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HOW TO... promote your animal information videos via Care2 personal profile notice board.
8 years ago

HOW TO... promote your animal information videos via Care2 personal profile notice board.
Pastor Bruce Way is a very kind genuine well loved, helpful person.  He has this amazing Care2. personal profile with videos to show his passion for the animals and animal information especially regarding the sea.  
Here is his link to his awesome display of videos above links and below.
Mar 17, 2008 ... Pastor Bruce Way: GOOD PERSON I LIKE DOING THINGS FOR OTHERS most of all i like praying for the sick and needy and seeing people heal our ...

If you have a prayer needed for the animals etc.

Please feel free to contact:  

I was very lucky to link up on Care2 on the friends links, and Pastor Bruce Way tried to patiently show me how to put up the videos.  I did not succeed, because I was so new and felt too silly to say 'I do not understand how this or that etc on the computer. Please can you show me how you put all those awesome videos on your notice board.'  By the time I managed to speak to Pastor Bruce Way, he had been away for a whole year before I had the chance again to admit my computer ignorance.

He has been so very very kind and patient, that I look up to him as one of my handful of outstanding heros for patience and kindness.

Instructions on how to...clear up ones profile notice board.
8 years ago

Here is some instructions he has kindly shared with me.  He has worked very hard at working out how to put videos up on Care2 notice boards of ones own profiles.  So if you are reading this, please visit his page and see his awesome messages and animal information via video form.


Here are the instructions on how to put videos on your billbord, writen by our beloved Pastor Bruce Way.


Instructions on how to clear of any existing information on the notice  board.


  1. Click edit, roll down ,a big square box should appear.
  2. Go inside the big square box  on the side.
  3. Roll it down, click on the bottom left hand side.
  4. Then hold down  the backward bottom untill it gets back to the top.
  5.   5.  Then hit save, that should clear it all up and start again.

Posting You Tube Videos on Care2 notice boards on personal profiles.
8 years ago
  • Now you clear it all up ,try this again , go to one of your utube videos .
  • Watch it, click on and copy, the bar code, dont use share codes it wont work, use the other code in embed  copy the code. 
  • Then go back to your page  click on edit  roll down to the bottom  you must be quick, youll see the big box little white box inside.
  • In the little white box  put your code inside  click save quickly.
  • If the little white box appear inside roll up to my page and wait afew scounds  go back to the little white box and try it again.
  • If you gonna  put any writing in, do that first,  other wise all the videos maybe deleted.
  • Thats all,  let me know how you go this time.

God bless


Pastor bruce

Now would you like try to put your message via videos on your profile page?
8 years ago

Now would you like try to put your message via videos on your profile page?

Extinct and Endangered animals

You Tube video footnote information.

This is a video I put together from info from all over the net,it's meant to bring awareness to what is happening to our world because of man.It's meant to cause anger and sadness-it's also meant to educate people.If something isn't done soon 70% of wildlife may become extinct in 200 years or less.

Also to help wildlife click on these links:


Here is the embed link.


<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_GB"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=";hl=en_GB" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>


Here is the short URL


This is a gift of a chosen video for his friends, with a message.

OK, Eco Warrior, became a Eco Worriers and needed video help again.
8 years ago

Date:Friday, November 19, 2010, 3:59 AM Subject:hope this helps
  • All i do is edit
  • Roll down.
  • A white box should appear , put your bar code in it, click save. 
  • There is one kind of code you can use.
  • Click  embed.
  • The code will appear or click on picture, right key first.
  • Then left key.
  • Then copy embed html
  • This will work the same way.
  • IF this don't work,  it could be a problem with Care 2 page, or your computer could be blocking it.
  • If it still doesnt work  let Care 2 know and they will fix it.
  • I have been getting videos coming on real easy.

Thank you sincerely for all your help Pastor Bruce Way. 

Thank you for sharing and your kindness Pastor Bruce Way.
8 years ago


Care2 Group Called, 'The Sound Sanctuary,' help on posting videos.
7 years ago
9 hrs ago
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I dont know how to put videos in these comments section or on my notice board.

