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5 years ago

It's hard to believe that it's February already.   Time is skipping right along.  It's good to be able to meet here and chat with friends.  


5 years ago



I can't believe it is February already!  sorry I missed yesterday.


Vicky, did you see the note I posted about the friend who had gotten saved on Facebook?  I have been very occupied with her.  She faces tremendous difficulties in her personal life.  financial, emotional, family, Tremendous!  Losing her car, evicted, no food money till food stamp time.  Her husband died a few years ago and she has had dificulties every since.  Two small kids. two older ones--teens.


She wants very much to follow the Lod but Satan is really giveing her a way to go!   She callse or texts me when she can't take it any more.  And that is several times a day.

If everyone here would pray for her please.  


Even today I can't be here long.  I need to get dressed and go make coffee for Rachael and Michael.  And I'm talking to my friend on the FB page.....


It is very cold here today. and we are supposed to get four inches of snow today.  This after two or three on thursday.   So thankful I don't have to go out.  I'm putting coats on the little dogs.  The windchill is nasty


OK  Happy February Everyone!



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5 years ago



I hope you are all ready for the SuperBowl!  We are in our house!  LOL   Anyone who knows me knows that i have two sports that i follow--Bull riding and Football. I'm ready.


I hope you are all warm and cozy.  It has snowed most of the day here--not big fat flakes that will pile up but only little fine ones--like dusting powder.  It did pile up but not a whole lot.  Michael says it may pile more tonight.  We are predicted to have snow for the next two days.  I wouldn't mind except my kids have to be out in it. 


I've had a lovely day.  quiet and peaceful.  Right now I think I need to take the dogs out to potty...  Then get Michael's pizza in the oven so we can be ready for the SUPERBOWL. 


Blessings on each of you!

5 years ago

Hello~Vondi, Vicky & Friends

Been quite cold of windchills up here -40

Forcast for looking forward for better temperatures

Enjoy the SuperBowl....


5 years ago




I found this graphic.  And I love it.  There is a song that goes..."Learning to lean, learning to lean, I'm learning to lean on Jesus"  I can't sing that song without changing the words.  Because I'm not LEARNING to lean.  I've LEARNED to lean.  See If we are learning, they  we aren't really doin it.  We are still holding on to our own little bits of control. 


I sing, "I've learned to lean, I've learned to lean.  I've learned to lean on Jesus.  I've found more power than I ever dreamed, since I learned to lean on Jesus."


We never find the power to live for God fully if we refuse to lean on Jesus.  WE wonder why we struggle with the 'little sins' but still refust to lean completely on Him.  And that is where the power comes from.


A long time ago, I realized that I wasn't really able

to be everything the Lord wanted me to be if I didn't turn all of my own control over to Him.  I realized that I had to give Him full rein in my life and anything He showed me I must do with out trying to talk myself out of it.  If he said, "Don't got to some place."  I didn't go.  I stopped asking my friends, my pastor, my sunday school teacher whether it was right or wrong.  Because THAT was leaning on a lot of other people besides Jesus.  And it is always for the best to lean completely on Him.


And that was my blessing today.


Everyone take care...

5 years ago

Hi Vondi, Nance, Martha, John and anyone else who stops in.   It was damp and cloudy today and calling for rain tonight and maybe on and off for the next few days.   We'll see.


Vondi, you're right....if we're learning to lean on the Lord then we still haven't let go of that thread holding us on to our old ways.   I have given my control to Him.   Before getting saved I used to 'argue' with God saying (if I wanted to do something but kept getting roadblocks set before me) "God you can keep trying to stop me but I am going to keep trying to do it anyway."   Well I know who won that battle.   lol  Well did your team win the Superbowl?   I am sooooo glad Sean Payton is back coaching with the Saints again.   They definitely weren't their best without him.  I said a prayer for your she living with or married to someone else now?   I pray she will continually be encouraged in the Lord and won't let Satan pull her down.  He is testing her so badly right now.  


