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Another Poison Gas False Flag
3 years ago

Actually, I'm tired to check what the media present to us as sensational messages, if it is true, or is it again a deception and falsehood.

In the past 12 months, the assertion has often been formulated, the Syrian Army has used poison gas and every time it has proven to be a hoax.

As well as the latest horror story.

It is so very easy to see it is again a staging and False Flag Operation of the terrorists in Syria to finally achieve a Western military intervention against the country.

This brings us to the question of who benefits from a poison gas application ?

Only, the answer who is behind it, namely, those which have made the claim, the so-called Syrian opposition.

But, let's look at the facts.

Parsifal, August 22, 2013

read more here


How is that possible ?

How to upload videos of victims a day earlier on Youtube when the attack happened a day later ?

3 years ago

I have read too many stories on False Flags and Veterans Today is putting one out there which correlates to this story above.


However, the UK Guardian is being more moderate and I think the UN Council particularly countries like Russia and China need to be monitoring and sending in inspectors from reps. including USA, Europe, etc.





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3 years ago

Well Shelah, the Assad regime already agreed to UN inspectors.  The three previous CW incidents also have been linked to elements of the opposition FSA which has the Nusra front as it's major military force.  The Nusra front is al Queda linked and has a video on gassing rabbits with a nerve agent and says they intend to exterminate Aliwites like this.


Given Assad's admission of the UN inspectors, does it really seem that he would order an attack when he is winning?  Especially at this time?  It defies logic.


The opposition to the Assad regime is losing badly.  Obama then comes out as states that the US will intervene if chemical weapons are used.  The only way the opposition can win is if. the US intervenes.  They know that.  Essentially Obama invited this attack by the Nusra front to happen.  And Obama fully knows this too.  People should understand this.  

3 years ago

there IS no Assad regime Dr. Jim.

There are rogue states as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, Jordan, France, UK, the USSA and Germany (possibly others supplying the war machine by camouflaged means and channels), namely the empire of arrogance or the sound rogue states in control of the media.

my newest essay, I just posted as an attack on Syria seems inevitable and imminent

The propaganda selling us the next war

I request all readers to contact the media and politicians and to speak out and to resist in the strongest terms against the propaganda and warmongering - Parsifal

3 years ago

Parsifal......"In politics, a regime is the form of government: the set of rules, cultural or social norms, etc. that regulate the operation of government and its interactions with society." 


Any government is run by a "regime".  Even if it is a puppet of another country.  

3 years ago

this description applies to ENGLISH language Jim.

A regime in GERMAN language equals a dictatorship as i.e. the USSA

Syria has a form of democracy.

BTW, Dr. Jim, when was it the last time you could vote on the constitution ?

Or does your (caugh caugh) government protect you ppl against GMO dirt ?

3 years ago

"this description applies to ENGLISH language Jim."............of course Parsifal.  I did write the term in English, no?  


In theory, the USA was set up as a Republic.  Democracy is too easy to manipulate and human rights should not be subject to being overridden by a majority.  The idea that our rights can be subject to a majority will is a concept that began in the later half of 1800's.  A further extension of the power of the State was later advanced by the progressive movement under the guise of "government as a force for good" because "democracy" somehow  gives the justification for all sorts of intrusions on personal liberty and suppression of natural rights.  Many were seduced by this.  They meant well, but the results are plain to see. 


Governments mostly do not "protect" the people from things like GMO's.  They enable the powerful and protect them, not us.  That is the nature of the State and that is where all States seem to end up.  Limits on the power of the State and those that control it do not seem to last.  Again we see it this happening with the impending attack of Syria. The powerful want war.  The people do not.  We are likely to see war.  This exposes the fraud of "democracy" once again.




