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(CLOSED) January Chatting
5 years ago
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5 years ago

Well 2013 is here.   Thank goodness we didn't have lots of fireworks last night as my poor dogs would have been much scared than they were.   It is pouring down rain right now so I assume it will get colder tonight than it has been the past night or two.  I sure like the 2013 graphic you used above, Vondi and I 'borrowed' (snatched it) it.    I am still sooo full from lunch today.   We had the traditional black eyed peas and cabbage and I made a pork was all sooo good but I am stuffed.


I guess everybody is taking an afternoon and/or early evening nap after eating so I will mosey on down the road.   Have a great evening and again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!





5 years ago

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I'm a lttle late getting here to begin a new thread, but I DID make it.  Nance!  How wonderful it is to see you!  I had to dig through my brain to rememer who you were...well, not really but that is a very broad hint not to make yourself a stranger...


Vicky, Martha, Katherine, John, Linda, anyone else I might be forgetting.  I hope the new year finds you happy and healthy! 

5 years ago

Hi Vondi!!  Did you bring your 'flowers and bee' with you?  lol   Where is Nance?  It'll be great to see her again!

5 years ago

Hello~Vicky, Vondi & Friends

Been around,...had troubles posting~all's well

Enjoy your mid-week day

Take Jesus in every way...


5 years ago

I have a computer question. Does anyone here use Linux, do you like it, what are it's limitations? I just formatted a laptop for a friend in Africa who wanted Linux, and I tried it on some of my hard to use Windows programs and so far it worked nicely, but that wasn't a real test. The nice thing about Linux is you don't need to keep upgrading like with Windows, so you save a lot of money. My Xp systems will soon be obsolete and I'm thinking real hard about using Linux seeing as to how I now know how to do formatting for windows and linux.

5 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I hope your New Year started out well for you. I'm doing OK, only that I'm having PC issues myself. Even though this is a brand new PC(HP) that we got over 2 months ago, it still acts like my old one, for some reason. I do daily scans and delete cookies and such, but it still gets slow and freezes! GGRRRRRR!!! My nephew is a computer programmer, so he can change the format to Windows 8(this has Windows 7)assuming that'll help, but the problem is that he works full-time and is paying the bills, due to my sister and her husband having health problems, so he doesn't have the time to come over to look at my PC. Anyway, that's what's going on with me, here. Other than that, things aren't too bad.

5 years ago

Hi John, Nance and Martha.  It's a cold dreary day here and very damp.  BRRRRR!


Sorry you've been have trouble posting Nance.  It seems like we all are having more and more of that problem.  Sigh


John, how did you do a format for a friend in Africa?  Awesome!  I know nothing about Linux but I have a question.   How does upgrading Windows cost money?   I've never had to pay.   XP will soon be obsolete?  It THAT'S what will cost me money probably.   Another sigh   Thanks on the vision thread, John...I am heading over that way.  


Martha, isn't it horrible that even with new computers the same old problems seem to follow?   I, too, have a HP laptop computer and so far so good..I've had it for a year.   Since I hate Windows 7.0 I don't think I want to upgrade to 8.0.   I loved the old Windows versions but I know for security reasons, etc. they have to keep updating.  It seems every site I go to are changing things and I don't like it.   Things that used to be simple and fast now take more steps to complete than  before plus the time it takes for me to learn how to do the new stuff.  Oh well...


I wonder where Vondi is.   She probably ate her lunch and is snuggled up with her doggy's for a nap.  lol



5 years ago

Blessings~Vicky, Martha & Friends~

The first Friday of the month~and the first weekend of the month~ wow~Looks like a fine one at that~enjoy yours~


Happy New Year
5 years ago

I am glad to see the same faces here; It is like coming home !! I hope everyone is doing well...It is a cold windy day here; I have the day off from work and, that is affording me the opportunity to check in and say hello <3  Have a Great Day... and A Wonderful 2013

5 years ago



LOOK at you all!  Nance and Ann and John and Martha!  And of course Vicky!  Not Linda yet, but I know she will be here as soon as she can get to the library.   As I looked over the Chatting thread I decided that somebody must have made some good new years’ resolutions.  Hence the graphic 


Computers sometime make me crazy.  I have finally succeeded in getting an anti-virus program  and a cleaner that keep mine running pretty well even though it is now nearly five years old.  Shhhh  shhhh. Keep that quiet I don’t want it to hear!  LOL   (I once had a co worker who made it a habit never to mention any extra money in her car.  She insisted that if the car heard of $$$ it would immediately break down!  Then she'd have to use the free cash for IT!) 


