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Is there any other way?!
4 years ago
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We've tried two party systems, interest groups, lobbying, coalitions. Nothing is working and definitely no-one is taking the ecological problems seriously enough. Green seems the only way to go.

4 years ago

no..our two party system isn't working...but the really big problem is that both parties are so corrupt......i don't think that our founders thought anyone could be so driven by greed and corruption...nor did they envision the level and depth of the lobbyists...all the money, greed, bribery and corruption that they bring to the table...and of course...then there is the greed of the american businesses.....which are driven by the greed of their shareholders.....


the original design of the government seems to be valid..but they did not account for the level and intensity of the greed nor did they account for the volumes that so many more people have brought to the problems...had our politicians truly been working for the people...a lot of this need not have happened....fixing this may just mean voting nothing but green candidates into the mix...but to guard against this happening again...the voting public needs to be far more involved than previously...we simply cannot accept anything our congress does merely because our lives are going "well enough"...this will no longer work...we get the government we accept...the government we tolerate....the government we allow.....and we'd have to institute some basic guidlines to protect against this happening again...actually they already exist and in many federal departments...the problem has been that congress can just ignore the basic protections in the system and run roughshod over the systems to feed their greed...


the three basic rules that have been missing....


1.  politicians can and do go to work for many govenment contractors/lobbying groups after leaving office and they should have to wait at least 10 years before accepting those kinds of positions....


2.  lobbying groups would still long as they do...any changes stand no chance of succeeding....they have whatever amounts of money they need to bribe anyone....yet...we cannot just outlaw lobbyists.....but they could be taxed...if every lobbyist company were taxed at least 50 to 70% of gross would hamper their abilities to bribe would be a hefty tax...but in line with a luxury tax...and lobbyists would be a luxury we can no longer afford to keep.....their financials would also need to be reviewed specifically to account for any bribes and such......shouldn't be too hard to find...even cash leaves a trail that can be followed....


3.  politicians MUST answer to the people, on a lot more than just getting a state by state voter oversight group to watch and report what is going on in congress could be a good thing......this would not be fun...but perhaps necessary as the people really do have to pay attention to just letting them do as they's like we've turned two year olds loose in a chocolate store.and allowed them to rule it.......the people need to have, take and use control and oversight of congress.....


this with the basics should be enough to keep the crooks out....and two final thoughts...i have no idea who decided that white collar crime was not as devasting as criminal crimes...but they are...they can regardless of power, wealth or position...whoever commits a crime...gets the max...i say the money from the luxury tax be used to build more prisons...or we send more to texas since they seem to have an abundance of prisons lately....the final issue...since when did politics become such a money making proposition??? as far as i'm politician should become far richer in office than before getting there...seems obscene that individuals are profiting on the backs of the rest of us....and it needs to stop.......


with these changes...i'd think we could make our existing system work but we really need green candidates in office to begin with...who knows...we could end up meeting or even surpassing the successes from sweeden and a few other could all be done within 5 years...including a balanced budget...but people would have to agree to make the sacrifices...including the politicians and bankers...and they just won't give up their greed....

Vote with your dollars or lack of
3 years ago

Boycotts are still the best way to make change. The thing is can we do them anymore?
Most people walk around in a zombie like trance when they shop.THEY GOT TO SHOP It makes them feel good they believe,until they recieve the bills.
Alterative?I must say it Revenge!This is what the RIGHT side uses to control their Zombies Hate thy brother Hate his thooughts wish him ill will.
Now do the Green boycotters have to go that far? NOPE!All they have to do is remember WALMART gets most of its products from other countries.Its markup is enormous and makes the average American much poorer each time they shop their.
Hey not just Walmart you can add Target,Sears ,Kmart and most other big box stores.The same with the huge lumber people like Lowes and you know its competitor.
Do you realise how much land was destroyed so you can have these big boxes in every neighborhood.JOBS! how many jobs their pay minimal Non union Their workers have to backstab each other ,work for less then 40 hours or off the clock,and still can''t make due.BOYCOTT also for them. Buy local from a single hometown or local store even a county or two away from you.
Do We want to kill all the bigbox stores? NO We want them smaller, We want them again to buy AMERICAN Products,And we want their profit margin and costs down to a size where they do not enslave us.
Whats this have to do with politics? Everything ! Where have you been since Reagan was President. SOYLENT GREEN is a reality today. we may not yet be eatting people ,but he plans are already in a few corporates offices how too.