


This is why CASSE and other organisations are working to try and change various aspects of the way the economy works, to address these issues and enable the world to move to an environmentally sustainable and just system.

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