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3 years ago

The global terror threat seems to have focused on Yemen, where both the United States and Britain are evacuating their embassies. There are fears of retaliation after U.S. drone strikes killed some al-Qaeda members over the past few weeks. The spectacle of American personnel fleeing the country should put the final nail in the coffin of Barack Obama's rhetoric about a decimated global terror organization on the run. The situation looks worse the longer you examine it; the policies pursued by Obama and Hillary Clinton in Egypt and Libya are disasters of historic proportions.

The world of journalism has been rocked by a series of high-profile, low-price acquisitions over the past few days. First, the New York Times sold the Boston Globe to Red Sox owner John Henry for $70 million... a tiny fraction of the $1.4 billion they paid for the Globe and related properties just ten years ago. And the Times is still stuck with paying off $100 million in pension commitments! Then CEO Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post for a mere $250 million. That's a bargain price, but at least it's higher than the simple real-estate value of the Post offices, unlike the Boston Globe sale.

President Obama once again broke the law to modify ObamaCare, granting a priceless waiver to Congress, which claims it cannot operate under the law it imposed on the American private sector. The willingness of the American people, and our elected representatives, to tolerate such flagrant defiance of the Constitution is almost as depressing as the public's apparent acceptance of special privileges for the ruling class. If the Republicans can't successfully run against the ongoing ObamaCare disaster in 2014 and 2016, then either the GOP, or the American electorate, has passed its expiration date.

John Hayward
Senior Writer

3 years ago

Is it apathy of the American people, are we allowing Congress to be the ruling class and giving them special privaledges, exempting them from Obamacare, they are over paid as it goes for people who do nothing but blow hot air daily!

Wow, what has America coming to now. Where is our spirit of equitable fairness, what is right, the U.S. Constitution or does that only apply to a select few?

I am truly disgusted and I find Congress to be nauseating and a bunch of wimps who do nothing but act like cry babies. They do not give a hoot about the American people, actions speak louder than words!

3 years ago

This is from Dick Morris who is also very upset with this congress exempting themselves from Obamacare and screwing the rest of us!

he also has a petiton which is worth signing. The video is very interesting.


I signed petition and my letters got forwarded to all my congress and senators. 

3 years ago

I found the article interesting but I am not suere what the second paragraph has to do with anything. 

I think we have created a bubble ready to pop out of just about everything.  And who profits?  The rich who can walk away to those Cayman Island accounts. 

It has been a long time coming Shelah and I do not blame ONLY Obama.  It is just that he was the one in charge when we all woke up.

3 years ago

   Get a brian! This crap was started long before Obama was even old enough to vote let alone get into politics. The terrorism BS started when Carter dumped a lot of CIA personal and Bush's father created a terrorism task force with those dumped. All this took place around the time the Iran-Contra gig was going on. That's when our government got caught playing both sides in the Iraq-Iran war while claiming to be neutral. Bush's father was implicated in this and even figures like John Kerry chaired the meetings which brought on that implication.

   These terror threats are from acts of provocation as at best when drones and others ways kill those in other countries it's usually worded suspected terrorists while at the same time a lot of those killed are in no way connected to terrorist. After we kill innocent people they join the terrorists. And we also kill a lot of women and children too which is usually denied or reported by our government is looking into it until enough time passes when there's usually some excuse denying any wrong doing on our part. 

   There's nothing anybody can do as this corruption has gotten to far out of hand and to me hope will have to come from other countries stepping in to stop the deceit and deception our society bought into or enabled for to long. I seriously doubt anybody could muster up enough people that show solid characters that could break through the behaviors our our citizens that divide us all the time. When I see all this stuff belittling Obama all the time I know for sure that kills us and whether it's Obama or who ever follows the same thing will just keep happening over and over again and again so that where I draw my thoughts from about this stuff. We're a wasted generation that didn't want the responsibilities and accountable part for our own individual roles in our country so this is what we get.

3 years ago

I suggest you read my new article on the Hypocrisy of Obama over NSA, what happened to him, is he that easily manipulated and a puppet?   I don't think this country is right under his leadership right now. 


The people are uneasy, his transformation is not going down well.

So start reading more Ken about the hypocrisy of the guy you think is so great.


Forget the predecessors, we already know their faillings and shortcomings; what happened to Hope and Change?

3 years ago

I suggest you go to Walmarts and see if they've got a brain made in China on sale before making anymore ignorant posts like this! Obama is only a puppet and your brainless behavior places the focus on the puppet instead of the ones pulling the puppet's strings!

3 years ago

"Forget the predecessors, we already know their faillings and shortcomings; what happened to Hope and Change?"

Hard to deconstruct something so horrendous when you have every republican in congress voting against you with the goal of seeing you fail.  And it is bringing down the country.

3 years ago

   But there is no party divide when it comes to increasing defense spending and all kinds of aid to other countries especially funding those involved with overthrowing their existing governments. Show me where they argue and bad mouth one another with their corruption!

    The thing about the predecessors was they have been part of the corruption our country is subjected to from the beginning of our present trouble hitting us right in the face right now. Iran-Contra took place in Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor and Hillary worked in a law firm that was part of the scheme orchestrated by Bush senior. Every administration has had figures who have been previously involved in corruption placed in them to pull the puppet's strings and our present one is no different!

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3 years ago

Ken;  most women on Care2 do not like your MISOGYNIST behavior.


