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Free Our Wild Mustangs and Burros


Congress counts each letter received as the opinion of ten people! Our battle for our Wild Mustangs will be won in the court of public opinion. The Department of Interior, Its Bureau of Land Management need to face a sustained public outcry over its wild horse management practices.





Contact Your Legislators in D.C.


Call or e-mail your Representative, ask him or her to co-sponsor, HR1018 and HR503. The House of Representatives link is below. You have to take action now and you have to follow it up, even if it means e-mailing your House Representative once a week you have to stay on top of it. Ask you Representative to response... Or the wild Mustangs will be gone. If not for yourself them for your grandchildren.


Contact Your Representative ask then to co-sponsored HR1018 and HR503.. Call or Write your two Senators ask then to co-sponsors S727 Ask for a reply.


Link for Congress .


Sign Petition


Write to the Department of the Interior


Mailing Address:
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240


Phone: 202-208-3100

Mustangs cont.



Director: Mike Pool (Acting)
Deputy Director (Operations): Mike Nedd (Acting)
Chief of Staff: Janet Lin


Denounce the aggressive Wild Mustang removal campaign currently under way at the behest of special interest groups and at the cost of millions of our tax-dollars. Tell them that your tax-dollars would be better spent on an in-the-wild management program not based on removal.


Call for a moratorium on round-ups. Let Bureau of Land Management officials know how you feel about their adoption program. Denounce the continued mismanagement of our Wild Mustangs and request an in-the-wild management program. Now more than ever, we need to put public pressure on the BLM for the sake of our Wild Mustangs and Burros. Tell them to accept Madeline Pickens offer from The National Wild Horse Foundation. Free Our Wild Mustangs and Burros.


Spread the Word! Our strength is in numbers. Here are suggestions on how to help spread the word about our Campaign and the plight of our wild horses. Alert the media, local and national. Write letters to the editor expressing your outrage. E-Mail a copy of this page to your family, friends, neighbors, and contacts urge them to take action. Add a link to our group page on your email also on your website.


In 1952 Velma Johnston. "Wild Horse Annie", as she was later known, led a grass roots campaign, which involved school children writing letters to Congress, in protest of the treatment of the horses. Public outrage and the innumerable letters written to Congress, resulted in the passing of legislation that banned the use of aircraft and land vehicles in the capture of wild horses. In 1971, former President Nixon signed into law the Wild Free roaming Horse and Burro Act, which banned the capture, branding, and death of wild horses on public lands. It was this unprecedented letter-writing campaign conducted by schoolchildren across the country that became instrumental in securing the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act. Some of the letters were eloquent in their simplicity, showing more wisdom and common sense than all of the testimony of the scientists and wildlife managers combined.


Thank you for taking action,


Haviland R. Gordineer


Parsons, TN

Saving the American Wild Mustang


Best Friends Animal Society Equine Page
May 8, 2009 : 12:28 AM

Madeleine Pickens’ dream of creating a free-roaming horse sanctuary could become a reality - with your support

Story by Roni Raczkowski, Best Friends Network Volunteer

It is every child’s dream. Little girls ask Santa for ponies and little boys play “cowboys and Indians” by chasing each other on imaginary horses. As adults, we’ve come to recognize the American wild mustang as a representation of strength and courage, symbolic of our country’s great beginning. We even have a true muscle car that bears its name. But today, this noble creature is suffering in silence and living in fear.

One woman has risen to the task..



  • Tell Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, and the BLM to stop the slaughter and confinement of America's wild horses and burros.
    Take action now!

  • 4975 emails sent to Ken Salazar and counting

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