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Updates - September 14, 2007
11 years ago

PetSmart Pulls Smokehouse Brand Dog Treats

On Friday September 14, 2007, The AVMA, American Veterinary Medical Association, issued a statement that they have received complaints from pet owners and veterinarians, that multiple brands of jerky treats made in China...



11 years ago

ASPCA Believes Fear of Acetaminophen-contamination in Pet Food Unfounded

Dogs keep dying: Too many owners remain unaware of toxic dog food
11 years ago
Update 6/6/2007
11 years ago

New Contaminant Found In More Pet Food

12 years ago
What's Really In Pet Food? - Report by the Animal Protection Institute April 25, 2007 10:40 AM

What's Really in Pet Food -
An API Report

Whole chickens, choice cuts of beef, fresh grains and all the wholesome nutrition your dog or cat will ever need.

These are the images pet food manufacturers promulgate through the media and advertising. This is what the $10 billion per year U.S. pet food industry wants consumers to believe they are buying when they purchase their products.

This report explores the differences between what consumers think they are buying compared to what they are actually getting. This document focuses in very general terms on the most visible name brands -- the pet food labels that are mass distributed to supermarkets and grocery stores -- but there are many smaller, more highly respected brands that may be guilty of the same offenses.

What most consumers are unaware of is...

12 years ago
FDA's Consumer Complaint Coordinators

To report adverse reactions or other problems with FDA-regulated products, contact the FDA district office consumer complaint coordinator for your geographic area. If you require the use of a Relay Service, please call the Federal Relay Services (1-800-877-8339). This is a toll free relay service to call Federal agencies from TTY devices.
12 years ago

FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration

complete combined pet food recall lists

Pet Food Recall
12 years ago
| "Pets" and Farm Animals

Updated 4/13/2007

including Price Chopper & Nutro

 For complete lists -

Daria W.

Earlier this week, the ASPCA issued an urgent alert warning pet parents to discontinue use of recalled foods if they have not already done so.

“More than three weeks into the pet food recall, recent intakes at the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital in New York City show that some companion animal caretakers have unwittingly continued to feed contaminated, recalled food to their pets,” explained the ASPCA’s Dr. Louise Murray, Director of Medicine at Bergh Memorial. “Just last night, we admitted a cat into our Intensive Care Unit who is in severe renal failure, and has been consuming one of the recalled product codes all the while.”

“This is a matter of great concern to us,” Murray said on Tuesday. “It is possible that this scenario is being replicated all across the country, due to confusion over which brands and product codes are included in the recall—especially with the recent recall expansion—and, as a result, many more animals may be in great danger.”

To help ensure that all pets stay healthy, the ASPCA offers the following important reminders:

- If you have not already done so, examine your pet’s food products. If they fall into the categories identified as contaminated, discontinue their use immediately. Click here for information on affected brands and product codes.

- Visit the ASPCA Pet Food Recall Resource Center  regularly to stay updated about foods that may have been added to the list of recalled products.

- Please forward this information to all of the pet parents you know.


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