Nance, has your weather started warming up any?  I don't know how you stand that much cold.   That sure is a pretty graphic.


Well night ladies.....God bless you and sweet dreams!


frm Agnes

5 years ago



Not much to say today, on my way to work on my fourth book..


It's good to see Vicky here and Nance.  Martha, you are so faithful.  I really appreciate it.


I hope you've all been having a good day.  It's beautiful here, the sun is shining and the snow is melting.  I'm making the dogs stand on the deck for a while before they are allowed to come in! That gives their feet time to dry off so they're not tracking so much mud in!. 


Rachael just came in and let the dogs out... Now my faithful Gabriel is the only one sitting with me! 


Everyone, BE HAPPY.


5 years ago

Winter finally arrives in New England Fri. We haven't had hardly any snow and now a big one is headed our way. The one in 78 I was driving trucks in Boston and got home 2 hours before everybody got stuck in their cars, for days a few of them, my dad was working for the same company and he was 1/2 ahead of being stuck in traffic that was at a standstill. It took 3 days to get all the cars cleared out, and we've got one like that coming tomorrow.

I was offered a half days work for a full days pay, so I'll go in, and should be home just before the storm get's fierce. Well, that's it for me. Well no, not yet, one of the people I contacted through the insurance sells a botanical fertilizer and a product that eats the nitrogen in the water that has made all that green water we see. There's more to say but unless one has a need for that it get's boring. I'll be trying to sell that too, just can't stay being idle too much.

5 years ago

Hello Vondi, John, Martha and Nance.   Today was absolutely gorgeous although we had tons of rain last night into very early this morning.    It's like spring now.   I wish we could have a little more cold weather in the winter but I'll be satisfied with whatever God blesses  us with.   


Hi John!   Good to see you and it's great that you will get to do a part time job for a full time pay...even for that one day.   I only pray you don't get stuck in the storm.   Good luck with the botanical fertilizer product; you might do real well with it.   But as soon as you do it will get banned or the government will have their greedy paws in it somehow.    Sorry to be so negative but that's just the way I feel. 


Vondi, I'm glad your weather is better and that you had a beautiful day.   Congrats on your 4th book.   Have you published some of them?  I can't remember.   I'm sorry I haven't kept up with your book I was reading online.   You are such a good writer but somehow I got way laid like I usually do with things.   Sorry.  


Hi Nance and Martha should you stop in.   I hope you are having a blessed day.


frm Lily HellofrmLily-2.gif



5 years ago



Hi guys.. I'm just here a couple minutes.. Rachael is home today and i'll be on and off the computer.. Enough to post a bithere and there but not enough to be of any use.


John, We had the storm of 78 in Ohio too.  Three days without power or anyone on the roads except highway patrol and sherrif dept.  Oh yeah also tow trucks following road maintenence crews.  Raachael was only a couple weeks old!  I had double diapers on her, a terry sleeper and a snow 'bunitng.'  She didn't even get a snffley nose.  Also I was trying to keep my senile mother warm.  She just couldn't understand why she had to wear her coat and boots in the house! And a head scarf was impossible.


I hope you get your job completed and back home safely.  Stay warm my friend.


Vicky, thank your lucky stars this isn't heading your way.  I believe it will mostly miss Ohio, just sweep across lake erie.


Linda?  Aren't you in Michigan?  or Chicago.  I can't remember. I'll bet you are sitting right in the path...


5 years ago

I was home by 12:30 pm, worked 4 hours for 8 hours pay, thank you Jesus, then on the way home I did an insurance survey so it was a good day, now I'm home watching the storm ramp up, nice and cozy here.

5 years ago

Hi John and Vondi!   Today started out cloudy and cooler so I decided to make homemade soup and guess what?   The sun came out and it warmed up!  lol   Oh well, I cooked it anyway and I'm glad I was goooood!


John, thank goodness you made it home safely before the storm hit and how wonderful that you got 8 hrs pay for 4 hrs. 