We have had snow ever since the day after Christmas here.  Rachael was tiffed that it hadn’t come on Christmas day but I am happy with snow period.   Maggie Mae and Gable have been getting their coats on every morning.  (Rachael says I’m gonna make Mags a wimp but she is very tiny.) 


I found her a coat just like Gabriel and Sebastian’s  She looks so macho in it—all suede and fleece and tough guy!  She has finally realized that they keep her warm and doesn’t try to avoid getting them on.  A couple days I’ve even left a sweater on her all day because it was so cold outside…  She isn’t one of those little dogs who tremble all the time and when she does I know she is cold.


Okay. On to the threads… well no, maybe I’ll go get some lunch first. Then come back again….

Love you all!


5 years ago

Sorry John.  I forgot your computer question.... I've never used linex.  I tend to stick with programs I KNOW and am good at using... Maybe someone else here will have tried it.

5 years ago

Formatting a computer is the same with any program, each manufacturer has their own way of doing this, but the systems all work the just need to have an idea of what you're doing or you mess everything up. I used the other guys laptop to see how Linux would perform and it worked flawlessly for what I need it to do.

Yes when XP is obsolete, it will still work but the plan is for Mr. Gates to make a few million or billion and Linux is essentially free, and never really needs to be changed as they constantly upgrade and it costs nothing. There are Linux programs for business that can cost money, in fact facebook and the US Government use Linux. It is hard to hack (so far anyway) and they don't have Microsoft engineers creating viruses just to catch the unwary...yes MS does make many of the bugs, they just don't admit to it.

5 years ago

Happy Sunday John & Friends


John L. I know not much about computers either.  Technology is getting so advanced, the tech people at the shops should be able to help you.

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Hi Nance & Everyone!
5 years ago

Prayers Image

It's 31 degrees and sunny here in Chicago. That's good coz we've had too many cloudy and gloomy days lately! UGH! Anyway, like I said, my nephew is a computer programmer, but he works full-time and has to rest up on the weekends, so he's not available lately to help me out with my PC, but hey, it COULD be worse! 

Anyway, my sister(his mom) isn't doing too good. She has liver cancer and is undergoing chemo treatments, so that really doing a number on her! Last Thursday I spoke with my niece(her daughter) and she told me her mom was having nausea & vomiting again from the morphine pills she needs to take for the pain. She also has swelling in her right leg on and off. They can't tell her yet when they'll be able to stop the chemo treatments and that's what the problem is right now. She gone for a second opinion at her husband's request, but they basically told them the same thing. Anyway, she really needs prayers for some relief of her suffering. Thank you all in advance.

5 years ago


Hi everybody!


It's a gray cold afternoon here in Ohio  Michael is watching the Ravens and the Colts. I'm checking in every once in a while.  But it isn't really holding my attention.  Especially since I dislike the Ravens and they are currently leading!


I wish it would either clear up or snow! LOL Of course I don't usually get my 'wishes'!


I really don't have much else to say about anything that's going on around here....actually NOTHING is going on here.  The dogs are snoozing.  I'm sitting here in my chair.  I'm pretty sure Michael is sleeping off and on.  Poor Rachael is at work.


I wish you all would pray for them to either put another manager inher store so she wouldn;t have such a hard schedule or that she would get the coordinator's position in another district that she is going to sign for.  They are also wanting to  move to the southwest real bad.  I think possibly that the Lord is preparing them for a move, but SO MANY things have to click in sequence for that to happen.  But I DO KNOW that Rachael is being worn out by this crazy schedule.  Six days a week with one of them supposed to be a half day, but very seldom is.  And the five 'regular' days are usually 8 or 10 hours!.   It is also a stressful job, managing her own departments and being responsible for keeping tabs on the departments of a co manager that doesn't do his job.


Her head mgr. told her yesterday he had called John on the carpet and told him that if he didn't shape up he was going to take HIS departments away from him and give them to RACHAEL and put the lazy guy over the departments that Rachael has worked so hard to get in shape. 


