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Is this the photo that could clear Assange ?
4 years ago
| Surprise Me

Grinning for the camera, WikiLeaks boss and woman who says he sexually assaulted her 48 hours earlier

The image below shows the participants of the dinner at the Glenfiddich Restaurant in Stockholm on August 15, 2010.  To the left with covered face is Anna A., who will later tell the police, 48 hours before the photo was taken, Julian raped in her apartment - Parsifal

It seems an unremarkable image:

a group of friends smiling broadly.

But this is the photograph Julian Assange hopes will clear his name.

The face of the woman on the left has been obscured for legal reasons.

For although she is seen beaming, she would later tell police that 48 hours before the picture was taken, the WikiLeaks founder pinned her down in her flat and sexually assaulted her.


4 years ago

Glen Greenwald has written extensively on Assange: 


Greenwald on the fake left's presstitutes:


Greenwald was countered by presstitute shill:  David Allen Green:


Which Greenwald defanged here:


Fact is that the extraordinary efforts to demonize Assange and eventually get him extradited to the USA for a show trial are like Obama's other despotic actions.  Those actions are  designed to prevent patriots from exposing the State in the criminal acts undertaken by the ruling elites and their political class puppets.  


"[Government Accountability Project's] Homeland Security and Human Rights Director Jesselyn Radack, a well-credential ethics advisor in 2001 at the Bush Department of Justice [said] “Obama … has brought more prosecutions against whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than any previous president and all presidents combined.” .... source:





Obama and government lies
4 years ago
Obama Indicts Sixth Whistleblower Under the Espionage Act

GAP's Radack: "CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou blew the whistle on 'waterboarding' and refused to engage in torture, but is the only person to be criminally prosecuted in connection with the Bush-era torture program"

(Washington, DC) – On April 3, 2012, the Obama administration indicted intelligence whistleblower John Kiriakou. Kiriakou is the sixth whistleblower that the Obama administration has charged under the Espionage Act for the alleged mishandling of classified information – more than all past administrations combined. In a rare move, the indictment was sealed until today.

Kiriakou is a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) veteran who headed counterterrorism operations in Pakistan after 9/11, organized the team operation that captured suspected al-Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah, and refused to be trained in torture interrogation tactics. In December 2007, Kiriakou gave an on-camera interview to ABC News in which he disclosed that Zubaydah was "waterboarded" and that "waterboarding" was torture. Kiriakou was one of the first CIA officers to label waterboarding as torture, and his interview helped expose the CIA's torture program as policy, rather than the actions of a few rogue agents. Kiriakou further exposed the CIA's torture program and the CIA's deception about torture even to its own employees in his 2009 book, The Reluctant Spy: My Secret Life in the CIA's War on Terror.

Government Accountability Project (GAP) National Security & Human Rights Director Jesselyn Radack, a Department of Justice (DOJ) whistleblower herself, represented National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Thomas Drake, the first individual indicted by the Obama administration under the Espionage Act for disclosing massive waste, fraud, abuse and illegality at the NSA through proper channels. The DOJ case against Drake fell apart days before the trial was set to begin last summer, in what was widely seen as a bellwether case for future prosecutions, like that of Kiriakou.

"John Kiriakou is the new Thomas Drake," stated Radack, continuing, "And the case against Kiriakou is just as flimsy as the one against Drake. The Obama administration's unprecedented use of the Espionage Act to target whistleblowers sends a chilling message to any national security worker considering blowing the whistle on corruption and wrongdoing. The Espionage Act is an archaic World War I-era law intended to go after spies, not whistleblowers."

Inexplicably, Kiriakou's indictment was sealed until today. Radack noted "There was no flight risk for Kiriakou, who had already been arrested in January, and no reason to keep the indictment under seal, except perhaps to delay press coverage of the Obama administration's latest criminal prosecution of a whistleblower."

Radack added, "It is outrageous that John Kiriakou – the whistleblower – is the only individual to be prosecuted in relation to the Bush administration's torture program. The interrogators who tortured prisoners, the officials who gave the orders, the attorneys who authored the torture memos, and the CIA agents who destroyed the interrogation tapes have not been held professionally accountable, much less charged with crimes. But John Kiriakou is facing decades in prison for helping expose torture. The fact that national security whistleblowers have become the exception to the Obama administration's meme of 'looking forward, not back' at Bush-era crimes sets a dangerous precedent: if you torture a prisoner, you will not be held criminally liable, but if you blow the whistle on torture, you risk criminal prosecution under the Espionage Act."


>>>>>>Obviously Assange has reason to be concerned.


4 years ago

How credible is her testimony when at a dinner just with the man taking part, who allegedly raped her before ?
Not only how she smiles into the camera, but she wrote a tweet to their friends, they would be ‘the world's coolest and most intelligent people’ on the go.

Also to be seen in the photo with purple shirt is the host and head of the Swedish Pirate Party, Richard Falkvinge, as well as the right of Julian, Anna Troberg, the executive vice president of the party, and Sara Sangberg.
Falkvinge said the dinner lasted three hours and the purpose was to agree on a contract between the Pirate Party and Wikileaks about the use of its servers.

Also attended the IT chief of the pirates, Richard Olson (not in photo), who brought his fiancee Sara Sandberg.

Anna A. was the personal adviser of Julian Assange during his stay in Sweden. She introduced him to her apartment, went out with him, held a party for him and ends up in bed with him to accomplish consented sexual intercourse.

Four days later she went to the police and told them, ‘oh how terrible, the sex ended without a condom’, so she would not have approved, resulting in a ‘constructed’ rape.
Hot off the press she told everything, including interview, so that the whole world knows it.

This means that consensual sex began with a condom, but it slipped during the act and somehow was no longer ‘on’
This should be a rape ? (sadly for Assange - in Sweden yes)
In any other country they would cease such a case immediately, as no sign of intimidation or violence was involved.

After the rape allegations Falkvinge and Troberg gave detailed statements to the police in support of Assange.
They reported on the ‘body language’ between Julian and Anna A., who came with her friend Pietra to eat but was only for appetizer.

Falkvinge said he would have been stunned over the subsequent allegations, as Anna A. had volunteered during the dinner are also accepted to be Julian's press secretary.
This he had testified against the police.
She would not have behaved like a victim or someone who had been through a traumatic sexual experience two days earlier, said Falkvinge.

It is even so, just hours after the alleged rape Anna A. went with Julian Assange to a party event of the Social Democrats.
There he is said got to know the second woman who accused him of rape later.

When Anna was really a victim, why she spent so much time together with the alleged perpetrator ?
Why she did not immediately report to the police, but a week later ?
Why she went with him to events and why she did not warn other women who wanted to meet him unconditional and carried a torch for Julian ?

Therefore, says Julian Assange, he was framed and if he goes to Sweden to face the charges, then he will be extradited to the U.S., where the death penalty because of the publication of secret documents will be imposes.
The Swedish authorities so far did not really guarantee they would not extradite him.

The fact is, as I have mentioned somewhere else in the beginning of the Assange causa, Anna A., might have past links to the CIA.
In addition, she was betrayed by her friend before this whole event and she even published articles on the Internet on how to take revenge for this insult.
That would be a reason for their conduct, and Julian was her victim.

Assange says that it is a conspiracy between the Swedish, British and American intelligence services to make an example of him.
No one shall with impunity unmask the superpower USA.
Therefore, there was nothing else but to seek asylum in the Embassy of Ecuador.

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