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Green Party USA 2011-2012 Flyer - Plus: Obama In The News @ Care2 News
4 years ago
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The Green Party USA has sent a letter directly to my home mailbox and I wish to share their message by sending this flyer to everyone on Care2, but I definitely need your help to do it! ....PinkMindy


> Care2 News to Note, Discuss & Forward with Thanks!:,_Press_Releases_News_-_Another_U.S._Is_Possible_..._Another_Party_Is_Necessary.html



Green Lifestyle

PinkMindy - 1 hour ago -


Green Party USA is connecting with multiple state and local Green Parties and has joined with the International Greens, in order to bring about real solidarity and change to confront an endless chain of insurmountable environmental catastrophes. GO GREEN!!!

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4 years ago


Please note the Care2 news article, share it on Facebook, Twitter and any other social networks that you may have access to, then please forward a cut-n-paste to at least 25 of your Care2 friends ... I will be busy with this mailing campaign all day ...


With many thanks in advance .... PinkMindy.


Care2 Article Update:
4 years ago


This Care2 Green Party flyer article now has received 43 Notes and 19 excellent Comments, so thank you once again for sharing and caring!!!


Obama's 2012 Re-Election Doom - A Record He Cannot Bury Nor Flee!
4 years ago


14+ million Americans, their combined families and their livelihood existence depends directly upon US facing the truth here right now, so please share this political message far and wide today, because ...

Today is LABOR DAY ... you know!!!


Please forward this to many with thanks! ... PinkMindy.


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US Politics & Gov't

PinkMindy - 47 minutes ago -


The truth is out there and incomprehensible! It took decades of administrations enveloped by arrogance and greed to create the 14 million trapped in massive U.S. unemployment.

It's now on congress, but Obama has not produced real job legislation either.

Voter Discontent Deepens Ahead Of Obama Jobs Plan!
4 years ago

Nearly 44% now say they will vote Republican in 2012.


US Politics & Gov't

PinkMindy - 15 hours ago -

Some 73% of Americans say the country is heading in the wrong direction, a level of pessimism not seen since late 2008.

Nearly 44% now say they will vote Republican in 2012.

Many different polls are now reflecting nearly this exact same general opinion.

The Incredible Shrinking Obama @ Care2 News
4 years ago


Obama??? Who was Obama???

Ohhhh wait a minute ... Here is a small *footnote in the online encyclopedia!?!?

Not worth mentioning here, so please carry on!



The Incredible Shrinking President Obama

US Politics & Gov't


PinkMindy  - 4 hours ago -


The once muscular and robust Obama presidency has now undergone a dramatic downsizing.

Three polls on Tuesday revealed he is quickly losing core support and even the dwindling Obama die-hards are beginning to question his limited abilities.

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*Please pass this current reality check on to others, so that they may also know ... with many thanks!


Pro-Obama v/s Anti-Obama In The Ring - A National Challenge
4 years ago


Please present here your fact-based evidence or general opinion as to whether Obama should be re-elected in 2012 or whether he should not be, then help pass this along so that we may have a wide range of viewpoints ... with many thanks! ... PinkMindy.



Obama's 2012 Re-Election Bid: A National Internet Challenge - Pro-Obama V/S Anti-Obama In The Ring

US Politics & Gov't 

- 2 hours ago -


Post any and all counter-evidence here or on the main site comment line, in order to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that President Barack Obama deserves another 4 More Years in the highest office of the land.

NO Republicanophobia or Anti-Social Racism!

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The Questionable & Grid-Locked Obama
4 years ago

I am still setting-up and arranging this brand new Care2 group, but I assure you that it will become a viable part of the Obama Administration's legacy on C2NN Care2.




"The Questionable & Grid-Locked Obama" - Posted Just Now @ Care2 Groups

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: obama, obama-administration, politics, government, democrats, republicans, u.s., congress, president-obama, economy, jobs, unemployment, debt, interesting, news, polls, 2012-election, business)

- 4 hours ago -


We post and share all reality-check news, information, opinions and updates concerning the always politically inexperienced President Barack Obama.

Please check out our brand new Care2 group, then join and invite your friends too if you like.

We hope to see you there!


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Democrats Fret Aloud Over Obama's Re-Election Chances
4 years ago


This directly reflects President Obama's lack of proper economic experience and this has led to his grave miscalculations.

And of course We The People will have to pay the price and the Chinese do accept Yen!



US Politics & Gov't



With a stagnated U.S. recovery, a continued weakening economy and with a new competitive Republican field emerging, the Democrats have been struck by anxiety.

All negative indicators are increasingly up and all positive indicators are spiraling downward.

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New Care2 Group: "The Questionable & Grid-Locked Obama"
4 years ago

If you can sense that the Democratic Party is about to gently ask President Obama to step-down from the 2012 elections, in order for other more viable Dem candidates to go forward, then please check out our new group:


> "The Questionable & Grid-Locked Obama" @ Care2 Groups:


We hope to see you there!!


