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5 years ago


Health officials are urging Gulf Coast residents to move out of FEMA trailers because they may be contaminated with toxic levels of formaldehyde fumes. FEMA provided 120,000 trailers after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. (Feb. 14)




Following a CBS News investigation in May, Congress is accusing FEMA of a cover-up — putting thousands of Katrina victims in trailers the agency knew were unhealthy. Armen Keteyian reports. (









While people needed help the government spent valuable resources preventing people from protecting themselves and their property.



Wasted Supplies and Resources




Government Spending Gone Amuck




Government Obstruction and Bureaucracy





5 years ago

This is big government central planning at it's best.  


This is what the alleged "greatest country in the world" comes up with?  


This is what we pay over $2 TRILLION in taxes EVERY YEAR for?  




Someone would support and defend this abomination?


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