That just plain isn't right!  And it frustrates Rachael as well as hurts her.


I guess that's all.  Take care everyone.


5 years ago

Hello everybody!   It's cold and dreary and rainy (on and off) here today; a  'stay in the house and stay warm' kind of day.


Martha, I've said a prayer for your sister.   I can't even imagine the pain she is going through.   I heard chemo makes people really, really sick.  Do they know what is causing the swelling in her leg?  I love your prayer graphic and I 'snagged' it.


Nance, did you have a good weekend and do anything special?   Your little bunny rabbit graphic is adorable, and I really like the 'Have a Great Day' one, too.


Ann!  How good to see you again!   Did you have a nice Christmas and New Year?  It all went by so quickly and now we're on the countdown again.  Please stop in more often if you can...we've missed  you. 


John, I think what I'm confused about is you said you formatted your friend's computer and that he lives in Africa, so I wonder how you did it over the miles.   Did you say Linux is free and available over the internet?  What are its advantages over MS?  I said a long time ago that I think antivirus programs infect computers with stuff so that you'll continue (or begin) to use their product.   I think people unknowingly get problems from so many sites and programs.   Unfortunately we believe they are protecting us when they are probably hurting us.   Not just antivirus programs but so many other things.


Vondi, I bet Maggie looks so cute in her new jacket.   Is she still the 'little princess' around  Gabriel and Sebastian?   lol   Rachael and Michael moving out west?   Is that what you had mentioned before when you were in New Mexico?   That would be great for you as you'd be a lot closer to Notah and Seth.  I hope Rachael gets some relief in her job.   It's horrible that she has to work such long hours.  That would be so unfair to give someone her depaartments; especially someone that would undo all her hard work.   It appears the head mgr. uses her to straighten up departments (which I know is hard work) and then moves her to do the same thing in other departments.  How long has she worked there?  I can remember when she was looking for work I just can't remember how long ago that was.  I love your 'hello' tag and I snagged it too.  lol


Gotta run....lots of groups to visit.   Have a blessed evening everybody.




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5 years ago

Hi Vicky,

Thank you for your prayers. The swelling is from the chemo treatments. It's part of it. Today, I spoke with her husband and he said she's still not too good. She has constipation and not able to eat much because of it. She had a drs. appt. on Friday, but she couldn't make it, so they had to reschedule. I didn't ask when it is. And her birthday is on the 16th, too. We're not expecting her to be up to celebrating, that's for sure. She'll be 54. Anyway, I also like your image you posted and I snagged it too. 

5 years ago


Good Evening Everyone!
5 years ago

Icon Image

5 years ago

Hello~Martha & Friends


5 years ago

Vicki, I bought 2 used laptops on ebay, I have them here, I am going to send one of them to the guy in Africa, it is really slow to try to do that over the internet, though it can be done, but I don't think it could be done remotely as in a 3 way connection.

5 years ago


Hello there Friends. Wow, it's been quite some time since I last stopped by.  With the holidays and the start of a new job, I have been one busy beaver. I have today off and told myself that no matter what, I was going to stop in on Care2.  I must apologize for my absence.  I was hired the day before Christmas Eve and began work on Christmas  Eve.  I am working at a local Nestle Toll House Cafe. Yep, Toll House cookies.  Right up my alley. I love sweets, so what better place to work than with them. Hehe!!!! I have been so blessed. I am enjoying my time there and am learning so much. It is only part time which is perfect for me. I don't have to stress over my back and I'm given the days off in between to get used to working again.  We have Mardi Gras that is about to begin on Feb.1st and my manager says we'll be really busy.  So, glad it's slow now for I know I'll be super busy later on. 

Other good news is that my youngest daughter just became registered at our local community college yesterday. She's registered in the culinary arts classes.  And on top  of that, she just found a job working directly across the street from where I work at a new Fuddrucker's that is opening Jan. 21st.  So, we are growing and we are giving the glory to God. We did the footwork and left the results to him. 

Well, I do want to get to my other groups. I want to thank each of you for the loving support & prayers that ya'll have said for me & my family.  I am truly a blessed woman to have such awesome friends and we serve an awesome God.  Have a truly wonderful Tuesday everyone. Love ya'll lots!!!

