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4 years ago

For some of you wondering,Christian was '86ed from this group by me a few days ago. This blocking did NOT occur because I disagree with him or because of any type of censorship. If that were the case,he would have been blocked long long ago. This happened because I was tired of saying no name calling or insults are allowed in this group. When a patron is disruptive at a Cafe,Restaurant,or any gathering spot,that person is usually shown the door.

There are folks in this group with whom I disagree with politically,yet I have tremendous respect for them. It should be noted that when I started the Cafe,I pointed out that this group is Libertarian friendly. This group welcomes people of all persuasions,but discussions and debates are to be held in the spirit of respect.

86'ing someone is not something I like to do,and I hope I never have to do it again..Just keep our discussions civil and respectful,and it will never have to be done again

4 years ago

Good to know David.  I've been a bit over aggressive myself at times. Sometimes it is difficult not to respond in kind when a individual continues aiming insults your way.  I agree that it is best to tone down such.  It does not accomplish anything positive. 

4 years ago

David, I am sure you came to your decision based on reason and with great hesitation.  I know you would be the last to banish anyone without good cause.

While I hate to silence anyone's view, even if just a purely argumentative view.  I trust you gave it much consideration before doing so.

Thanks for posting the above explanation.

4 years ago

Thank You David for this thread.
I like the way you explained your hospitality to the cafe.

4 years ago

Hate to say this but I predict this cafe loses customers.
I drop in because of the diversity and I don't go to groups where it is all the same mantra.
I am sick of it and if Care2 gets too much all agreement and no diversity, I am not spending much time here.
I tried venturing out on the net to GretaWire, the same stale bull shyte there all the time, I don't need it, I don't waste time as life is too short.
I cannot stand the trite nonsense from the tea party right wingers constantly, it is annoying.
I see no one from the left at all on these groups.
I refuse to allow my mind to get into the right wing extremists who project nonsense from the worst sites on the internet and they pretend to be debating.
Waste of time!

4 years ago

I'd rather have a smaller Cafe where folks of varying viewpoints can dialogue as opposed to a larger group where name calling and insults are allowed.

Sheila,I personally oppose almost as many things you've posted as Christian..but as long as there is no insults and name calling,you're welcomed to continue to post!

4 years ago

Sometimes it is difficult not to respond in kind when a individual continues aiming insults your way.- JIM

Oh horsehyte - You and Katii are just as aggressive and name calling as anyone else. Comparing me to supporintg genocide and Nazi's. Get over yourself. And yes, you instigate it, not just react to it.

Your group, David. I disagree with this action. Further, you allow Parsifal Rain to post its Bullshyte 3 times a day. Like that is good for your group.

OH well. I can barely get on Care2 anymore as it is.

4 years ago

Chile- I do see a big difference between Christian versus Jim and Katii.  Christian really doesn't contribute much of anything except to call everyone that T word.  That isn't much and if anything is worse than nothing at all.


Note that I don't see you that way.  Nor do I see Jim and Katti that way either.


I do hear what you are saying about Parsifal but nobody makes you read them. 


I do agree with David's most recent comment from several days ago.  Thanks David. 

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4 years ago

Chile, as I said, I have responded in kind after numerous  provocations. The key word is "responded". I did not initiate it and mosty I didn't even do that..Most  discussions I was involved with I ended without any name calling on my part.   If you were to go back, I think it is pretty obvious where the problems originated. 

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4 years ago

Where is Katii?
Do you want some of us to resign from here?
There are many people who have been very snarkey on this site. Also, the negativisim comes in because people don't read the responses as they are posted. That would help.

3 years ago

Katii is having difficulties with Care2 at present..Seems like everyone has problems with this site at one time or another

3 years ago

David, I can try to help her out.  Do you know what her specific problem is?  Many people have been having trouble logging on and password issues.  If you know what it is.  I can see if I can get her some help at F&S.

Let me know.

3 years ago

I have more posts dissapear from here....

Jim, you are completely deluded. You call names and attempt to demean people more than just anyone around here. And its bullshyte that you think its responding only after being provoked. Katii is the same.

