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What's Fair or Unfair?
3 years ago

   Shelah introduced me to a site which is presented by somebody with the media and they asked this question which I felt was about reproting news. If this might not seem to be an appropiate subject here please feel free to delete it. This is my reply to this subject.

   "What is unfair to me is the way the media totally neglects thinking about what the consequences will be with the way they report the news. An example of this is at the first of the year North Korea wanted to make peace with South Korea but the elected by the people US government doesn't want peace because there's no profit in it so they sell the media on trumped up charges about North Korea and the lame brained media sells it to the public. I mean the media makes a big deal out of the Trayvon Martin killing as if justice is being served by doing that and at best stir up dividing people into protesting. Doesn't anyone in the media actually do some research on subjects so they could be honestly presented to the public in possibly a subjective versus objective manner?

   I know from the problems I encounter in my neighborhood one look at the hooded sweat shirt didn't leave me second guessing about how I felt about the case. But there's no way I ever seen the media be fair about injecting things like that in their reporting. People might want to see justice for Zimmerman killing of the young man but I'd like to see justice for the media's killing of our minds from decent reasoning!"

3 years ago

I agree, Ken. The media is nothing more than a side show anymore. It is here for one reason ... to spread propaganda that controls the masses.

3 years ago

The taxpayers actually go deeper in debt in the US for private propaganda contractors. My main reason for interest in a subject like this is that I can't figure out if the media is sometimes in on what they promote to the public's minds. An example of this is Bill Moyer on PBS once brought up that the threat selling invading Iraq was front page news 322 time while the late senator Ted Kennedy spoke against it only got two lines where it wasn't seen. 

Also in the Egyptian military ousting their elected leader was a US funded military and the elected president was getting friendly with Iran and cutting a deal for wheat with Russia. That overthrow killed those things from happening so it's a corrupt act on the part of those we elect to represent us. 

There's so much deceit and deception fed to us through the media that I wonder if they are in on this or not.

3 years ago

It's all propaganda! What was that reporter's name again that got fired/and or quit because she knew she was reporting lies?

Some say that only NPR is unbiased. I say they still are due to what they choose not to report on.

3 years ago

What I struggle with understanding is the point about the media's role in stuff like this. Is it ignorance on the media's part that they buy into the propaganda fed to them by our government or could they be part of the grand scheme of the deceit and deception program we're subjected to?

3 years ago

They have a job and no conscience. Many of them are total nut jobs themselves, whose only desire is to be able to spew their own opinions on TV. So they either join up with liberal media or non liberal media and then they are given what they are to talk about in the way that they do it best. They don't go out and get their stories. None of them do. They are not reporters. There are no reporters left. They only spew out their own zealot like opinions because they feel a certain power in knowing that the way they say it could sway the opinions of others. And I do thik they many of them actually have swallowed the propaganda pill and DO believe what their bosses are telling them. Instead of common sense reporting, we have drama for the nightly news. And I am not speaking about only the left or only the right. They are all guilty of putting out what they are told to put out by their bosses. And you better believe that their bosses have an agenda. And maybe some of them are in on the agenda ... but I think most are truly just too stupid and wrapped up in themselves to see what they are truly doing to this country.

3 years ago

I was watching Jay Leno who had a female guest who I think was involved with the media plus she had some law experience. They were talking about Zimmerman being found not guilty. Jay brought up about the police told Zimmerman not to follow Trayvon as if that was an important point. That's what is made important to the public who will form opinions from listening to it. I have called the police for help here where I live and most of the time I get asked what they want them to do? I mean I call them for help and then to be asked what they want them to do isn't considered with making a point about what the police tell somebody what to do elsewhere.

   Even locally I see this. There are large apartment complexes around here that have a lot of problems. Once a guy took his son's badge and gun and went after a neighbor who caused him a lot of trouble. His son was an air marshal and the media made this guy look like he was on America's most wanted list. I was taking a walk when I came by a news van. The side door was open so I took the opportunity to ask how come they don't cover the full story with all sides of it? The female reporter was working on her make up and got argumentative making a point about the apartment has security. Gees, that security is usually drunks or drug addicts that couldn't get a job any place else. The problems are usually so big that they are out of hand till some body takes a gun and acts up. I watched their coverage later and found it just centered on how wrong this guy was trying to do something about the troubles his neighbors caused him. It just seems like the media behaves this way on every level and I think it's hurting the people in reasoning in making their decisions about important matters.

3 years ago

Many people really like to jump on "bandwagons" ... so the media creates them with senstionalism. They really do want people to become upset ... scared ... angry ... whatever, because then the people will be sure to "tune in" the next night for more information. The problem is that the news never gives out the entire story ... and that is because they never get the entire story. So what they tell people is totally taken out of context. They show "snippets" ... they put out "headlines" that grab attention. They are in the entertainment business. They are not "news". It is really really bad that we cannot find out what is going on in this country anymore without having the stories being "fed" to us with bias. I would like for them to just once be made aware of how much of an affect their irresponsible reporting has on the general public.

3 years ago

I think the media is manipulative and you have to reverify lots of information because the pundints are biased in their shows.  Even sites with specific writers are extremely biased.


People need to read, research everything for truths and best way to short-cut shyte is to express it here as people will come up with facts fast!

3 years ago

Yep ... news isn't factual info anymore, anymore, that's for sure.

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