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Navy Seal Team 6 Dead, Who is Behind It?
3 years ago

Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Articles by Jeffrey T. Kuhner
  • KUHNER: Who betrayed Navy SEAL Team 6?

    What really happened to Navy SEAL Team 6? In August 2011, the elite special forces unit suffered the worst battlefield calamity in its history. A Taliban fighter shot down a Chinook helicopter carrying 22 Navy SEAL Team 6 members in Afghanistan. Published August 9, 2013

3 years ago

Navy Seal Team 6 were the real heroes who took down Osama bin Laden.

But, Obama et al had to go out front and take all the credit and put a huge bullseye on their back.

Their families are currently seeking an investigation into the careless, wreckless behavior of this WH and why Navy Seal Team 6 were murdered.



3 years ago

duh!who do you think is behind it.i am sure it is no coincidence.

3 years ago

I am starting to become a conspiracy believer

was watching a movie from the late 80's early 90's

an american government agaency was planning a bombing to get more funding

and they were going to frame an arab for trying to blow up the towers, wayyyyyy

before 911,remember there were other failed attempts,those were probably the terrorists

the blast came from the bottom many people say,those planes were just a distraction.

anyway,now whenever I see stories like this including the boston bombing,I think twice.

so,my question terrorism or conspiracy???

which will push the american dialogue,,,, they are controlling the masses with fear,just like other dictators, works quite well.

If they can get seal team six, who is NOT vulnerable....they must have clearance levels and government affiliations to get that close

now that I've actually read the story, I think a lucky shot got them.but the queston remains

because guess who gave them all their high tech weapons while they were successfully fighting the Russians??we had the nerve to call it their vietnam,and then made the same stupid mistake.

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