Vondi, I'm not sure if you think I live in Ohio but actually I live in Mississippi.  Or did you mean that since it will miss Ohio that it will not come down this way?


Where's Linda?   I haven't seen her in a while unless I missed her post somewhere.   I am wont to do that.  lol   Martha and Nance I hope you all are having a good evening or morning.


Good night all!


sleepyingbunniesfrmvee1 sleepyingbunniesfrmvee1.jpg


Prayer Request...
5 years ago

My sister was rushed to the hospital at around 2 am last night. She's in intensive care. Her kidneys aren't functioning too well and she has swelling in both legs. Her blood pressure was too low, but it's OK now. She also got 2 units of blood and is on oxygen. My dad and I went to the hospital to see her this morning. My brother-in-law was there waiting for us.  He had to go home, so I stayed with her for about 3 hours. Later, my dad came to take me home to eat lunch, then he and my mom visited her. They only allow 2 visitors at a time. She's lost a lot of weight and has slurred speech, but she's aware of everything and is able to understand when you talk to her. I've already called my pastor and he sent a prayer request through email to the other members. She needs our fervent prayers.

5 years ago

Oh Martha, I'm so sorry about your sister.  It  must be really hard on you and your family to watch her suffer.   Thank the Lord she has loving family around her.   I have said prayers for her and the rest of the family. 


Where is Vondi?   It's been 3 days.   I know she's okay cause I saw her on Facebook so maybe she'll make a stop in here. 


Also, where is Nance and John?   Probably working....same as Kathryn.


It's pouring down rain and has cooled off considerably since this morning.   Talk to you later.



5 years ago

Where's John? He's hiding. I had a lot of material to learn, things to do with the new career, and now it seems things have dried up there, I've been expecting more work but it only trickles in so far, I do hope and pray it picks up, but if not I'm already looking at another product to sell. Don't know if I'll get too enthused about that yet as a Rosicrucian is heading it up over here. That just has me wondering if God would point me to him, and yet there is a chance for a nice profit, who knows though he's in California I might get through to him and get him saved...God knows how to deal with him/them...nice people just out in left field concerning Jesus, too much mysticism.

Looks like the attempt to help with dreams fell through, I thought that might happen, too bad but if it doesn't fit it doesn't fit.

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5 years ago

Maria's husband called early this morning. He said the doctor called him saying Maria has taken a turn for the worse. She has MRSA in her blood and is on a breathing tube. Her heart and kidneys are also affected. We went to visit her this afternoon, each taking turns for 2 hours at a time. Her husband and kids visited her this morning, then we did this afternoon. She is conscious but isn't able to speak, of course, because of the breathing tube. They also have her on Morphine to keep her calm. It also calms her when you hold her hand. I stayed with her for 4 hours doing so. She slept most of the time, but woke up when her husband and kids came back this evening. Let's continue with fervent prayers for her.

5 years ago



So sorry to hear about your sister, Martha.  I pray the Lord either takes her quickly or heals her.  That he not allow her to suffer.  It hurts my heart to see suffering.


I have been rejoicing these last few days over my friend who gave her heart to the Lord.  He is surely leading her and teaching her.  I have wept with joy so many times when she has told me something SHE has realized independently of ANYONE teaching her.  And here is the greatest thing  in the midst of her battles and victories, the Lord as been working with her husband!  He told her this morning that he had given his heart to the Lord the day of his hearing!  That evening.


Her middle son told her, "mom that is the best Valentine's present you could have."  (She had been a little down because she had no valentines day greeting, etc)   She said THAT realization lifted her spirits up on high!  This morning was difficult for her.  Several things were going wrong and she was out of sorts... On the way from taking her daughter to school, her youngest boy said, "Mom, I think we need to pray."   She said it humbled her because she knew he was right!  And when she glanced back, he was sitting with his hands folded and his head bowed!  She said, you're right.  How about if you pray for us, first"  So Marcus prayed and she said it was a beautiful prayer that made her cry with its beauty!  At the next stop light she prayed too.  And Guess What!  The day immediately lightened.   Isn't that just like our God.  'And a little child shall lead them!" Here is exactly what Jesus was talking about.


