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Is the Left Coming for Your Guns
3 years ago


The Institute for Policy Studies is Coming for Your Guns
Submitted by Trevor on December 23, 2012 – 6:38 pm EST2 Comments

The far left Institute for Policy Studies, out of Washington DC, is the ideas factory for the Obama Administration.

Then Illinois state senator Barack Obama himself served on the founding board of IPS’ partner organization Demos. Obama’s short lived and still communist “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones, served on the same board some years later.

If you want to know what Obama will do tomorrow, read what IPS is saying today.

IPS wants to take your guns away. Because they know that if they can do that, American socialism is a slam dunk.

The IPS doesn’t just want to regulate guns. It wants to virtually eliminate them.

Here’s some socialist utopian insanity from the IPS website:

Sure, some people can use guns safely. Some people can also smoke crack safely, drink and drive safely and handle explosives safely. We don’t let them because too many other people can’t.

In the wake of every horrific school shooting comes the predictable call for gun control. Just as predictably comes the crazy counter-argument: If only the teachers had been armed, the shooting could have been prevented.

The simple fact is that guns are not compatible with 21st century civilized life. We should get rid of them. If we can’t get rid of them today, we should at least start the process of getting rid of them for the future. The world needs a future without guns.

No one should have guns. Not criminals, not responsible citizens, not the police. Guns should be safely locked away for use in a serious emergency and issued to police officers on a limited basis only when necessary. Even most police don’t need guns.

What about criminals? They have guns. Don’t we need guns to fight them with? Sure, maybe for a while. But after a hundred years with no guns, the supply will dry up even for criminals. We should be planning for the future, not arming for the present.

What about the Constitution? Gun rights are enshrined in the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. Well, I have news for Constitutional fundamentalists: The US Constitution has been changed 27 times. It can be changed again.

The author then goes onto emphasize just how fragile the Second Amendment is:

Lest we forget, the Second Amendment was itself a change to the Constitution. That’s why we call it an “amendment.” It wasn’t there at first.

In fact, the Second Amendment only prevents the federal government from infringing “the right to keep and bear Arms.” States could have all the gun control they want if it weren’t for the later 14th Amendment that extends rights under the federal Constitution to apply to state actions as well.

Even this thin reed of gun rights has only existed since 2010. In the 2010 McDonald v. Chicago case, the activist US Supreme Court reversed 142 years of precedent to extend the meaning of the 14th Amendment to prohibit states from prohibiting guns…

It did so by a 5-4 margin. In other words, the nationwide Constitutional protection for gun ownership only came into existence in 2010 (not 1791) and even then by one single vote. So much for the everlasting, inalienable right to own a gun…Gun ownership is a great hobby. It was fun while it lasted. But easy access to guns is incompatible with daily life in 21st century society. There are no bandits on the prairie. There are no wolves at the door. It’s time to get rid of guns. If that means a 28th change to the Constitution, so be it. It’s worth it.

Don’t laugh gun owners. If IPS is saying this today, Obama and the Democrats will be planning to implement this tomorrow.

Obama may get to appoint two more Supreme Court judges before 2016. What’s the bet they will be strong anti-gun advocates?

The IPS and oObama are coming for your guns. You can take that to the bank.

3 years ago

I want to know why so many crazies have guns.

That ex-con who killed the firefighters had guns and he is one of a long line of crazies carrying guns.  I don't like those gun shows which are so quick and eager to get guns out to anyone.

There are serious problems in this country of who is carrying and why.


3 years ago
  • I want to know why there are so many crazy power mad people in government?
  •  I want to know why so many people support that.
  •  I want to know why people are so anxious to take things from other people.
  •  I want to know why the militarized police have broken in to people homes and killed them.
  •  I want to know why nothing is done to stop that
  • I want to know why the USA has 6X as many people in prisons as other comparable Western countries?
  • Why so many that have not damaged or harmed another person or their property are incarcerated?
  • Why people that are not a threat to any are in prisons.
  •  I want to know why I should be forced to pay for that.
  •  I want to know why the powerful in this country are allowed to steal from others and the police, law enforcement, justice system do nothing.
  •  I want to know how people in government are allowed to pass laws and exclude themselves from those laws.
  •  I want to know why fraud by the powerful is not prosecuted by the massive US "justice system".
  • Why none of those real criminals are in those massive prisons.
  •  I want to know why there are so many laws.
  • Why those laws are selectively enforced to punish some and not others.
  • I want to know why threats are exaggerated and why people accept restrictions of their rights based on that.
  •  I want to know why failures of government are rewarded by giving the people responsible more power.
  •  I want to know why government domestic spending grew by 260%as a percentage of the GDP in 50 years.
  •  I want to know why people accept this when it has not made us safer or more prosperous.

>>>There are a lot of crazy people in this country.  Some do violence overtly.  Others agree to its use against their fellow citizens.  Both should be prevented if at possible.  But the innocient should not become the victims. 

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3 years ago

Who are "The Left"?

3 years ago

This is written by trevor loudon a far right wing activist who loves to incite fear and anarchy.

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