Nancy, I completely disagree. style maybe differ, but its the same shyte.

3 years ago

I would say christian is worse than most. But I have never kicked him out of any groups I had control of. I just let him continue to make a fool of himself. It is more entertaining that way...

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3 years ago

OK Chile.  Pick a thread and show us.  Outside of the single  "three stooges" post, (which came after a long run of name calling, I didn't claim you were "angry Chile", or an "idiot" or :"stupid" or such, did I?  I didn't claim you were a racist, or a bigot either. ...... Heck.  Christian claimed that all libertarians were racists.  Including David. 


3 years ago

Chile, I am just curious did Care2 help you out?  Are you still having issues or are your running smoothly?

I never liked the 3 stooges, they creeped me out

This post was modified from its original form on 22 Feb, 15:22
3 years ago

Nope, didn't like them much either.

I did love Abbot and Costello...

3 years ago

That's a good line.  I am sure there are many more.   I could handle Groucho in small doses.

Truly, something about the 3 Stooges just really didn't sit right with me.  I don't know why.

They were all reruns and I watched them as a kid, maybe it had something to do with that.  It stuck with me though.  Really gave me that yuch factor

3 years ago

Rhonda, oddly enough while going through news this morning I saw this.  Thought it might interest you.

3 years ago

Thanks, David, for posting for me.

Suzanne, C2, for the past few weeks has not been letting me login, and I would get a "join group" button at the bottom of threads (click that and I get taken back to a login page).  I am using either my iphone with safari or a kindle fire with its Silk browser, or Dolphin.  c2 suddenly started hating all of them when  they worked  before.  Previously, though, there were lots of times my posts didnt stick, or showed up the next day, or not at all.  I was surprised this morning to find a reply window instead of the "join group" thing.

3 years ago

Aloha Katii !

It's so nice seing you again.

Without you David's Cafe is not complete.

You have been missed for too long.

Since a while we have a few more trackers here - it is and and must be enabled to post in groups, the kill2NN and for login.

With disabling them, I can not even see the 'post reply' button below the comment box.

As to Chile, it is always funny to meet you because with your most groomed phraseology one can really learn a few new swear words, specially if one's language is not native badmouthing.

It must take one long to gain such a stock of expressions, which actually are indifferent and dispensable, therefore my deepest condolences.

Long time ago I sent you a friend request but it would appear you blocked me, however I do not mind seing you so seldom in kill2, except in David's Underground Cafe.

Let's repeat todays new vocabulary, I learned by Chile's comments above:



horsehyte and


That's just sufficient for learning on one day and I will try to assemble these words to my vocabulary.

The other thing is, if you are not satisfied with  'three' (you said three, yes ?) posts of mine 'a day', nobody can FORCE you to read all 'three'

On the contrary, why do you not make something here, except



horsehyte and

Bullshyte ?

3 years ago

Hello.I just joined the group,sounded interesting.

3 years ago

Hi Parsifal, good to see you too

Welcome to David's Cafe,  Justice M

3 years ago

"Nancy, I completely disagree. style maybe differ, but its the same shyte."

So nice to respectfully disagree with each other.  (Or did you mean that you ARE just like Christian?)

"I never liked the 3 stooges, they creeped me out "

I never liked them either.  Except mayeb for the Dewey, Cheathem, and Howe episodes.

And Apparently I missed that thread.  Sometiemes I just read.


Let's repeat todays new vocabulary, I learned by Chile's comments above:



horsehyte and


That's really funny.  I read those words and think of Katii.  I learned them of her and am applauding her for that.

Nice to see you Katii- it has been some time.

HI everyone.  Welcome to the group Justice.  Nice to meet you. 

3 years ago

Hi.Thank you for the welcome,everyone.

3 years ago

Na, I don't usually a y in sh*t, I don't think Im in the habit of using the word horseshit. Most commonly I use "BS" and "crap" :p

3 years ago
This is "IVORY TOWERS" from Yami Bolo.I think that the song,and the way that the video is put together,speaks volumes.I hope that you like it.
I like music to communicate important things sometimes,I hope that you don't mind.

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