Well that's my blessing for the day.  I've been tremendously busy with writing and counseling and actual house work.. hee hee.  I have breezed by but not even had much time on line even!

I hope everyone is prospering.  Let's remember Martha's sister.  ! 

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5 years ago

40th Wedding Anniversary today, had a wonderful day with my wife, and this is our first and only marriage for both of us. Time sure does fly.

5 years ago

Good evening Martha, Vondi and John.   It got cold last night and today was sunny but a lot cooler.  


Martha, I'm so sorry your sister is doing worse.   Like Vondi said, hopefully the Lord will either take her home or let her get better and painfree.   I'm so glad you all were there to hold her hand and give her warmth of companionship and love.   I know it made her feel so good.   I will continue to pray for her.


John, congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary!   And to be the first & only marriage for you both is awesome.  I hope whatever new business venture you attempt will work out for you.


Vondi, how awesome about your friend AND her husband.   And how sweet that her sons lifted her spirits and made her humble too.  I bet the little boy praying in the back seat was a sight to beautiful.   And with a prayer to go with it.   They are sure helping their mom realize some truths and get closer to God.   Is that one of the children in the picture?   He's so cute.



5 years ago



It's getting on toward dinner time here.  I just made a meatloaf (Not this one, but one pretty much like it.  )   Rachael and Michael just came home.  They carpooled today,   They enjoy doing that when they can.    


Well, John!  Forty years!  Congratulations to you and your wife!  You ae a testimony to today's young people.


Martha, I hope your sister is doing better, or the Lord has taken her home.  


Vicky,  That little boy isn't Dawn's son, he was just a cute kid that someone put the graphics to. I'll see if I can get a good picture of him to post.


I've had a good day, but that's about all I have going on.  My friend has had a some rough spots with her  oldest son but she is holding tight to God and still thanking him.  So I'm happy.


I need to go see what is up for dinner.  Everyone take care. 

5 years ago

Good evening everyone. Sorry I haven't been around in awhile. Got about 6-8 inches of snow from that snowstorm that blew through last week. The bus was over an hour late,then took over 2 hours to make it home. Today was supposed to get into the 40's with rain off and on. Then turns cold the rest of the week with possible snow.
Martha-so sorry about your sister. Will be praying that either God heals her or calls her home. Is she a believer? I can't remember.
John-that snowstorm hit the east coast really hard. Hope you made it home safely before the storm hit. Congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary.
Have to go now,but will try to visit tomorrow after I get off work.

5 years ago

doll kathryn

Hey there dear friends. It has been so long since I have been here on Care2.  I got really frustrated with the site and I left for a bit. I have also been working a lot with my new job. Which I am loving every minute of it. Lots of great things have been happening and have been so blessed.  I have missed all of you and I have failed miserably as a friend by not at least letting anyone know how I've been. For those of you that see me on Facebook, I haven't even been on that website a whole lot either. Anyway... just wanted to stop by and say hello. I'm alive and kicking. Until my hours pick back up again, I'll have a little more time off in order to drop in.  March begins Spring break and tourist season for us here on Galveston island, then I'll be back to more hours. Until then, I'll do my best. Love ya'll dearly.

5 years ago

Hello Everyone,

My sister Maria was transferred to a hospice care facility yesterday afternoon because her cancer is terminal. They took her off life support this afternoon, but she's still breathing on her own. It's only a matter of time before God puts an end to her suffering. We're all here waiting for that moment. They let you spend the nights here. Thank you all for your prayers and support. 

5 years ago


I can’t believe it has been five days since I managed to stop here.