You are rude and very demeaning.  You have no place in a conversational debate with continuous insult.  I will ignore you from now on, this is a warning.


Obama is certainly extremely hypocritical but this is not uncommon with politicians.

This particular man promised the most transparent administration ever and he now goes after whistleblowers more than all presidents combined.


This alone is serious! 

3 years ago

I personally take that first line as a compliment. I did one time challenge you in a group you co-host to show me one woman who could actually discuss any subject without a personal attack on me distracting from the subject. This was in regard to Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook killings. I do have trouble seeing where the female behavior can be communicated with in a manner that could solve problems or search for answers in any way to leading in making things right for everybody. That to me is serious and totally damaging as it distracts and discourages decent human reasoning. A very good example of this is your constant non-stop belittling Obama and Liberals. How can any one share anything when that's done all the time in these discussions. All that does is produces arguing and bickering and hopefully you'll keep your promise about ignoring me from now on. Make note that warning crap is sick. Just do it!

3 years ago


3 years ago

If you hate women so much,why aren't you gay?You may be happier if we are manipulating and argumentative.

I am sorry for whateve women have done to hurt you,but there is good and bad in all sexes,races,ect.It is better to take it on an individual basis.

You make many valid points,ken,but you are so angry.

I hope that you find healing for that pain that causes you so much anger,

and no,I do not say this in a belittleing or manipulative way.Unlike some women you have encountered,I am very blunt and direct.

3 years ago

...................take it as it is,ok.I said what I meant.No hidden agendas or manipulating.

3 years ago

Ken, eventually you find a way to make every woman who comments become some evil, manipulative creature.   Then you insult them by insulting their intelligence or making some nasty comment.  You do this often to people who have caused you no harm at all.  I suppose that is because you are so superior in thought and speech.  Um...

I have seen you do this for some time now.  There is a bitterness in you, and also a feeling of superiority when it comes to lives experiences and knowledge gained from same.  No one else has their own information from their own experience.  Only you know the true way.  It's pompous.

You blame it all on the women in your life that have wronged you in one way or another.  Claiming knowledge gained from the experience.  I think you get what you give and learn nothing at all.  You just don't see it, being all perfect like you are.

You appear to have an issue with women.  Strong women with ideas and minds of their own.  I guess women should not speak what they feel or know if it is not in line with your decent human reasoning.

Quite pathetic.

That's my blunt and direct talk.

The shame of it is, is that you might have something to say and I don't even care to read it any more.

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This post was modified from its original form on 09 Aug, 13:18
3 years ago

Nancy, I am with you WOW...

3 years ago

So nice to see you Suzanne.  I have been missing you.

3 years ago

Nancy, nice to see you and I also miss discussing things with you.  I have been busy doing summer things with family and friends.  Working.   Town Meetings (some have been quite revealing and also entertaining at the same time) 

Ya know ... (same old stuff)

Also, I am giving myself a bit of a break from the hositility and silliness of this place.  I don't come in as often right now.  I still come though ...

3 years ago

Okay prove you have the ability to discuss a subject. That's all I'm asking. For instance I brought up about how in Yemen we kill what the news reports as suspected terrorists and most of the time they aren't terrorist at all. We kill women and children under this disguise and actually drive more people into joining with the terrorists because our country has usually funded people to overthrow their own governments. I didn't not see any discussion about something like that or even the possibilty of a discussion! 

That's just one example of things that are important to me yet what do you brilliant people write. Yes I'm angry because there's not even a hint of a sign that I could discuss stuff that I believe is important to me. As I challenged before show me one female who can honestly discuss a subject without a personal attack on me such as my anger. I mean I have posted subjects but they get drowned out by what Obama has done wrong or what's wrong about Obama and Liberals. 

Thank you for making perfect examples of what I writing about. I couldn't have asked for anything better then that.

3 years ago

Okay prove you have the ability to discuss a subject.

The ability, huh.     Ken, With an opening line like that, I do not feel I need to prove a damn thing to you.   Pompous...

3 years ago

   "Character always shows. If you do something that shows and if you don't do something that also shows!"

   I could not have asked for better examples then what were posted here in this thread and I thank you for them. Originally I attempted to bring clarity about not being able to discuss anything with females when the Sandy Hook killings happened. Adam Lanza killed his mother first and then killed the children. As you pointed out about my anger maybe your mind could some way understand the anger that happens to anybody when they attempt to share or communicate and can't find any way to get through to those they try to communicate with. There reaches a point where there is nowhere or nobody to turn to and the anger builds. This sort of thing goes on in our society all the way to the top and that's fine that you don't need to prove anything to me but it might be fine that others might understand how destructive your behavior is and how that behavior has snuck into our society's minds and overtaken us.

   As the title of this thread is "WAKE UP AMERICANS" to me this is another thing that Americans need a Wake Up call about!

3 years ago

"Originally I attempted to bring clarity about not being able to discuss anything with females when the Sandy Hook killings happened."

Hmmmmm,  I do not know you but have seen you recently.  1.  Attack Suzanne for not understanding you or reading your posts when in fact, that is exactly what she was trying to do.  Suzanne is just about the fairest person I have seen here.

2.  In this thread,  started by Shelah with an article she posted, link to the article, and some comments.  Then a post by me with a reasonable opninion.

YOu first sentence here in this thread is:  "Get a brian!"

Hmmm, who is it that can't have a discussion?

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