Can any one give exceptionally extra extra clear simple instructions on how to put in the videos please?

Also if someone can, I would like to be able to share this with others in Animal Information to help them too.

Many sincere thanks.


Questions & Answers
7 years ago
8 hrs ago

Hi Eco!


First? Open a youtube account.


Then, find the video you want and copy the URL from the top of the page on the address bar.


To post in a group at Care2, first type the word- video: (dont forget the semi colon)- right after tying the word video: place the URL (no spaces inbetween)

like this-




Press preview to make sure it appears, and then post reply.


For your profile page, same thing, but WITHOUT the word video:. Just paste the URL from the address bar.



Go ahead and practice it here... if it doesnt work, we can just delete it.

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8 hrs ago
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PS... the "Address Bar" is the space ALL the way at the top of your computer screen (the one that changes according to what page you are on) you can also type stuff in there...on the same bar as your "refresh" button

Questions & Answers:
7 years ago
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8 hrs ago
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O! Also, youtube is



Thank You SOOOooo much, I will try this and post your instructions to Animal Information. So importa
2 secs ago
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         Thank you. I will keep practicing.

Also see this other link, in this group. Showing my journey on learning how to put in the links and
7 years ago


Tribute to my cat Kitty my funny sidekick for 18 years ♥

7 years ago


put video: then put the link here. dont leave any space.


remember to give yourself and others the link too. See above.



7 years ago
Thank you sincerely Lauren
18 min ago
20 hrs ago



The html to add a link into your text is as follows. This will allow you to add a link without showing the actual URL. You add this link into your petition text. Put the desired URL in the URL space and the text you wish to show up in blue in the next space (below it says "sign this petition to help protect The Great Bear Rainforest"



<a href="">Sign this petition to help protect The Great Bear Rainforest from oil tankers.</a> 





Thank you for all your kind help.
7 years ago

7 years ago

Dandelion G.

Eco M.
Date:Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 6:11 PM Subject:ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION...... Please may I ask you if you know how I can help Troy? Also re hyperlinks please?

Troy is on a could be any minute but not more than 7 days.....The Supreme Court is reviewing this case again. Several of us are keeping a live thread going, you can go to

as for the hyper links to do one you first start with

<a href="

then add the link of whatever you want

immediately after the link add


then give a space after >


or whatever else you want to explain what the hyper link goes to

immediately after the last word DAVIS in this case.....put


Good luck, hope this helps.....

Original Message:

Dearest Dandelion,

Please may I ask you a computer question I very urgently need to know, and wish to also help others too. I need to know about how to put hyperlinks into the Care2 news comments please. I cant work it out. How Can I help Troy?

Always in respect.



7 years ago

Care2 Graphics Group 

Here is the link.




This is a graphic sharing group for people all around Care2. Create and share graphics with others or find a perfect graphic to share with a friend.

Also get avatars, group pictures, pics to use in testimonials, etc....


Members: 405  Code of Conduct
Visibility: closed
Membership: open
Group Email:



IMAGES IN TESTIMONIAL MESSAGES (A beautiful gift from beloved Activist: Lady Jenny D.)
7 years ago

Jenny D.




Eco M.

Jenny D.
Date:Sunday, October 9, 2011, 8:13 PM Subject:ONE WAY TO POST IMAGES IN TESTIMONIAL MESSAGES


The testimonial window only accepts HTML code.

The HTML for an image starts with this img src


... Go to this page [photobucket page] and hover mouse over one of the images. You'll see a pop-up with two parts:

1) direct link
2) HTML code.

If you click on the HTML code Photobucket should copy it for you. If not, you'll have to *copy it yourself.

But you only need the middle part...

The HTML code for a Photobucket image starts like this: a href=
and has < at the beginning and > at the end. You only need the "image" part that's in the middle for testimonial...

img src= (up to and including) border="0"
with < at the beginning and > at the end.

Sort it out by doing a TEST RUN in a regular message box (e.g. this message box I'm typing in now.)

Switch the message box over to HTML (see toolbar)

*Paste the HTML code into the HTML box

Next click 'Update' so the message box becomes normal again.
Your picture should be there.

