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Cafe Music Part III

How bout this? Taj Mahal with the Allman Brothers Band!


What a combination?!


Ok, that was an unlikely combo, Tom and CSNY, but it worked!



Protest the Hero, a group of five young men from Canada who happen to be some very, very bad assed musicians, are one of my favorite vocal bands. I love the lyrics to this one. WARNING: It IS metal (djent more specifically.)



Here's the words (pretty heavy):


We woke up as men but tonight we'll sleep as killers
As we break the cryptic morning with a bullet and a prayer
The steel never seemed more cold and agile than life never seems less vital and fragile
With a heart that's beating louder than my own
I watch a girl they call Kezia
I watch a woman that I know
my hopes and my own future blindfolded
To atone a sin I didn't care for, but a sin that paid my debts
A sin that fed my children and burned my smiles and cigarettes
and No one ever said that hope would be so beautiful
and no one ever said I'd have to pull that trigger, on her
I can't even still her trembling hands that were locked up by the dutiful and the obligated;
Five soldiers forever sedated with the,
"No one's responsible" psychological drama of our social justice dribble, dribble
Her tiny steps tell lies about the choice I have to make;
[Her tiny steps] To resurrect [tell lies about] a static lifetime [the choice] to starve [I have] to death [to make] my own mistakes
So pull the screaming trigger and watch your carcass bleed me dry
Or drop the gun and try to shake away the blindfold from your eyes?
Drop the gun(pull), drop the gun(the), drop the gun(trigger), drop the gun.
Sin I didn't care for, but a sin that paid my debts a sin that feed my children that burned my smile and cigarettes.



No youtube video this time..just a link to my latest collaboration from "The Project"-Dhanny Boldt on percussion,Serdar Guvenc guitarist,and myself!

What a wonderful tribute to your friend!!! Sorry for your loss!

Yes,I'll admit I'm a hugh James McMurtry fan!


Cool Allman Brothers cover by former Hendrix Band of Gypsys member Buddy Miles!

my continued obsession wih Ben Harper,lol

Maybe it is not the place for it but you forgot my birthdat wishes today the 17th --  

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So how do I get the link to show up as a video??


Wow,.... I've been listening to them for decades...

but... this isn't right...

they're just wrong here...

It's always tragic when a 17 year old dies from an altercation..

But, I disagree entirely.

This wasn't about fashion or race or profiling, IMO.

It was about someone looking suspiciously at yards and houses.

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Deb E.

To post a video you have to put the text 'video:' directly in front of the http link. However, youtube has made it tricky by not providing the long link that used to be necessary. Sometimes youtube will put the extra 's' tacked onto the 'http' which you would need to remove, as it's not a secure link to embed. So, since they don't provide the long link in the share option anymore, and Care2 is slow to keep up with technology, your best bet it to just copy and paste the link from the browser bar from above. (remembering to remove the extra S if it's there!)

I hope that helps! Because... even then, who knows.

So, here I'm going to try to post your video using the link from the top browser bar.... with the video: in front of the link.

BTW,... love some of Jack Johnson

Happy Belated Birthday, Marie Claud!

Wow,I guess that I had better not wear a hoodie or look at yards and houses the next time I go to the store.......
I want to make sure I can come home to my family,do not want to be so suspicious looking.....

....I know,right.If I wear a hoodie,I might get followed,dont you know.If I do any thing about that,they can kill me and get away with it.Do not want to die for those skittles and tea for wearing a hoodie and looking at yards funny.Like the boy at the beach with a puppy,the cops beat him up because they did not like how he looked at them.zimmerman would fit right in as a cop.He is the judge and jury just like they are.

