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Dennis Kucinich on Fox
4 years ago

ennis Kucinich has years of experience speaking on the House of Representatives floor, on the stump and in political debates. He likes to mix it up.

So it's only natural that the Fox News Channel should announce him as its newest contributor.

That's right, the man every Clevelander knows simply as "Dennis" is launching a part-time career as a Fox News commentator. Kucinich, 66, a former Cleveland mayor, will debut in his new role on "The O'Reilly Factor" at 8 p.m. Thursday. He'll soon appear on a variety of other Fox programs as well, sometimes once a week, sometimes more often.

"I'm really looking forward to it," Kucinich told The Plain Dealer in a telephone interview. "I've had a good relationship with Fox over the years. They've always been open to letting me express my point of view."

He said he signed a multi-year contract, but would not discuss the terms. As for the possibility of getting rich off TV, he said, "I never look at the world in those terms."

The deal came together quickly, after Fox asked him to come to New York last week, he said.

"This was not negotiated by an agent," he said, adding when asked that he only discussed doing commentary and analysis and did not talk about having his own show.

"They contacted me directly. My wife and I went to New York to hear what they were offering me, to review the contract and to sign it."

Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes said he's always been impressed with Kucinich's fearlessness and thoughtfulness on the issues, reported the Associated Press, which broke the news out of New York.

"His willingness to take a stand from his point of view makes him a valuable voice in our country's debate," Ailes said in a statement emailed to The Plain Dealer.

About that point of view: Kucinich is notably liberal. Fox is noted for its conservatism.

Fans of Kucinich's politics -- his calls for a Department of Peace, his early opposition to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, his desire to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney during the Bush administration, his insistence on single-payer, universal health care -- are more likely to be in MSNBC's television audience. Some of them might argue that Kucinich is going to the network of the dark side.

Kucinich sounds thrilled by the very idea.

"All networks provide a service," he said. "People who are familiar with my perspective know that I relish the opportunity to go into the lion's den.

"I don't yield to anybody on standing up for what I believe in," he continued. "If all you do is talk to people who agree with you, how are you going to change anybody's mind?"

After serving as a Cleveland council member and mayor, state legislator, two-time presidential candidate and 16-year congressman, Kucinich left the House of Representatives this month. His former district and that of fellow Democrat Marcy Kaptur of Toledo were merged by Republicans who controlled Ohio's redistricting process, and Kaptur won the subsequent primary election against the Clevelander last year.

Fox said Kucinich will provide analysis and commentary across its daytime and prime-time programming, as well as on Fox Business Network.

4 years ago

Interesting.  I might actually watch Fox to see him.  Kucinich has a pretty good following with Liberty folk.  He's wrong on the welfare state stuff, but pretty much on target for the corporate state, police/security state, and many civil liberties issues.  

4 years ago

"Welfare state"?

4 years ago

I know Christian:  what is "left", what is "progressive". What is "up" or whatever.  Now what is "welfare state" .  Do try and keep up........  The 6 year olds are passing you by. 

4 years ago

Yes, "WELFARE STATE," Christian.  Like Canada, you know, its why you live there, remember? All that "free" healthcare and cheap prescriptions (that are subsidized by sick Americans making up the difference Canada refuses to pay).

4 years ago

Christian "the Left" are "progressives" who hate "freedom" and believe that everyone should be on "welfare.". 

Like why you moved to "canada". Wherever that is... jeesh...

If only we were all "liberty folk". 

4 years ago

Another meaningless comment by Chile. 

4 years ago

Actually Jim, there are good points to both platforms. 

No way, do I totally endorse Libertarians as they are republicans who may be the the most rigid tea party types.  I don't know for sure.


I like lots of things from the democrat party and stuff I don't like as well.

There needs to be balance.

NO way do I want to see the austerity of the libertarian, republican party in control.

I do not trust them, sorry.


Let's see Obamacare in full force, it has not even gone into effect.

Give it awhile, if it sucks, then repeal it.

4 years ago

The difference is that I know when my comments are meaningless.

4 years ago


I am not going to paste this website as it is massive.

It is very right wing and they are blasting Mother Jone's article on Obama's meetings with various groups to put an agenda/platform in place.


They are jealous because they have NONE.

They are simply saying NO to everything instead of listening and giving their ideas.

There is NEVER a discussion; it is always NO.


People are not stupid.

Independents are not buying into NO for everything all the time.


The GOP is finally meeting at a retreat in a Southern plantation in VA to discuss their viability.  They do it after the dems and Obama had already done way earlier.

Whatever you want to say, the dems are very very organized and their Think Tanks are focused all the time.  

4 years ago

We all know when your comments are meaningless,Chile. Its easy. Every time you post anything it's meaningless. Even your insults are baseless. 

4 years ago

Sheila, actually, the problem is "they" don't say NO enough.  They write and pass FAR too many laws, 99% of which are unconstitutional and produced far more harm for everyone else than any "good" enjoyed by whichever special interest group the new law was to benefit.

And as always, this is my educated opinion; anyone is welcome to prove me wrong.

In fact, I challenge anyone to show us a national "problem" (like prisons overflowing with "felons" doing hard time for victimless crimes, or the national debt, the undeclared wars, the welfare state that takes much better care of the wealthy than those who are truly in need, suicide epidemic among our precious troops, the anti- depressant induced epidemic of violent crime and suicide, DRONES in American skies, fluoride in your water, GMO laden food products, killing off bee populations, etc. etc.) that was not the result of a federal law and/or regulation.    

Seriously, try to think of just one and share it if you can.

4 years ago

Good one, from the lady who believes she is the capable of descerning the true meaning of the constitution.  Yeah... who needs historians and lawyers. Lets let Katii determine everything. "99% are unconstitutional"....

Move along, nothing to see here...

4 years ago

Couldn't answer the challenge, could ya, Chile

4 years ago

Sure. The meat industry. See "the Jungle".

I win

4 years ago

See Child labor.

I win again

4 years ago

How so, Chile?

4 years ago


You make stupid challenges, get called on it and then plead ignorance (or stupidity!).

The gov't does alot of corporate/fascist things, but if you are too blinded by ideology to aknowledge some good, then what's the point of even discussing anything with you.

I know the answer to that, but I am trying to be nice.

4 years ago

Stop making shyt up, Chile. I did acknowledge there was some good (the 1%). I don't know what you mean by "the meat industry" ... What law or regulation are you citing that didn't come with negative unintended consequences?

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