Linda, that snow storm was a doozy I guess.  We didn’t get much at all, just a bit of cold and some hard icy flakes then some icy rain.  Michael and his friends ent toColoradosnowboarding this past week.  It snowed two feet just as they arrived. Denverknows how to deal with snow.  They are used to it.  It didn’t slow anything down at all!  LOL Michael said that the morning after they arrived they took the lift to the top of a snowboard trail.  It was snowing so hard they couldn’t see the person on the lift in front of them.  He said it really felt neat riding his board on that two feet of loose powder sno.  Like floating on air he said… He came home sore in every joint.  LOL He is getting too old to snowboard for 3 days once a year! 


Kathryn,  I understand your frustration withCare2.  We all go through it from time to time.  It is so irritating to post something and have it disappear into the ether!  Or to try six times to get on and STILL not succeed.  At least with Facebook you can usually get on the site and post a short note or something.  But you have to admit that FB is not as conducive to good bible studies as Care2.  I frequently miss things that are good just b because they get lost in all the garbage.  People message me and say, ‘Did you see…[whatever] and I have to admit I haven’t.  I am so glad you are working good though.  Life is so much less stressful when you can count on a regular paycheck, even if it isn’t very big.  And remember we are always glad to see you.


I did want to remind everyone that Screaming Belle posts weekly sermons from her congregation.  Be sure and stop by there….I mean her thread.  It is ‘Weekly church sermons’ or some title close to that.  (My mind is a fog sometimes.. can’t remember diddly!)


Martha, so sorry about your sister.  You are always so faithful and I see it has been several days since you were here.   Keep trusting the Lord to take you through this. It is so hard I know.  My father died with cancer.  My husband died of an asthma attack.  My mother died with Alzheimer’s… But God had his comforter ready to wrap me up and love me through it all.  He’ll do the same for you. Much love and prayers!


Everyone else,  take care and hold on to the Lord.



5 years ago

Hi everybody!   It's pouring down rain right now; we've been getting lots of rain but I figure that's God's way of letting the trees store it for a dry, hot summer that is approaching.   As we know, He knows what he's doing.


Martha, I'm so sorry about your sister's terminal cancer.  I know how hard it will be to lose her but if she's saved you know where she's going.   God will wrap His loving arms around her and give you and your family strength to endure the sadness you all will face.   Prayers for you and your family.   Hearing your updates on your sister seems like I sort of knew her and makes me sad, too.   Give her a hug for me.


Linda, so glad you were able to stop in and I hope the weather improves.   Please drive safely and stop in when you can.   Driving on ice scares me...hopefully the snow melts before it has time to freeze on the roads.


Kathryn!  I'm glad you could stop in, too.  I understand about not being able to always do so...sometimes for days.   You've got a job so that's understandable.   Me....I just visit as many groups as I can and sometimes (usually) I don't make it to all of them.  I'm glad you are still receiving blessings from your job.  Remember last year you were looking hard for a job....then God, in His timing, led you to one.   He is awesome!


Vondi, doesn't seem like a year ago that Michael went on his skiing trip.   Time is flying.   I love meatloaf and that picture looks delicious.   I like mine with red sauce on top.   I'm not a big t.v. dinner eater (except in a jam) but I remember my favorite used to be the meatloaf with the red on top.  They don't make them like that it's brown.  


Hello Donna and John.  I hope you both are doing okay.


I'll stop in soon...hopefully sooner than later.




5 years ago

Good evening to all. I've been off work since last friday and am not scheduled to go in again until this thursday so I will have 5 days off. Kind of like a mini vacation only without the pay. Hopefully business will pick up some in March and I'll be able to get more hours.

Tomorrow afternoon I have an appt with an orthodontic clinic to have a scan done on my lower left jaw. The scan will determine whether or not I can have a dental implant done.

Kathryn-I also share your frustrations with the Care2 site. I hate it when you write a post and then you submit it and it disappears. I'm glad you are enjoying your new job though. Hopefully once the weather gets warmer,you'll be able to get more hours in.
Martha-so sorry your sister's cancer is terminal. Will be praying the Lord calls her home soon.