If it looks good, then you can use that code in the testimonial box.

Possible problem:
Lengthy code might have too many characters for the testimonial box.

* If you don't know how to 'copy' and 'paste' yet, let me know by replying to this, and I'll tell you next time.

Good luck
You probably need a few practice goes.


7 years ago

Thank you sincerely for the information and gift Jenny.

IMAGES IN TESTIMONIAL MESSAGES (A beautiful gift from beloved Activist:  Lady Jenny D.




7 years ago

Thanks, this article has some useful info.

7 years ago
9 min ago


Click here please?    <a href="Link goes hear"> Wording goes here All the animals and voiceless</a>  Heart Felt thank you.


6 years ago

Thank you for all the work you do. Always in respect, friendship, acceptances in hope of saving lives. Proud to have known you on Eco.

How to make a link become active when posting to messages etc.
6 years ago

How to make a link become active when posting to messages etc.

To make a link live in emails and messages, is very important and also you are more likely to get a better result of what you hope to achieve. Eg, please sign my petiton. And you have a live link in the message, you get more people responding usually.

It is very simple to do. All you need to do is have your link you want ready. At the end of the link put your curser arrow on the very end of the link without any spaces, and press the space bar once or press the return key. Some times you will not see it live, but when it is sent, the link becomes live and often changes from black text to a red or blue one.

You can test this by sending yourself a email or message eg on but that is assuming your messaging is working here.

Good luck.

Live Link Formating, very helpful for news etc.
6 years ago

Thank you our beloved friend Dianne.



Group History

3 days ago

I keep this written down beside my computer,and follow it step by step...




If not done correctly it will not post or activate,I just keep trying till it works

Google Translate.
6 years ago

Google Translate.

Some times we want to translate something or a web site and so on. You can translate using google translate, but please remember that it is NOT spot on perfection and there will be some mistakes in translation, so please do aware.



First go to google translate, get your link and paste it in the translation box.



Check to see what language you have or even better... click onto 'detect language' and then look to the oposite side of the screen in Google Translate, and then click on the language you wish to speak. eg. English.



Sadly it won't detect and translate animal language to human languages, which is a absolutely awful shame that it can not translate everything...perhaps one day.



Any how, you can put links and all kinds of stuff, and often Google Translate will translate for you.



Here is the link to google translate.




Google Translation for others, helpful in groups and C2 news.
6 years ago
Google Translate: Helping others to get translation eg, on news, groups etc.
3 secs ago
Google Translate: Helping others to get translation eg, on news, groups etc.



If not done correctly it will not post or activate,I just keep trying till it works (Thank you lots Dianne.)

Copy the Google Translate link as shown above for reference.


Then put the live links format in below as shown,




then copy and paste the Google Translate link into the live link format and explanation to others on what to do. When the link is 'post reply' in the news, it makes the link live. Remember to copy and paste the additional link you want to help others translate. Eg. a petition link to sign about the poor dogs in Spain etc.



Here is an example below.

Please copy the link and then click onto google translate link. Paste the link you want into the box, and click translate. Here is the Google translate link. Make sure you click on detect language after you have pasted your link into the box and before you click translate.

Here is the original petition link.

To translate, please copy and paste. However to sign, you must sign the non translated original petiton please.

Sign this petition posted into Animal House to help protect Stop hunting with greyhounds in Spain! Originally posted by Daunta.

Sign this petition posted into Animal House to help protect Stop hunting with greyhounds in Spain! Originally posted by Daunta.





Please Refare to below to what it looked like in the news and also press this link for a real example.




6 years ago

Perfect timeing,I was just searching for past 2 days on how to do this--thank you!

6 years ago


6 years ago

P.s. Re: video posting.


The video links can be found at the top of the web site in or near search engine. If this doesn't work, the link can be found below the video.


1. Go to the icon saying 'share' and click on this.

2. A small table shows up, and it says options.

3. Click on options, then onto 'long link.'

4. Copy and paste the 'long link.'


Hope this helps.




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