The Simple Truth Behind Obama's Failed Stimulus Policy
4 years ago


Please help us spread this grassroots wildfire political message ... with many thanks!! ...PinkMindy.



The Simple Truth Behind Obama's Failed Economic Stimulus Policy

US Politics & Gov't

- 4 hours ago -


The demise of the United States of America will most likely come from this double-edged sword ...

On the one side you have the GOP and their restrictions and upon the other is President Obama's lack of experience and foresight and each is pulling US apart!!

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4 years ago


I have been Politically Cyber-Bullied on Care2 and on other social-networking sites too, so I have decided to pluck it out by the root ...PinkMindy.



NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL OBAMA SUPPORTERS TO PANIC!!! - Stop Political Cyber-Bullying - Here Is Your Silver Bullet

US Politics & Gov't

- 10 hours ago -


Twin defeats of the special elections in New York and Nevada have sparked Democrats to fear even more for President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.

Wake-up people and speak your mind and let us make a stand against Political Cyber-Bullying today!!

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Dare2 Share???




4 years ago

Twin defeats of the special elections in New York and Nevada have sparked Democrats to fear even more for President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.


Wake-up people and speak your mind and let us make a stand against Political Cyber-Bullying today!


I have been Cyber-Bullied on Care2 and on other social-networking sites, that goes way back to the 2008 Campaign elections and it is still occurring to this day, but we can make our stand against it right here and now!!


This is how Senator Obama became President Obama during Campaign 2008, with his extremely questionable use of cyber-bullies who were placed in charge of controlling American public opinion, but now he is very limited in his supporters that are still mind-controlled public robots!

People across every social networking site on the Internet encountered this phenomena and it abruptly ended on Obama's Inauguration Day ...

Quite mysterious to say the least.


We are tired of the 'It's okay to have your opinion, but I cannot have my own opinion' mentality, so we are taking this across ALL the networks for the next nine days and we hope that you will join in our cause.


Don't be a timid little field mouse any longer!!!



Top Obama Campaign Strategist Sees 'Titanic Struggle' For Next Year
3 years ago


I think Obama might just be in a little Campaign 2012 trouble here folks!... PinkMindy.



Top Obama Campaign Strategist Sees A 'Titanic Struggle' For Next Year

US Politics & Gov't 


PinkMindy - 2 hours ago -


Former White House aid David Axelrod, who has since fled back to Chicago as Obama's 2012 reelection top strategist, now sees 'no wind in their sails' and nothing but an uphill climb, because the wind has changed direction and is blowing in their faces.

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Was Michelle Obama's 'Target Trip' Just An Innocent Shopping Tour???
3 years ago


I can barely afford to shop at Target, because many of their items are just too expensive, but I have to keep asking ever since the critical U.S. economic turning point of 2009 ... WHERE ARE THE JOBS???

Like always, too little, too late or none to speak of at all. Definitely looks like an act of political Campaign 2012 desperation in full swing @ "Target". ... PinkMindy.



US Politics & Gov't 

- 3 hours ago -


Was it just an innocent shopping trip and a chance to escape the rigid White House security bubble or was it as critics claim more of a calculated political bit and an attempt to alter her image of extravagant taste for vacations, food and wardrobe???

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Underdog Obama: America 'Not Better Off Today Than Four Years Ago' - ABC Interview
3 years ago


It looks as though President Obama needs 3 items in order to be reelected in 2012:

#1. A new speech writer.

#2. A new Campaign 2012 manager.

#3. A time-machine in order to go backward into 2009 and fix all of his earlier mistakes!!

Then he might get reelected. ... PinkMindy.



- 39 minutes ago -

Americans broadly expect President Obama to be a one-term president in the wake of the Solyndra scandal and extremely low job approval that he's been receiving over the past seven months or more, in regard to a continued failing economy & unemployment.

Obama's Solyndra Scandal Reeks Of The Chicago Way @ Chicago Tribune
3 years ago


This article has been published by Obama's hometown newspaper ... The Chicago Tribune, which should be covering his back, so that tells you something is definitely wrong involving the 'Solyndra Scandal'!! ... PinkMindy.



US Politics & Gov't

PinkMindy - 22 hours ago -


The Solyndra scandal has cost American tax-payers at least $535 million dollars in a failed bankruptcy loan agreement and it doesn't smell fresh and green either!

A continuing investigation into recently released White House e-mails is currently underway.



Obama's Solyndra Scandal Deepens - DOE CEO Resigns
3 years ago


There is most definitely more to come out of this suspicious situation, because whenever officials leave their posts when the heat is on, it is a clear indication and signal that corruption exists somewhere in that system! ... PinkMindy.



- 22 hours ago -

The Obama Administration's chief official CEO Jonathan Silver at the center of the Solyndra controversy is leaving the DOE. He became the focus for an ongoing investigation into the failed $535M bankruptcy. Solyndra is a major Campaign 2008/2012 fundraiser.