And those of us that live in fear from those wearing the hoodies are just suppose to cater to your behaviors as if you are perfect angels never doing any wrong in life? Our neighborhoods are just so joyous to live in with this sort of thing gong on and we all have to sympathetically hang our heads in shame for our feelings of distrust for seeing your hoodies in our neighborhoods. I kind of think there's a silent majority about this that's pretty close to the breaking point about this issue. Our stupid country cries about wanting gun ownership to defend themselves and then when somebody defends them self they cry about someone shouldn't have a gun because he killed some one defending himself but the hypocritical part about this is we don't complain about giving guns to people in other countries to kill people. Let's discuss our mental health and the importance of hoodies in our mental health! 

Ken,he did not have to "defend him self",the whole confrontation would never have started if GZ had obeyed the police and NOT persued TM.No one seems to get that point.

One other thing-I wear a "hoodie",and I do not steal,vandalize property,kill,or beat people up.Being black and wearing a hoodie does not make you one of these people you are talking about.

You can not just fit every person into your little box.I know of more people who "terrorize" our nation,and have done much more damage to it who wear a suit and a tie.Does that make every person who wears a suit and tie a bad person?

Do you see how stupid this can get.

Ken I like a lot of what you say,you make some very valid points,but,like all of us,there is still more you can learn if you are willing.

Any way,this is a music thread.


Very powerful message here,for every one.

Black Eyed Peas-Where is the Love(Is anyone listening?Anyone?)


No one can control what another does or thinks.I can only control me.I can try to reason,I can put the truth out there.Some will listen,some will ignore me,and some will respond with hostility.....

WEIRD.... ya know the girl in the fuchia shirt was me.. my old avatar...

We hear you, Holly. I hear you!!

I know it's played but it's still so true!

Sigh, it won't embed

Every one who matters is listening,Holly.....

.....I like that song,Rebecca.They played it at my brother's funeral.

I often find myself in a Lucky Dube headspace..

David Daniels Thanks David and all.  I miss ya.  Will write in PC to you David.


I looked up the lyrics...

"War And Crime"

Every where in the world
People are fighting for freedom
Nobody knows what is right
Nobody knows what is wrong
The black man say it's the white man
The white man say it's the black man
Indians say it's the coloureds
Coloureds say it's everyone
Your mother didn't tell you the truth
Cause my father didn't tell me the truth
Nobody knows what is wrong
And what is right
How long is this gonna last
Cause we've come so far so fast

When it started, you and I were not there so
Why don't we
Bury down apartheid
Fight down war and crime
Racial discrimination
Tribal discrimination

You and I were not there when it started
We don't know where it's coming from
And where it's going
So why don't we

I' m not saying this
Because I'm a coward
But I'm thinking of the lives
That we lose everytime we fight
Killing innocent people
Women and children yeah
Who doesn't know about the good
Who doesn't know about the wars
Your mother didn't tell you the truth
Cause my father did not tell me the truth

Black man say it's the white man
White man say it's the black man
Indians say it's the coloureds
Coloureds say it's everyone

When it started we were not there
We know where we come from
But we don't know where we're going
So why don't we

Bury down apartheid
Fight down war and crime
Racial discrimination
Tribal discrimination


my two cents...

The banks and NWO are behind it all.

We are their peons to be played.

embed for Holly

war and crime,lucky dube.....
thank you.

This song is very different from what I see in here,and also very different from what I usually listen to,but I think that the message is powerful.My daughter,Jeriqua wanted me to hear it.I hope that you enjoy something a little different sometimes too.

(capture the crown-rebearth)

Ken Boothe speaking Truth in music!



luv ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what happened with Rebecca ?

Beware !

Poor translation from German to English - however, enjoy the clip !


skatellites the guns of navarone

enjoy it,mi friends!!!!!

Parsifal... I returned... I have a new profile..


It's sooo nice seeing you, thought this must be the real Rebecca when you sent the green, I've been looking closer to your profile and noticed you have so few green stars.

Good knowing you're back.

Just deleted my profile there

It has become a propaganda network for the victim state (you know Zionesia Apartheid) and a Bible PR.....

