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Truthful Journalism is Terrorism
3 years ago

'The best way to uncover a dictatorship is to force it to behave like one, so that everyone sees it' I've already written several times.

What in London happened because the NSA spy scandal in recent days shows now for everyone, the British and Americans have lost every measure in the 'war on terror' and show overtly what they are brutal dictatorships that suppress the freedom of the press.

Parsifal, August 21, 2013
image top: Statement at the press conference in the White House

WikiLeaks founder Assange, at the beginning of his persecution has predicted to British and American authorities 'next turn will be you journalists,' and so it has happened now.

With nine hours of continuous interrogation, Greenwalds partner Miranda at Heathrow and the hard drive destruction action in the basement of the Guardian the British government and its security apparatus has shown it will not tolerate exposure of their criminal acts on the part of the media.

It's about deterrence and intimidation and Obama and Cameron expect the total subservience and reticence of the press.

Yes, the 'embedded journalists' of the mainstream are too long in bed with the Anglo-American power structure and have completely prostituted themselves.

Therefore, there is no real investigative journalism, no more correct reporting of the war crimes that always performs Zionist NATO war on our behalf in Afghanistan, Iraq or wherever, or that the intelligence consider all of us as enemies and spy on us.

Only if the whistleblower like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden feed the media with secret information about the criminal acts, something is reported.

But this hole is also stuffed.

By means of exemplary sentencing Mr. Manning to life imprisonment and hunts Snowden like an animal, forcing into exile in Russia.

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3 years ago

The USA has the best mass media that money can buy.  

3 years ago

lol Jim.

I have noticed your quote

Thanks for that

3 years ago

NBC, MSNBC is the first network directly under the influence of the White House.

The others ABC, CBS, CNN are following suit.

CNN attempting a break away with new management, but time will tell.


The obvious direction of any news entity with a party and president is disgusting; it has become nothing more than a propoganda outlet. 

3 years ago

Even back in the seventies,under Carter, abc, where I was interning at the time

was practicing "creative journalism"...basically, they were making stuff up.

I don't know what becoming part of the government really means?

I think that if that is true,we are no better than a country like China or Russia,where everything has to be created ,or approved by the govt.

I don't see how journalism could get any worse than fox news already is..

btw,did you know that our idiot Alaskan beauty queen (s,Palin ) is attempting a senate run?

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