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Super Bowl Blackout ~ a Symbol of the Decline of the U.S.

The sports event of the year for the Americans came for about half an hour to a standstill because of a blackout in the stadium.

The 77,000 spectators at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, suddenly sitting in the dark and the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers at the beginning of the 3rd quarter was interrupted.

A total standstill ?

The players were standing around on the field and did not know what was going on.

You have to imagine that a rien ne va plus took place at the TV event of the year with more than 100 million viewers

Is there anything more embarrassing as such a mishap ?

That would be like if suddenly during the final match of the European soccer world cup for 36 minutes a power outage paralyses the entire event.

For me, this failure and the long time it took to recover from the error is symbolic of the state of the United States of America.

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No, instead after those soccer games a brawl usually breaks out.

Now in this situation I would say someone was totally unprepared and should have been for such an event.  Absolutely poor planning. 


No riots broke out by fans while sitting in the dark. No murders, theft or rapes.   I'd say that is pretty damn impressive on the parts of Americans.  Take it in stride.  It's only the fukin superbowl. 

While it does reflect poorly on that particular venue, I don't see the connnection of the rest.

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Good point Suzanne.

Oh, I think the unemployment rate in the 20% range, the absolute corruption of government from the top down that is THE CAUSE  a $17 TRILLION FED DEBT, a crippling  regulated economy, the fake dollar that is nothing more than a coupon  that vendors can start to refuse at any moment, our current OFFENSIVE military accupations in the M.E,  a population that largely supports the corrupt government and all of the above due to generations of citizens reprogrammed by a state run school system born in racism (explains the support of all of the above), symbolizes America today.  

Thanks Katii

speaking of the unofficial unemployment rate in the USSA Katii.

It is currently ~ 25%

Agree wholeheartedly with your other findings.

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