5 years ago



This is on of those days when I'm missing New Mexico!  These gray days just don't happen there. Unless there is actually rain or snow falling from the sky there is always blue.  Even when it is raining you can usually look across the horizon and find blue!  


It is so good to see you all here!   I hope you will all stop by often and also make some  comments or post questions or EVEN open a new topic! 


For the first time I about a week I am spending the entire day by myself  Since before the New Year, either Rachael or Michael has spent a good part of the day at home... Rachael has been working the close shift so she's home till afternoon, then over the holidays Michael had several days off.  But today it's just me and the dogs! 


I put a roast in the crockpot this morning.  Rachael is planning a hot roast beef chef's salad for dinner.  So I'm doing the beef.. About 430 I will go and fix the salads so all she will have to do is add her 'extras.'   We can  have dinner without much work on her part. 


I guess I'll read the topics and see what is happening on care2.  Nice to see everyone!

5 years ago

( Oh I meant to tell you.  This is the church at the Abo-Salinas ruins not too far from whee Notah and Kerra live.  I've been there a couple times.  It is pretty awe inspiring.)

5 years ago

akathryn friends

Hello friends.  Vondi, love your photo. I love old places.  I love history and could just imagine if walls could talk, what would they tell us.

We are under a flash flood watch right now. We've had so much rain, I'm growing webbed feet. LOL!!!!  And it doesn't look like it's going to let up anytime soon. We're looking at another 2 days of rain. We've had grey skies with rain for about 14 days now. I am now wondering what Noah was thinking having to deal with 40 days of rain.

Well, I just wanted to stop in and say hello. Have a great Wednesday everyone.

5 years ago

Rain reminds me of a video I was watching...water has memory. Science has found a way to chart the way water reacts to things, sounds, emotions, love , hate, war, etc. The way it works is something like 20,000 or more memories are in a molecule of water. Throughout the centuries this is now causing problems. Why? Because we are 90 % water, and if we wonder why we react the way we do, this could be a key.

They tested water that was subjected to Beethoven and Bach in a jar, and they also tested waster when at a rock concert (among many other tests). What they were able to trace, chart, and show on video is that the peaceful sounds water was subjected to gave it a nice smooth pattern, but the other events gave water a real jagged, rough crystal pattern.

Don't ask me to explain, that's the best I can do. But to check it out do a web search, someone linked me a month or so ago, and it was interesting to say the least.

5 years ago

Happy New Years to everyone.

I have been back and forth to the vets for the past 5 days with one of my cats that has been plugged up. This has not been fun.... Well, I have a whole week in between appointments now. They originally catheterized him, and then it has been a matter of getting his urine out of him for the next 4 days. Now he has some blood... The vet said he did not have crystals, as it was mucus that plugged him up, but yet he is suggesting a special diet made for crystal problems.


Crazy weather here in Jersey. We are expecting 60 degrees this weekend.... I will sweat to death I am sure....

5 years ago



5 years ago


5 years ago

Hi Vondi, Kathryn, Nance, Donna, Martha and John.   Sorry I haven't been here for a few days but between my birthday and other things well...time got away from me.   It's pouring down rain and I hope it stops, even temporarily tomorrow as I have to bring a friend of mine to the doctor and it's 65 miles one way.


Donna, I'm glad you're cat is doing better.   Everybody else, sorry i don't have time to read all the posts as I've been posting in groups, answering emails, etc. for 4 hours and I'm tired.  I will try to make it back tomorrow!


Awesome about your job Kathryn!


Martha, thanks for the update on your sister.   Hopefully later she will have made it to the doctor and you'll know more.   Snag away on my graphics.  I love your pretty flowers.


John & Vondi I'll read your posts later and respond.


Cute Snoopy Nance!


Hugs & blessings to everyone!


5 years ago

Hello~Vicky & Friends


5 years ago


Hello all.  It's been several day ssince I was here.  Time just got away from me.  When Michale and Rachael work opposite shifts, my days get all messed up!  I lose track of time.


Nothing exciting has happened here.    I'll just say hello and go on...

