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Woody Harrelson's Thoughts from Within
3 years ago

3 years ago

Wow....some one does under stand......

3 years ago


3 years ago

Interesting to watch but I think I've been lucky in life where all of it was difficult enough to where I reached a point that there's nothing life can throw at me anymore that I know I now know I can handle in a reasonable manner. I like the fact that I can choose what I want to do with my own mind in a way that enjoying life is a major part of how I use my own mind.

3 years ago


I hadn't seen this before, and it appears to be at least 4 years old!

Thanks, David!

3 years ago

It reminds me of that movie, "Koyaanisqatsi- Life Out of Balance."


Here's part of it:

3 years ago

I wish more people would find their voices.  I've studied ants before ... that second vid reminded me of a bunch of ants. I'm pretty sure humans aren't supposed to live like that. Both good vids ... thanks

3 years ago

ken ,I wouldn't get complacent

you have no idea the variety of life lessons

we can learn in a lifetime,and not always by choice

3 years ago

In some of the crazy thoughts that run through my mind one was about killing a bunch of bugs and then I died and came back as a bug in the family of bugs I had been killing. Your post kind of reminded me of that Deb.

Tasunka, you do know I had a birthday Monday and turned 75 years old. Something aging has done for me is that I finally appreciate whatever life I have left to live and now have a repect  for my life that I would've been better off having my whole life. I've been through just about every experience imaginable but some I relate to something like participating in sports which I was terrible at. I could either put the effort into becoming better at sports or quit sports. The choice is totally up to me and I carry that same type of thinking over into all of my life choices now.

Also my dog died a couple of years ago. I loved the dog and he definitely was my best friend but there was a responsibility that went along with that which I believe goes along with every choice I make in life, especially those dealing with other human beings. I now make asking myself if I want the responsibility that goes along with who and what I get involved with. Some responsibilities are unavoidable but many I've accepted in the past were avoidable I do like the fact that I am now aware of it all boils down to my own choice making that is the most important part of my life now. 

I'm not sure if it's complacent but I know in my mind the goal is to live whatever life I have left my way enjoying it the best I can before it's over. I have never had a stronger commitment then this that I can honestly remember.

3 years ago

I am right there with you, Ken. I know we can keep on learning right up until the day we die, but I also know that after a cetain age, you start getting tired of responsibility for other people and things, even our animals come with great responsibility which, most of us gladly take on because of the great love they give back in return. But I am, at this point in my life, trying to figure out what it is that I want to do that will truly allow for me to wind down and just do what I enjoy. I didn't do that in the first part of my life. I think it would be good for me to try it out.

3 years ago

   In my marriage my wife once said to me that I loved cars more then I did her. I didn't actually answer her but that was the God's honest truth that I did love cars more then her. That love started out when I was in grade school already and I could have gotten over a drug or alcohol addiction easier then the car addiction. I guess I've been lucky with that being part of my life although I received a lot of recognition for that love which not many could understand was something I didn't like. Most in my life are dead with having one daughter left and for sure I'm tired and I never would've have written the script for my life the way it unfolded yet if it hadn't had been the way it has I wouldn't appreciate my life the way I do now. So it was probably suppose to be the way it was anyways.

   I don't know if you are open some suggestions but for me it's a matter of knowing myself and realizing my life was given to me to live and the best I can do is share my life with others. Yet I believe that I can't put anything in a closed fist which would make it impossible to share with the person having that closed fist. Also communication is sharing and if I have to defend and protect myself sharing my thoughts with another I go to writing them down as a piece of paper just allows me to share without controlling or manipulating me.

   The bottom line is my life is a gift given to me that I can either appreciate or depreciate so the choice is my responsibility to make. 

   The funny part about my wife making an issue about my loving cars more then her was she told her father about this. He got on her case telling her about so many males he worked with were cheating on their wives and here she always knew where I was at all the time. She ended up helping on the cars which actually ended up having the media doing a full page article about that. From that article I found out our daughters asked how come we couldn't have normal cars like everybody else but then when they found out boys liked cars they wanted to borrow those modified cars. Humor always has a way of lightening the load somehow!

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