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Obama = Bush > Using GWB Playbooks??? ... Or 'This Bush Is For You'
4 years ago


President Obama is currently vacationing at the posh resort of Martha's Vineyard, where he is studying GWB's economic strategy for 'looking like you're creating jobs' section ... Right Now! ... PinkMindy.



President Barack 'The Transformer' Obama Is Actually George W. Bush In Disguise! - Political Commentary

US Politics & Gov't

- 39 minutes ago -


Shocker: Whether it be a war strategy, economic plans, public relations, domestic policy or international policy decisions, there are the tell-tale stains from the cherry-picking over of the GWB playbooks and the evidence can be found on Obama's hands!

"Is President Obama Responsible For The Mess We Are In???" - NEW Facebook Political Discussion Page
4 years ago





> "Is President Obama Responsible For The Mess We Are In???" - NEW Facebook Political Discussion Page @


We absolutely wish to hear both sides of this discussion, because many Americans are in doubt when it comes to Election 2012!

Please don't forget to help us spread the word for better discussion points ... with many thanks!

We understand and are sorry that some of you do not have Facebook access, but we really do still very much appreciate your input here and to do what you can to help us share this article! .... PinkMindy.



US Politics & Gov't

- 10 hours ago -


Please visit our new Facebook page, then discuss and produce your credible evidence or counter-evidence to the contrary, in order to answer this page's basic question, then share it with your friends and daily contacts. We hope to see you there!



Obama's 'Magic Bus' Tour In Iowa 2011 - Town Hall Speech @ Youtube
4 years ago


Hi Everyone!


How could President Obama's approval rating be as high as 39%???


Please check out my news and note/discuss/forward if you like, with thanks! .... PinkMindy





Obama's 'Magic Bus' Tour In Iowa 2011 - Town Hall Speech @ Youtube


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- 31 minutes ago -


Obama has passively invited us all to join his 'Magic Bus' tour across Iowa in his 2+ million dollar Canadian-built posh RV (bus), just before revealing a jobs plan not to be seen until another 10 day vacation at Martha's Vineyard.


Approval Rating 39%???



!!!Viral Political Message > Is Obama Responsible For The Mess We Are In???
4 years ago

*Please help us share this incredible political message with everyone you know today ... with many thanks!! ....PinkMindy


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PinkMindy - 3 hours ago -

No, President Obama is not 'totally responsible' for the mess our nation is in, however he is still responsible for the continued severity and misdirection that everything is heading! Empty promises are at the root of the problem.

STOP Obama 2012 Campaigns: The Gathering Political Storm!
4 years ago
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The Dems had better push Hillary Clinton into position or else find another front-runner, because 'Obama Is Toast'!!!!


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US Politics & Gov't


PinkMindy - 7 hours ago -


The best existing argument in favor of point-blank stopping President Obama from being re-elected in 2012 is to say:

"How will America survive for '4 More Years' with a continuation of this lame-duck presidency stuck inside a perpetual grid-lock???".


Checkmate in 1 move!