5 years ago

Hello~Vondi, Vicky & Friends

Vicky, guess, puppy was just waiting for a bit, to peek thru...LOL~puppy coming to peek thru today....LOL


5 years ago



Hello everyone.  Two days in a row I've made it! Not much happening here.  the skies are gray.  Some say there's going to be some snow, but it seems too warm for that in Westerville.

It's about time for me to get some lunch. Breakfast was at 630 or 700 this morning and my tummy is saying it's TIME.  LOL


Be sure to check out your two new thread:  Worship and our Bible Verse for the Day.


Nance and Martha, I guess we are the only ones around but you have a good day!

5 years ago

Hi everyone.  I haven't been here in 3 days but I was gone all day Monday and well, as Vondi said, time just gets away.   The sun is shining today!  YAY!  The first time in quite a least for as long as it shined today.   However it will be cold tonight and tomorrow night (30's).


Nance, I'm glad your little dog is popping in and out again.  He is so cute!  Are you gearing up for the weekend?  I have no plans as usual.  lol


Vondi, did you enjoy your lunch?   I bet you and the doggys took a nap afterwards, huh?   I always like to snooze after eating.   Well, not always.  Anything new happening with Rachael at her job?  


Hello to Martha, John, Kathryn and Donna should they pop in.   I have to check out my other groups before they think I've deserted them. 


5 years ago

Greetings, Vicky, Vondi & Friends

Work for this weekend, prep salads, etc @ Lakehead University

Love working with food~ Deli weekdays too...LOL


5 years ago



Good morning everyone.  I just barely made it!  It's 11:26!  LOL


How is every one today?  I posted this because, yeah, it's true.  BUT I also need my second cup of morning coffee.  So of course it's on my mind...


We are having a gorgeous day today.  First one for a while.. the weather man says it is the beginning of a downhill slope though.  By next Wednesday we'll be having 15 degree temps!  Well, I don't care... It is TIME for winter. Past time.


Say a prayer for Rachael today.  She is going in for her interview for an ugraded, positon  She signed the page for a Coordinators position.  She really deserves it. She works twice as hard as any of the other managers in her stores and they use keep moving her around to fix stores that are in lousy shape.  The big shots keep promising a promotion, but it hasn't happened.  Several of those in her management class have been promoted to Store manager positions, but Rachael keeps getting moved to fix another store.


So she signed for a position in another district.    I hope she gets it...  She really deserves it!


I have another friend who is having MAJOR problems with making her house payments.  She and her husband have been out of work for going on two years now.  They weren't able to pay their property taxes and now some guy has come in and PAID them..He wasn't being nice, he is planning to take over the property!!!  I don't see how this can be legal!! but she said it is... Pray that God will somehow give them the money to pay the guy off. and also that their other financial needs will be met.


I have to go...


Have a great day...

5 years ago

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well, my sister's been in the hospital since Wednesday(her 55th birthday! A real bummer!) because of a fever she had for 5 days. It's gone for now. The chemo effects for the liver cancer have been doing a real number on her. She also had a little bit of Pneumonia, swelling in her leg and a urinary tract infection. She may come home tomorrow, we'll see. The staff there gave her a birthday cake. They're very nice. Anyway, her husband and son came over yesterday for dinner. Her daughter didn't have time to cook because she and her business partner had a demonstration to go to. We made meatloaf with gravy, scalloped potatoes and corn. They went home with very full stomachs! LOL

5 years ago

Good afternoon Nance, Vondi and Martha.  It is a gorgeous spring like day today.   I should be outside enjoying every minute of it.   I will after I type this hello message.


Nance, I, too, love prepping food.   I would rather do that than waitress and probably cook too.   Prep cooks don't get yelled at.  lol   Making salads was always fun!


Vondi, I think I know what friend you are talking about.  I have prayed for her for quite a while and will continue to do so.   I know down here if someone hasn't paid taxes in 'I think' 2 years and someone pays them then they can acquire the property.  BUT, here in Mississippi the original owners have 1 year to pay them back or the state (the back taxes) or whatever and they can get the property back.   Can she call and talk to a real estate lawyer?   I mean just a quick question.   How did Rachael do on her interview?   I hope she gets it.  It seems like only yesterday she was starting that job.   Time flys!


Martha, how nice that your sister got a birthday cake from the staff and you all prepared her a nice dinner, too.   I'm sure that lifted her spirits a lot.  I will keep her in prayer.   How awful to be so sick.


