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Homeland Security buys Assault Weapons
4 years ago

Read also from the article:  ".....30-round clips “suitable for personal defense use in close quarters.”........


Notice the people involved in Homeland Security think that this is OK for "personal defense"?  and "close quarters"?  This has never been about geting rid semi automatic  guns or 7 plus clips at all.  This is a push to restrict those weapons to those that are involved in government, or have political pull.   In other words, the political class, the elites and their allies. 

4 years ago

Sorry, I was wrong.  This bunch wants FULLY automatic military grade weapons.  The same ones that the general public cannot get. 

4 years ago

Add the weapons to this..

everyone from the mainstream media to bloggers and conspiracy theorists have questioned the government's mass purchasing of ammunition for federal agencies like the National Weather Service and even the Social Security Administration. Combined, both agencies ordered over 210,000 rounds. This ammunition is mostly made up of "hollow point" bullets, which are designed strictly for maximum damage to the human body and have been outlawed for use in warfare since 1969. 

On the surface, these purchases alone are scary enough and raise questions as to why these unlikely agencies need any amounts of ammo, especially bullets that have been outlawed. The National Weather Service claims they have 63 officers who "enforce the nation's ocean and fishing laws to ensure a level playing field for fishermen and to protect marine species like whales, dolphins and turtles." If you divide 46,000 rounds by the 63 agents they employ, that's 730 bullets per agent, or, in other words, 63 crack shots and a lot of dead fisherman.   
The Social Security Administration (SSA) has given no specific response to questions regarding their purchase of 174,00 rounds. They said their "agents' need them. But, keep this in mind:  the SSA only deals with US Citizens in America. The SSA has never been involved with anything outside of this country for any reason. And what do they need with armed agents?  All SSA offices employ private contracted security for their offices.
One Billion + Hollow Point Bullets
Digging deeper into the government's recent procurements for ammo, you learn just how aggressively they are buying up ridiculous amounts of ammo and riot related equipment. The feds have actually ordered over 1 billion rounds of ammo in 2012 alone. They received 750,000,000 in March and are awaiting another 450,000,000 arriving soon. All in conjunction with large-scale orders for riot gear, bulletproof checkpoint outposts with red and green stoplights, human shaped paper practice targets, and other crowd control and containment equipment. 
There is no conspiracy theory here.  The federal government is expecting either a catastrophic financial collapse that could provoke nationwide food riots and all out civil unrest, another civil war, or even Armageddon. All in the very near future. Some theorize that the mass purchase of ammunition is an attempt to hoard as much as possible from the American public whom the feds believe may be in preparation for civil war right now.

4 years ago


4 years ago

Hollow points are a particularly nasty bullet.  They are designed to spread out after impact and cause maximum damage.  They have one other characteristic: tactical vests such as Kevlar will stop the round.   This would be useful in situations where there were those that had simple body armor and might accidently hit someone on their own side that was so protected.  Either in a close quarters or "fluid" situation such as a riot this would be quite effective.  This is rather troubling. 

4 years ago

These are the folks in addition to gangsters and other criminals that would have all the guns should some people have their way..

4 years ago

Yeah David.  That is what Mexico has.   Only the criminals and the Federales have guns.  How is that working out for the general population? 

4 years ago

Why are fully-automatic AR-15s with 30-round magazines and hollow-point bullets called 'personal defense' weapons when the Department of Homeland Security purchases them, but semi-auto AR-15s are assault rifles in the hands of citizens?

The Department of Homeland Security filed a purchase bid this past June titled "Personal Defense Weapons Solicitation".  It is combined bid for 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition and "select-fire firearm suitable for personal defense."

Increasingly the government is giving itself privileges that they are taking away from citizens. This is becoming most obvious in regards to gun rights, but it's becoming a widespread abuse of power across all aspects of society. The government is supposed to derive its authority from the people not the other way around.

Ron Paul recently addressed this exact topic proposing the simple solution: "Anything the government assumes they have a right to do to us, we should assume we have a right to do that to them."

If we are to be a nation of, by and for the people where the government has no rights that aren't afforded to citizens, then this assumption may be the check on government overreach that's so desperately needed.

By the way, the DHS is only authorized to work within the U.S. borders, so who do they plan to use these weapons on?

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