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Another Big Guvermint Power Grab!
3 years ago

LA Times:

SACRAMENTO -- State labor regulators have ordered a Chino warehouse operator to pay more than $1 million in overtime plus $200,000 in penalties for hundreds of state labor law violations.

State Labor Commissioner Julie Su issued citations Monday to Quetico, a warehouse and distribution company that handles shoes, apparel and electronic goods for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and other big-box retailers.

The commissioner's investigation of two Quetico facilities, totaling a half-million square feet, found that the company created restrictive procedures which shorted 865 workers of their wages. Employees were forced to come to work early to stand in long lines to punch time cards at only three available clocks, the state said.

Employees also were denied legally required lunch and rest breaks, the state said.

"Wage theft takes many forms," Su said in a statement.

"My office will crack down on any employer who is taking hard-earned wages from workers by falsifying time cards and systematically preventing employees from taking a full meal break.... We are also intent on eliminating the competitive advantages that labor law violators gain over employers who play by the rules."

Quetico did not respond to a request for comment on the alleged labor law violations.

Quetico's warehouses also have been cited by state agencies for safety violations  in the last year, according to Warehouse Workers United, a union-backed group that has been campaigning to highlight alleged labor abuses at Inland Empire distribution centers used by Wal-Mart and other retailers.

"Many of the problems that we commonly see in Southern California warehouses are concentrated at this warehouse," said Guadalupe Palma, the group's director.


Wal-Mart can be made defendant in workers' lawsuit

State Labor Regulators!!??
3 years ago

Typical Big Govermint taking away your freedoms.

Employers have to "play by the rules!?"

Yeah, Guvermint rules. I never seen anything in the Konstitushun about "Wage Theft."

Them Liberuls!!!

3 years ago

I think there is something wrong when all of the government regs which monitored monopolies, unfair business practices, etc. were taken out of effect and the GOP let anything go.


I do remember studying that in college.  I had profs. who were not liberals but conservative, ethical historians who studied govt., business, economics, etc.


They saw the rise of the monopolies and these gigantic monopolies paid NO allegiance to any flag.  They had free reign to do as they please.

The republicans were notorious to lift all rules and regs that prevented this catastrophe in the name of free enterprise.


I don't know about the new regs which I believe are now too intense as the pendulum swung way too fast and too much to the left.  Time will tell if this does improve businesses.


Businesses with no government controls is what everyone good thief wants.  They want to ride rough shod over everything. 

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