Gotta run to you later. 


frm FB


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5 years ago

Hi Vicky, the dinner wasn't for my sister, it was for her husband and son. My niece didn't have time to cook dinner because she and her friend has a business engagement that evening, so my mom invited them over so they wouldn't starve! LOL Anyway, she may be released from the hospital today. We'll hear about it later. Well, I'm off to church now. Have a great day, everyone!

Quotes Image

5 years ago

Oh, sorry I misunderstoon, Martha.  Well at least some of your family enjoyed it.    I hope she gets released and does well at home.

5 years ago



I thought this was cute!  Of course, I dont mind Mondays any more cuz I dont have to go to work!  but for those of you who do... consider this a warning.  LOL


Let's see,

Hello, Nance, Martha and Vicky.  Martha no matter when family get's together it is fun..


Vicky asked about Rachael's interview.  She said that it went very well and she felt comfortable about it. She said she thought she had done well.  She also signed for that HR position.  I'm trusting the Lord to work it all out for the best. 


I had a long conversation with my brother this afternon.  He had a question about a certain scripture and called to discuss it with me.. Then we went on to talk of a dozen other things. 

He said, 'Isn't it strange that we haven't talked about this before but we still understand it the same way..."  But I dont' think it was... When people are led of God they are of the same mind regarding the scriptures...


I need to go read the threads, so I'll sign off in this one. 

Everyone take care...

5 years ago

Allo~Vicky, Vondi & Friends

Wild weekend with snow and temperatures very low

Keep warm & safe


5 years ago

Friends Image

Hi Group!

It's freezing here today! 9 degrees! BRRRRR! At least it's sunny, but no way am I going out there! Anyway, these beatiful butterflies are worth sharing. Oh! And my sister is home now! YAY! She got released on Saturday afternoon while we were in church. I haven't talked to her since, but I did with her daughter. She had all her bedsheets washed so she could sleep in her own clean bed, so that was nice. Hopefully, she'll do better enough to avoid any further hospitalizations. She still needs prayers. Well, have a great day, everyone!

5 years ago

Good evening Vondi, Nance, Martha and anyone else who visits.  Today was a gorgeous spring-like day.   A day to sit outside, read and soak up the sun!   Of course the nights will be cool, and cold towards the weekend. 


Vondi, I love your Monday you (as you know) I don't have to get up for work but now each day melts into another and fly by.   When is Rachael going to find out about her interview?   I pray she gets either the H.R. position or the new one she interviewed for.   God will lead.


Martha, how awesome that your sister got to come home and sleep in her own clean bed.   That makes such a big difference in someone's life...being at home vs a hospital.   I love your butterfly graphic and snagged it.  lol  I am still praying for your sister (what is her name again?)   I glanced up through the posts to try and find it (I know you posted it before) but I must have overlooked it.   Stay inside out of the cold...your temps are way tooooooo cold!   BRRRR!


Nance, how did the food prepping go this weekend?   I bet it kept you busy.  What did you do that was wild?   I haven't had a night or weekend like that in years.  lol


Well folks I gotta run.  Take care and stay bundled up.


5 years ago

Hey Vicky! My sister's name is Maria. Well, really it's Mary Ellen, but no one ever used her full name and she never corrected them for it. Oh well. Thanks again for your prayers.

5 years ago

Allo~Martha, Vicky, Vondi & Friends

Prep was great~always love working with food....and eat it too~LOL

Cold front from the Artic still in the flow making it -40

Wrap up and keep safe when going outside.


5 years ago


Nance, Martha,  and Vicky.  Now you know what you have to look forward to if we are ever invaded by zombies.


LOL  This isn't the  normal kind of graphics we put up, but today I'm in a weird mood and this struck my funny bone! 


It is very cold here today.  It was six degrees when i woke up at five oclock. The wind chill was reading -10 when I next checked the temp.  It was then 9 degrees.  Makes you wonder what the wind chill was two hours earlier doesn't it.  Brrr.


I bundled my little dogs up to go out to pottiy first thing today.  Maggie had her sweater under her coat. But when I opened the door she stopped dead about a foot from it and turned around.  She ran back in toward the bed room, but the door had swung shut and she was TRAPPED.  LOL  I picked her up and tossed her out.  Once out there she was comfortable in her two layers of clothes.   A couple or three hours later when Sebastian and Maxim came down, she bustled out after them in just her sweater... Chilly that was!  Hee hee. Serves her right!


