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Obama Did NOT SIGN 23 Executive Orders
4 years ago


Contrary to what you may have heard today — from Bloomberg News, Huffington Post, Salon, and a million other places — President Obama did not sign 23 executive orders at his gun-control event this afternoon. What he did was initiate 23 "executive actions." An executive action is a vague term that can refer to anything done by the executive (the president). Some of the items on the White House's list of 23 "executive actions" — such as "Launch a national dialogue led by Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan on mental health" and "Nominate an ATF director" — are more like personal priorities.

President Obama, in fact, didn't actually sign any executive orders today. He did issue three "presidential memoranda," which, respectively:

So what's the difference between a "presidential memorandum" and an executive order? Not much! According to a 1999 Congressional Research Service report, they're executive orders in all but name:

Another executive tool which has raised many questions is the presidential memoranda. Although they possess a different title than executive orders, it appears as though these instruments are very much alike. Both are undefined, written instruments by which the president directs, and governs actions by, Government officials and agencies. They differ in that executive orders must be published in the Federal Register whereas presidential memoranda are similarly published only if the President determines that they have a "general applicability and legal effect." .... In at least one instance, a federal district court seemed to use the two terms interchangeably.

Basically, for all intents and purposes, a memorandum is an executive order. However, since executive orders are a particularly controversial and politically charged lever of presidential power  (the mere mention of them has inspired talk of impeachment among some of Congress's more firebrand Republicans), it's important to note that they (or something exactly like them) comprised only three of the items on Obama's list of 23 "executive actions."

Ultimately, though, what matters is the nature of the proposal itself, not whether it will be carried out via an "executive action" or an executive order or a presidential memo. And despite the collective conservative freak-out, one could hardly argue that Obama's slate of executive actions — most of which nobody would even have noticed if they weren't announced — infringe on the ability of law-abiding gun owners to continue exercising their Second Amendment rights. Or maybe one could.

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4 years ago

The information on the internet is purposefully written with lies (not all but way too many) to incite hate and division in this country.


Some people want this country so divided and want a civil war to erupt.  They can then blame Obama for the whole thing.   The lies and misinformation are put to incite people into hatred and blaming Obama for everything.  The cries to impeach him from far right never ends at all.

He won't be impeached.  Was GWB impeached?  NO.

4 years ago

I am NO Obama convert because this president has no budget, spends us into oblivion and I know this economy is still fragile and any harsh and austere cuts done all at once will also collapse the system.


The only talk on the internet is always Obama signing EOs to ban guns.  Obama needs to be impeached.  I know the haters; the election is OVER.  I am concerned for my country and I know better that going in there and cutting everything out of the bureacracy in a hatchet job fashion is equally as dangerous as the endless spending.


The spending on green energy, crony capitalism needs to END now.  We don't need any more debaucles like last term.  It is time to grow this country.  I do think it is on the path for growth and the naysayers want to convince of the opposite. 


I finally grew up and I won't get brainwashed by the hannity's of this media.

They lie and distort facts and twist truths to incite hatred.


They live in the past of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Sure, something stinks there.  It's over, it's time to get healthy not stay sick! 

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