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U.S. And North Korea Soon At War ?
3 years ago
| Government & Politics

The Western media have presented the Communist Democratic People's Republic of Korea messages in the last few days with sensation as a major threat to its neighbors and even the United States.

The martial words Kim Jong-un allegedly gave have contributed their part to build up a war atmosphere.

The reaction in the Western public runs either on a total unconcern and ignoring, or total excitement and concern.

Either dismissed a war as laughable, what North Korean leaders in the past have already fluffed, or accepted as a very serious option, because this time a crash is imminent.

What's wrong now ?


read here

3 years ago

Do you think that maybe this govt has its own agenda,and when thay carry it out they want to blame N. Korea?Just asking.

war is money
3 years ago

and the gop are hawks.....

they don't need much reason these days to keep the miitary spending up,so it doesn't get cut..

I watched something from the 90's the other day,when the military was unnecessary mostly

after Iran/contra,grenada,and Bosnia even...the thouight of a real war wasn't considered.

Until The Bushes took over the propaganda machine, now we just finished decimating Iraq

more cancer and disease than before we came.because of all the destruction.

Still in Afghanistan even though we made fun of Russia in the 80"s calling it their Vietnam..

But the miitary is jonesing for battle,hence N.Korea and who knows where else...(iran,lol)

I think Stevie Wonder predicted this is Boogie on reggae woman.

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3 years ago

Aloha Justice.

I have added a few new insights at the source of my article.

First, it is all about geo strategical issues, maily to encircle China and complete the same with Russia. This doctrine by Zbig Breszinski is called Full Spectrum Dominance. google it.

Secondly it's about huge natural resources.

China is doing the same as the USSA but without war and backing the individual country and paying with (real) money, so to say.

Aloha Tasunka think you are right however it is really unclear which side China is on.

There goes a saying about China:
Nippon (Japan) has its cherryblossoms.

China the dragon.

Thanks for your input.

- Parsifal

3 years ago

Both political party's are war party's.  They just use different rationals to "justify" the interventions. 

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