Rachael  has gone off to a day of meetings.  I don't know what about particularly but she will be there until five or six when she will go to her store to close.  Then tomorrow she will be in meetings all day.  I hope and pray this is a good indication!!  She didn't get the produce coordinator position.  She didn't really want it but felt like applying for it was something she needed to do.   I believe she has caught the attention of some of the big shots and they've recognized her intention to get a better position or she will be moving on.


Did I  tell you she and Michael have been looking at houses in New Mexico area?    They are very intent on getting out of Ohio.   I, of course, will go where they go and I'm very happy with that intention! 


Martha, I'm happy your sister is able to be at home.  No matter what, it seems that things always look brighter at home.  When I was in rehab for four weeks, I got very lonesome for my dogs and my room here at home.  Rachael and Michael brought maggien in to visit me a couple times.  And my son in law came to visit a couple time all by himself.  (How's that for a good son in law!?)  But I was very glad to be home.  I'm sure your sister felt the same way. 


While I remember...We are getting company on Thursday, so if you don't see anything of me over the weekend, you'll know I'm busy with them.  .


God bless you each one.  and next time I'll post a  more 'uplifting' graphic.   

5 years ago


5 years ago

How cute is this. 

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Doggies Saying Grace!
5 years ago

Oh Vondi! That's just too adorable! They act more humble than the humans! LOL Thank you so much for sharing!

5 years ago



Good Morning! Looks like it will be a pretty day here in Ohio.  cold but pretty. My son in law is going snowboarding today with his friend, visiting from Kentucky.  I'm not sure if Rachael is working today or not.  But if she is off work she probably will.  I went to bed early last night so I wasn't moving when they came back from dinner... Well, I did wake up once, but I wasn't rational enough to ask them.. LOL


I'm glad you enjoyed the dog video, Martha.  I was amazed at all the extra tracking code that showed up when I came back.  LOL When I posted it there was only one line.   Neverthe less you were able to get to the video.

I think I"ve told it before, but just to praise the Lord again-- Once when my daughter was real sick (she was dying with lymphoma) I was so heavy burdened. She  hadn't told me what was wrong but I knew she was slowly dying.  I was living in dover still and living alone so I had no one to have prayer with.


I called my dogs, Gabriel and Aspen, to the chair where I was sitting and told them we needed to pray for Rachael.. I thought that if anyone was in a position to pray with me it was those two-they were living  absolutely and completely the way God wanted them to be.  They were perfect in His Eyes.


Gabriel jumped up beside me, Aspen put his head in my lap.  Gable tucked his nose into the spce between his paws. Aspen just pressed his head on my knees.  I put a hand on each head and prayed.  I kid you not, they knew what we were doing!  It wasn't a short prayer but they both held perfectly still until I said amen.


The Lord healed Rachael.  Completely. Over night.  I will  never miss an opportunity to praise Him.

Have a good Saturday!



5 years ago

Good Morning Vondi & Everyone!

Wow! That's amazing about your two dogs! God can work through animals too, if He wants! I'm so happy to hear about Rachel's healing! HALLELUJAH!! Anyway, I'm staying home from church today. It's too cold and the sunlight reflecting from the snow is giving me a slight headache and it can get worse if I ride in the car. My dad went alone. My mom and I will watch a cybercast of the services online from the church webcast in a while. Well, have a great day!

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I don't ever remember the sky looking like this in Ohio.  But in New Mexico you can still see the skies looking like this.  Here in the east there is too much light pollution and the sparkliest skies are hidden by it.  But in the desert the majesty of God's handiwork is amazing. 


I have been so overwhelmed by the feeling of love the last couple days..  Last night I was thinking how secure I felt and how content I was. The Lord has really blessed me in my kids. They are so good to  me.


I hope you all know the Love that God showers on our lives.


Happy Sunday.


5 years ago

Good evening Vondi, Martha and Nance.   It was another beautiful day spring.   It just causes me to stop in awe and appreciate all the majestic creations God has provided.  I sometimes cry softly taking it all in.  


