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New Law Allows 1st Graders to Take NRA Sponsored Gun Class
2 years ago


New Law Would Allow First Graders To Take NRA-Sponsored Gun Class
The NRA claims that the course, which features colorful cartoon character named Eddie Eagle, teaches children about gun safety.

First-graders may soon be able to enroll in a NRA sponsored gun class as a result of a public safety bill signed into law by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D) on Friday.


The measure requires school personnel to participate in at least eight hours of an “Active Shooter and Intruder Response Training” program conducted by law enforcement officials and allows schools to apply for financial grants for the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program.


The NRA claims that the course, which features colorful cartoon character named Eddie Eagle, teaches children about gun safety. But research has failed to link the program to a reduction in children’s deaths from guns, with some studies showing that while “children could memorize Eddie’s simple advice about avoiding guns,” the instruction “went unheeded when children were put in real-life scenarios and asked to role-play a response.” Another report labeled Eddie Eagle “Joe Camel with feathers” and argued that the goal of the program was to recruit new NRA members.


The gun lobby itself has a long record of marketing guns to children and actively works to discredit groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that want to stop children from encountering guns in the first place. Missouri now joins North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia in providing an endorsement of the NRA program through state laws. Ohio was the first state to fund the Eddie Eagle program.

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2 years ago

I don't mind kids learning appropriate gun safety but 1st graders?   I don't know, it seems very young here!

2 years ago

It wouln't seem young in the south!

I feel that the less mystery involved, and the more knowledge involved, the more they'll learn respect and safety for firearms. I think it would prevent a lot of accidental shootings.

2 years ago


2 years ago

Can we retrict the use of all CAPS?


Keep your guns the hell away from my kids. You freaking whackos.

2 years ago

wow,arent we easily irritated......

....sounds like there is one wacko here....

2 years ago

I think the first grade is way too young.

My uncle who was 11 y.o. died playing with guns with his best friend.



2 years ago

It's funny how we supposedly need laws to 'allow' us to do certain things.


Shelah, that's because kids are drawn to that secret box of mystery of guns because they haven't been educated. Educated kids learn respect for firearms and would never treat them like a toy. Plus, they would have no need to be curious and find where you hid them.


Anyhow, if you don't keep your guns locked up then that is a different story of irresponsibility.

2 years ago

No one is stopping anyone from educating kids about guns on their own time or at their own expense.


Get the NRA out of schools. What the hell are they doing in there anyway?

2 years ago

I was shooting guns by the first grade.


2 years ago

The NRA does NOT belong in the school!!!  I am really tired of parents not having to be held repsonsible for what their children do anymore and for what their children are taught. You do NOT need to show 6 year old kids guns and have them hold guns in order to teach them about gun safety, and it should NOT be the responsibility of the NRA. If they want to bring the police in there to teach it, much like some schools bring in the fire department to teach kids about fire safety, fine, but otherwise, I say keep the guns out of the schools. And the NRA absolutely does not belong in schools at all. The NRA is only trying to peak the interest of children so that they will want guns at earlier ages. It is how they make money. Who would put something that is 100% made to kill in the hands of a child? I just don't understand. Does anyone want to teach children compassion??? Maybe that would be a good thing to teach. Sorry .. I get really riled up about children and guns. They just don't mix.

2 years ago

Actually, if you open the link to the program, they don't use actual guns. It only teaches gun safety.

NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program.


2 years ago

I suppose I should read whatever links are posted before making a comment    But when I see 1ST GRADERS next to NRA and GUNs ... I go whacko. Sorry, Rebecca, for jumping the gun (no pun intended ... okay ... yeah ... pun intended )

However ... I still say that the NRA needs to get their nose out of the business of teaching children anything and let the parents take the responsibility for that, which is what part of the job of being a parent is ... teaching good from bad, right from wrong, safe from not safe. Parents. Not NRA. Eddie Eagle ...

2 years ago

No apologies needed, Deb. I understand people have strong emotions/opinions concerning guns.

I am unsure how their program works completey, but perhaps they might require parental permission slips?

My son just finished first grade, just turned 8, and he is at Cub Scouts day camp all this week where he and a bunch of other kids, younger too like 7, are shooting at a bb gun range with a certified instructor. I have no problem with this. They will be teaching him all about safety to him and the other 30 kids in his group.

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2 years ago

I think education is a good thing on most topics, including guns.  We educate our children on smoking, drinking, sex.  Does teaching them about these things make them want to do it less or more? 

I don't think that educating about gun safety is a bad thing at all.

I agree parents should teach their children.  I believe responsibility for that lies with them first, but how many times do they fail in that responsibility.

2 years ago

The NRA does not belong in our schools and first graders should not be taught guns in school under NRA programs.


2 years ago

We have a lot of children drowning here so they teach pool safety all over which nobody has any problem with. So we just had a trial where a gun was used by another to protect himself and look at the outcry about that. I mean I can understand that people want guns to protect themselves and when they do they get in trouble for that so it's like a contradiction that drives people crazy looking for answers. Yes we do teach about smoking, drinking and sex but about all the good that does us is distracting from the basics such as self-esteem, self-love and self-confidence. I kind of see education in our country looking like human beings are suppose to be robots whose minds we're trying to program instead of helping them be human being on this earth with others to share their lives with by teaching them how to use their minds. 

Sometimes I think our generation failed and the only hope our country has would be to take children and teach them things like how to relate and make decisions that we never did know how to make in our relating to one another. People elect leaders here that actually give guns to others in countries to help them overthrow their governments which sets an example about guns to children too and doesn't care about what age a child's mind gets programed observing stuff like that so if we're not concerned about stuff like that what is taught in schools shouldn't be a problem the way I see it.

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