3 years ago

Ron Paul: Syria Chemical Attack a False Flag

3 years ago

no, I was asking WHEN it was the last time you could vote on the U.S. Constitution Dr. Jim

Here are the reforms Assad has made so far:

* Kurds regain citizenship (07 Apr 2011)
* Emergency Decree lifted (21 Apr 2011)
* General amnesty, includes political prisoners (21 Jun 2011)
* National dialogue begins (10 Jul 2011)
* Multi-party elections allowed (04 Aug 2011)
* Parliamentary elections to be held in Feb 2012 (06 Aug 2011)
* Decree supporting media freedom (28 Aug 2011)
* Drafting of new constitution begins (15 Oct 2011)
* Constitutional referendum held, term limits approved (26 Feb 2012)

Assad is showing flexibility and progress is being made. Existing reforms can become more substantive over time.

And about GMO's in your country, 'your' government forbade for good

Assad approved law against GMOs in food ‘to preserve the health of human beings’

Sana Oct 18, 2012

'President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, where more than 33,000 people have been killed in 19 months of conflict, issued a law on GM food Thursday to preserve human life...

just saying what a democracy should look like

(the article is of Oct 2012, where the bodycount was about 33.000)

3 years ago

We are not getting the truth about Syria and chemicals generated upon their people.

Many journalists who were over there say it is the Muslim Brotherhood doing the chemicals to get the West into a major conflict.

These articles are in Veterans Today which is a free online magazine for anyone who wants to subscribe. 


The MSM is not going to give you the truth.  Most of the television esp. MSM news stations are not giving reliable information at all.  The print media is more honest.


Obama and Kerry are not giving us the entire, total picture and I mistrust their information.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Quaeda has grown significantly in power over the past two years in Syria; where was Obama then?

Assad's Interview Censored by the MSM
3 years ago


I suggest everyone read the words direct from Assad himself.


Not that I believe everything he says; but the MSM will never report this interivew.

Instead, it is all propoganda purported from Obama's WH.

I do NOT trust anything from this president.

Everything needs to be researched thoroughly and we have to ask WHY?


Taking out Assad, is letting the Muslim Brotherhood into power in Syria.

Another replay of Egypt.

Read the interview and make up your own minds. 

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Col. Wilkerson asserts This is a False Flag Terrorism
3 years ago


Col. Wilkerson Raises the Possibility that Israel committed false flag terrorism in Syria

Since Israel and its neocon agents attacked the US on 9/11 many dissident intellectuals have referred to the apparent prevalence of such Israeli false-flag terrorist attacks around the world. Such alleged Israeli false-flags range from the London attacks of 2005 to the Bulgaria attacks in 2012. But rarely have such high up members of the establishment come off the fence and acknowledged the existence of this phenomenon.


 Col. Wilkerson’s words are perhaps indicative of the increasingly pronounced schism that has emerged within the Zionist-American empire between Realists, who promote stability in the Middle East and US commercial interests, and Neoconservatives (alongside Liberal Interventionists), who emphasize the primacy of Israeli regional hegemony. The Israeli-backed destabilization of Syria has illuminated this schism for the world.


President Assad, an intelligent Arab strongman, would be an obvious ally for the US if the US controlled its own foreign policy. President Assad speaks English, he is secular, his wife is British, he was even willing to make neoliberal reforms and do away with many of the protectionist economic policies of his father thus making Syria hospitable for Western corporations.


 However for Israel, President Assad is an obvious enemy because he refuses to sell out the Palestinians and the broader pan-Arabist cause. He refuses to sever ties with Iran and Hezbollah. He rejects Israel’s claim to the Golan Heights. He wants a prosperous and sovereign Syria rather than a sectarian, balkanized failed state. All these factors have led Zionists to promote Syria’s destruction à la the Oded Yinon Plan. The US gains nothing from implementing Israel’s foreign policy for them in the Middle East other than greater national debt and the loss of yet more American lives in war. Hence voices such as Col. Wilkerson’s offer a ray of hope that the patriotic non-Zionist faction of the US elite are beginning to realize the differences between US interests and Israeli interests. The thwarting of Israel’s Middle East agenda could save millions of people’s lives and so it is fortunate that more and more observers are waking up to Israel’s usage of false-flag terrorism.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

In this 2002 video father of the “war on terror” Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that Saddam Hussein was seeking WMDs


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3 years ago

The vacationer-in-chief teleprompter reading clone of a pharaoh s speech defined



Definition of a parasite:
1.  An organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense.

2.. A person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.


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