Don't know if I'll be able to visit the group tomorrow or not,but will try to stop by wed.

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5 years ago

Wow Linda!  2 days in a row....I love it!   It's great that you get a few days off but it would be a lot nicer with pay.     I hope everything goes well at the dentist tomorrow; hopefully you won't have to have any invasive work done.   Not only Care2 but a couple of other sites are getting me frustrated.  So much for progress.  Grrrrr!


Hello to the rest of the group.   I hope your day was blessed and that your night will be, too.



5 years ago



Hello!  It has been one of these days.  Damp, rainy, drizzley, gray cloudy, dismal.  It makes you feel cold even if it isn't really.


For the second day in a row Rachael is off work!  That is strange.  She took me shopping yesterday. Oooh I was tired when I got home.  We did the grocery shopping.  She is a very particular shopper, lists (divided up into the departments in the grocery store...produce, bakery, meat, cans, dry goods etc.) coupons, sales flyers.  but she saved a lot of money yesterday.  Yesterday we had $90 in savings.  Kroger stores always gives you an accounting at the end of your receipt...  I was impressed.  I always am.  She has that kind of savings every week...That's almost 1/3 off out total cost!


Then we hit the pet store...Pet Smart.  She has had a turtle for about 15 years.  He used to have a buddy and a big plecostomus algae eater in his tank with him.  First the turtle buddy died and a couple weeks ago the plecostomus died of old age....


And the poor turtle was all alone in a big  75 or 100 gallon tank.  So we went to Pet Smart and got some cheapie fish for him.  We got little "zippy "ones so they couldn't get caught by the turtle...  We also got a 'cave' decoration for the fish so they could squeeze in where the turtle couldn't get them if they were tired of zipping away from him!  By the time we got finished with all that I was tired!


That was my day yesterday... today I'm recuperating.  LOL  Got my room halfway cleaned.  still need to vaccuum.  I hung all my clean dresses and put away my underwear and linens...


Today Rachael is out running around and I'm sitting here in the house al dry and cozy....


Everyone take care.

5 years ago

Good evening to all. Yesterday we got hit with another snow storm. Snow started coming down very heavily just about noon and continued late into the evening. I think we got at least 2-3 inches in my area. I had to cancel my appt with the orthodontic clinic because of the weather. They told me they had some openings next thursday. Hopefully by then the weather won't be as bad. Want to checkout some other groups so will which everyone a blessed good evening.

5 years ago

Hi Linda and Vondi.   Sorry I haven't been here in a while.   Our rainy weather turned into cold weather (at night).  It was in the low 30's or upper 20's last night. Tomorrow is supposed to warm up to the 70's.  lol   Crazeeee weather as usual.


That is unusual Rachael was off 2 days in a row since you say she is and has been a workaholic.  Are you saying she saved $90 in one week or is that an accumulation of what's she saved so far?   That is a good bit of savings either way.   How sweet that her turtle is 15 yrs old and so was the algae eater and was there another turtle?   I'm glad she got him some 'fishy friends' and a cover for them to hide in.  lol   Once me and my husband (back in 1987) went crawfishing and we found a Red Earred Slider Turtle by the water.   We took him home and he wandered around my house for years eating who knows what.  lol   And he wasn't in water which was a shock.   When I moved to Kentucky I took him (he was probably about 10 yrs old (wow I just realized that) and because of the cold and snow outside I put him in a warm box by a heater vent to keep him warm.  Unfortunately I didn't realize that they hibernate and I think he died from overheating.  Makes me so sad even today as I loved that old turtle named, Elvis.   At least he got to swim in a nice tank for a while before winter.


Linda, I'm sorry the snow caused you to have to cancel your orthodontist appt.   Hopefully the weather has cooperated for you now.   Are you still getting a few more days off or have they added more hours?  It's good to see you as often as you can visit.


Good night ladies.



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