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It's Time to Get MAD DOG MEAN
3 years ago


It’s Time to Get Mad-Dog Mean!
Crime-scene-jpg Just when you think things are really bad – They get worse

“Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.” ~ Josey Wales

…by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

When I ran across this shocking new crime I knew instantly that it would be a weekend feature. And as the good lord works through me, he passed this Josey Wales quote onto me just recently…which I took as a sign and kept my nose to the ground and my eyes open. I knew something would be coming, and it came today.

I personally am offering a reward of equal amount to what was stolen for tips leading to the apprehension of this…well…I just have to say…fiend!!! See below for details.

YouTube - Veterans Today -– Crime video

If anyone has seen this woman please contact us at VT. I am offering dinner for two at Pizza Hut buffet of your choice as a show of appreciation. Let’s take America back. Let’s make an example of this woman for all the other one out there to strike fear in their hearts.

And we give a big salute to Tim Lake, for making the best of a bad situation, having some fun with a big dose of creativity…kind of like we try to do here as we are dealing with petty thieves along with the big ones all the time.

Hope you enjoyed our weekend treat. You deserved a break today.


When one man was robbed of his Amazon delivery he was lucky enough to catch the thief on tape. Now he’s going about finding justice with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek.

Phoenix, AZ resident Tim Lake had ordered K-cups and an ice cube tray from Amazon. When Lake wasn’t around to pick-up his order, the not-so-stealthy blonde robber struck, swiping his package from right off his doorstep.

Since it was all caught on camera, Lake made up a sarcastic Wanted-style poster and started canvasing his Arcadia neighborhood for the perpetrator.

Laughing at this low-level crook hasn’t turned up any leads yet, but the more attention he gets for his hilarious way of dealing with this situation, the more exposure he is getting for this ridiculously petty 22 dollar crime.Here’s hoping he eventually tracks her down.

Here’s the full poster for your amusement:



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3 years ago

Sick and tired of these arseholes that do steal your packages right out from your own property.

Now, I have to go and sign for all packages because of the growing number of package theft; it appears to be everywhere! 

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