Nance, -40 degrees????  Oh my gosh I don't want to even think about it.  Way too cold for me.   Are you used to it and take it in stride?   Bravo for you if you do.  lol


Martha, I pray Maria is doing better.   I'm glad since you weren't able to go to church that you were able to watch service online.  I know how bright the snow can be with the sun shining on it and how it can give you a headache.   I lived in a snow area for quite a few years.


Vondi, the video was so precious.   I hope you don't mind that I borrowed it and posted it on Facebook.   It's like the dogs knew exactly what they were doing.   And how wonderful about you and your dogs praying for Rachael to be healed and God did it!   We serve an awesome God.   I hope her bosses give her the recognition and position that she is so worthy of.    The Isaiah scripture you posted above is beautiful and I can only imagine the stars and skies out west too.   Before I leave this earth I would like to be able to visit and lay down and just take in the enormity and beauty of the stars and skies.


Well it's getting late and I have fish to feed on Facebook.   I missed a day so I have some dead ones.   Yoohoo!   Vondi!   Did you hear that?  lol


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I was thnking when I saw ths graphic that peace is very hard to come by in today's world.  Even Christians don't seem to have peace.  Of course we know there will never  be peace on this earth.  That is dependent on men and women accepting Christ as Savior. 


BUT we can have peace within.  But t must be real peace-not the kind that is all words.  Real peace means that we do not blow up when little things go wrong.  We do not get all steamy when a friend does something to irritate us.  It means taking care of our business--personal, political, and financially-but not letting it distress us to the point of frustration and anger.


And the key is here in this graphic--having our mind stayed on God and being able to trust Him no matter what the outcome of whatever situation we face.  We simply rest in Him.

Isn't that great?


It is a rainy gray day here today.  Not really cold but damp enough that it feels cold.  I'm thinking of taking a NAP! 


Everybody keep cozy!

5 years ago

I am so mad and frustrated at Care2. I finally get a chance to visit the group and when I tried to submit my post,care2 made me log in again,thus making my post disappear. The previous post will probably show up again once I submit this one.

Made it through the busy holiday season at work,then this month was equally hectic trying to get the store ready for inventory. Since this month ends in a couple of days,I was determined to get at least one post in this month.

Vondi-I can see you pining for the hot climate of New Mexico,especially having to endure Ohio's wintry weather. Loved the zombie graphic. It's right up my alley.

Kathyrn-glad you got a job that won't hurt your back. Hope you don't eat too much of those delicious tollhouse cookies.

Martha E-will be praying for your sister Maria, for her healing and that God will sustain her.

Been having a pretty freaky winter so far. Never know what to expect from one week to the next or even from one day to the next.

Have to go know,so will wish all a blessed good evening.

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5 years ago

Hi everybody....a quick hello before I turn in for the night.   We are expecting lots of rain tonight.


Good to see you Linda.   How awful that you lost your post and had to retype.   I was in my other group earlier and typed a real long post, too and for some reason I decided to copy it.   Well thank goodness I did as it didn't post!   However, maybe it's a latent.   I figured you must be busy since you haven't been around lately.  I guess your slow season will be coming up, huh?


Vondi, how was your nap?   Sleeping during the rain is so relaxing.   Has Rachael heard anything back from her interview?   I would hate the wait....I'd be on pins and needles.   If she gets a promotion will they still look for a house in New Mexico?   I know how much you will like living there again if they move.


Martha, Kathryn and John where are you?   Well Martha has been here pretty often but I guess with Kathryn's new job she is unable to visit much.   And John is probably busy with his computer stuff.


Bidding you all a good night.


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5 years ago



I'm very tired tonight.  Just wanted to stop by and say I was here.    Rachael and I did the shopping and it wore  me out!  LOL. My hip as been hurting, really hurting.  Don't know if I hurt it some way  (Like I have such an active lifestyle!)  or if it is just arthritis.  It was damp and rainy all day today--maybe that's what made it ache..  Anyway, it was very painful shopping. So I'm not going to be here long.


Linda, it is so nice to see you!  I understand your frustration with care2... It has done the same thing to me!   I'm glad you persevered long enough to get one post in though.


Vicky,  I like your little bunny.  And yes, it IS my bedtime.. 


 I hope you each on have a good night's sleep.

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