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from my Sister, You might Enjoy This Nostalgia of the Rat Pack
5 years ago
| Surprise Me
Worth sending out again.   Just scroll down to the end where it says click here.       Leah



Subject: Frank, Dean, Sammy, and Johnny

T o those of us that are lucky enough to be able to remember this great era of entertainment


Enjoy! You will never see their likes again!  A true classic!!!  


This show is at Kiel Opera House in St Louis -- June   1965 --  when Carson hosted     the Tonight Show.


The Rat Pack were playing Vegas,  but visited.  

This is supposed to be the ONLY time Carson sang in public!  

Quincy Jones was conducting the Count Basie band, and he is visible in the background.


Do Not miss this Performance...  

        it will make your day!!        

                               Click here:



5 years ago

Thanks very much for the walk down memory lane, Ss L.  The big surprise was seeing Johnny Carson up there on stage & singing right along. ~ Alice

5 years ago

Truth: "Lucky enough to remember this great era of entertainment". Thank God for the technolgy that has preserved it . THANK YOU Ss for sharing it . I csny wait to share it with my hubby, my sons, and the resy of my family.

If anyone enjoys reading autobios, I just loved reading YES I CAN by Mr. Sammy Davis, Jr. If was forever ago that I read it but surely it's still in print or in libraries - or in 'new & used' at Amazon.

5 years ago


I'm at the Rio in Las Vegas right now where they have the Rat Pack show. I'm thinking of going tonight if I have time.


5 years ago

I hope you go Christian!  Enjoy yourself in Vegas!



And thanks SsL  I remember!

5 years ago

Be sure to spend lots of money, Christian, my home town's economy really needs it



5 years ago


Don't have lots of money. Doing this on a shoestring budget this year, and it doesn't help that everything in the Rio costs 200% more than in the outside world. I'm even bunking up with another convention goer just to save money. I heard this morning the Hilton reported another quarterly loss and has started skipping interest payments on its loans, putting it into default status. And as of Jan. 3, 2012, the Hilton will no longer allow the owners to license its name, so the owners are now shopping around for a new major brand name.


5 years ago

That may be good news for the Hilton Hotel - maybe whoever now owns the Hilton brand will buy it back and make it the fabulous hotel it once was before they sold it to those morons that have it now.


i love the Hilton, I have many wonderful and fond memories of what was once a fabulous hotel/casino.  I still like to go visit it when I'm in town just to see all the crystal hanging from the ceilings in the entry and casino (that is all original from 1969).

5 years ago

Wish I were in your shoes Christian, go for it!  


Unbelievable about this sinking economy and how it is hitting everyone including the hotels in Vegas which we thought invincible.


My sister gets the best stuff from the internet.


Who knew Johnny Carson had such a great voice? 

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