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patchwork narrative - Response
3 years ago
patchwork narrative - Response
AUG 25
Autumn awakes to alert consciousness not long before dusk.
Lowering Sun offers dimming of somnolent heat.
I tell her I can take her home or we can stay here to decide
what Kathy needs to know.  I tell her I am here for her.
Whatever she needs.  We can stay here, make this house
our home.  We can invite Kathy away from her demons.
We can be a family.  We can remake this place into our own.
She sees my excitement, my hopeful fantasy.  She is calm,
deliberate, solemn.  She moves slowly, cautious to speak.
I feel energy rising in me, response to falling night.
Autumn feels with me, sympathizes to charge of power.
She hugs me with sudden strength.  She takes my hands
in hers, my eyes in hers.  Watery blue absorb into deep,
fierce brown of earth.
“That Geoff, he told me you had a deal.  He said you had
promised to turn him undead when he was ready.  He
laughed that cold, deep knowing laugh and taunted that
he was your real partner for eternity, that I was only a
temporary playmate.  He bragged about how powerful he
was now, but that it was only a shadow of what he would
become as super powered immortal.”
“Yes, I made contract with him.  We were partners in crime
of mutual benefit.  I wanted to believe him my friend.
I let him convince me.  I let his plan take me in.  I understood
no reason to resist.  A good con takes advantage of
unspoken desire, pretends to answer as miraculous fit.
I desired an end to abandonment.  I desired to matter,
to be more than for myself.  I detested being me.  I
attracted a fitting savior.  Then he was gone.  The man who
returned broke my promise.  Betrayal is grounds for breaking
bonds of fealty.  My true bond is to my love for you.  I could
not let him hurt you further.  I removed his threat, for now
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