It replaces spiritual responsibility with missionaries, guilt and submission and does not acknowledge the real Jesus Christ, casting out the money changers from the Temple in Jerusalem but the deliberate falsified Bible...

To make clear what my stance on 'religion' is let's ask John Trudell

John Trudell 'Religious vs Spiritual' Perception of Reality


Sorry, can't send you a message Rebecca, as also on kill2 this feature has apparently been disabled for me after I have been suspended twice....

But makes sure, I appreciate your return !

Thanks, Parsifal.

I was just on PN yesterday since I hadn't been there in months.

I've always found that site a bit confusing anyhow, lol.

Sorry you are unable to message here.

But- yep- came back, started a new fresh profile.





You are obviously proud Holly. Awesome.

amazing drawing Holly, thanks for posting, regards to your talented son.

Thank you.I ceate too,but nothing like that...I wish I could.

Thank you.I have his love of art , but not his talent.

I have the same problem Holly.  Two of my cousins are professional classical musicians.  I have the ear and mind for it, put I do not have the hands or talent.  

Same here, Holly and Dr. Jim but both of you are talented in certain other way(s), bet ?

Holly, your son drew this?  I am so impressed! Its beautiful ❤️

I draw bad stick people 😳

Thank you,all of you.Know what is really impressive about it?He has a slight developmental delay,although you have to talk to him a  long time to see any problem other than a speech problem.He could not even write his name so tha it was legible until he was 10 years old.But now he can do this.(He will be 20 next month,although he looks like he is 15.)He is also a musician,writes poetry,and,although he could not walk until he was almost 2,he competes in skateboard competitions.He has an 18 month old he is struggling to support,I wish his gifts could be utilised to help with that.

The New Children, Indigo Children, Crystal Children

Holly, some may believe this is complete BS but if you haven't already done, check out if your multiple-talented son is an indigo child.


Here in a nutshell the 'concept' explained, if this applies, there is further leading information in the www, tests and how to deal with such people to assist in growing their brought along abilities

What an interesting child you have Holly!   


"He could not even write his name so tha it was legible until he was 10 years old"


~Well, I still can't read my own handwriting!  

Thanks for that,Parcifal....

Thank you,Jim.

Joshua is not a child,though...he is 19.He looks 15,hahahaha!!!!

He is struggling to provide for his 18 month old son.We help where we can.Too bad his gifts are not a path for that.

....I can not read my handwriting eithe,Jim....

It is just so nice the see a human being love another so much.  And respect how unique that other person is.  We should all try to do more of it.  That would advance the human condition.  



John Trudell in my book is one of the most powerful poetry/music artist out there.. I feel like I'm a fortunate man having spent time with him!


duane stephenson-cottage in negril

Raising waves (with) Hang

Philharmonic concert in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, located on the Yenisei River.

Festival VotEtno With the instrument hang, overtone singing, Native American flutes and other shamanic instruments accompanied the world musician Amin the hearts of people and builds bridges between cultures.

Here, the sound takes us by own accord from the troubled mind in the silence and vastness of the heart.

Musician, wandering minstrel, healer, music producer deals with soundscapes and their impact on the mental life of man.

He used this unusual instruments and combines them with the sounds of nature and its elements.

With great empathy manages the musicto to open doors to subconscious mind of the people and to overcome there possible blockages.

It focuses on the healthy aspects of the psyche, stimulates them and brings them back to the clear side of being.

Through individual experiences with shaman teachers from different countries Christian Amin gained knowledge about healing rituals of the indigenous people, music therapy and primal forms of psychotherapy.

He produces music CD's, aid the healing of people and increasing the frequency of the earth.

He works throughout Europe, Russia, USA, Mexico and Ecuador as a musician and sound artist.

Amin Varkonyi - hang, overtone voce .

Alizbar - mandolin, native american flute, vargan. Anna Baturova - array.

Whale Rider 2002 - Key Sequence

finding destiny...

Lisa Gerrard sings...

...Whale Rider 2002

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