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Kerry Was WRONG
3 years ago



Kerry Was Wrong

Turkish police raids al-Nusra safe house in Adana.

Turkish prosecutor indicts six jihadists for alleged attempts to acquire chemicals with intent to produce sarin


The Turkish Republican Prosecutor in Adana has issued a 132-page indictment, alleging that six members of the al-Qaeda-aligned al-Nusra Front and Ahrar ash-Sham – one Syrian and five Turks – tried to acquire chemicals with the intent to produce the chemical weapon sarin.

The Turkish newspaper Radikal reports that the suspects were under surveillance by Turkish police after they received information that the al-Nusra members tried to acquire two government-regulated military-grade chemical substances.

11 people were arrested in their safe house in the city of Adana in southeastern Turkey on May 23, 2013, after they had acquired some of the chemicals.

Initial reports in the media said that the jihadists had been in possession of 2.2 kg Sarin gas when arrested. Five of the detained jihadists were released by Turkish police after interrogation and background checks. Media reports indicates that the five released were Turkish nationals who shortly after being released joined al-Nusra Front in Syria.

In the indictment, the prosecutor names the 35-year-old Syrian-national Hytham Qassap (codenamed “Abu Salah&rdquo as the buyer and leader of the group. The five Turkish-nationals: 52-year-old Halit Usta, 47-year-old Halit Ünalkaya, 50-year-old Ä°brahim Akça, 43-year-old Bekir KaraoÄŸlan, and 40-year-old Raif Ay, are named as Qassap’s logistics men.

The Turkish nationals were released on bail after laboratory results showed that the chemical substance in their possession during arrest had not been sarin. But the prosecutor kept Qassab in detention, since surveillance tapes indicated discussions regarding acquisition of large amounts of chemical substances with the intent to produce sarin. All six jihadists deny the accusations.

Qassab is being charged with “being a member of a terrorist organization” and “attempting to acquire weapons for a terrorist organization.” The other five members are being charged with “attempting to acquire weapons for a terrorist organization.” If guilty, Qassab could receive a 25 year prison sentence. His friends could receive 15 years each.

The prosecutor’s indictment lists the following items as attempted to be acquired by the jihadists:

  • Timed fuses
  • Chrome pipes
  • Thionyl Chloride (SOCl2)
  • Potassium Fluoride (KF)
  • Methanol (CH3OH)
  • Isopropanol (C3H8O)
  • Isopropanolamine (C3H9NO)
  • White Phosphorus (P4)
  • Medical Glucose
  • Bauxite

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3 years ago

Machine translation from Turkish news story:

Adana – Adana , Syria, depending on the Al- Qaeda organization in Damascus and al- Ahrar -i Nusra Front substances used in the production of chemical weapons from Syria purportedly trying to help him with the alleged 35 -year-old Turkish citizen Qassap Hytha five defendants prepared on in the indictment, was included in the terrorist organization sabıkasına chemical weapons . For use in Syria from Turkey sarin gas monitoring network, works to ensure the chemical substances used in the production of chemical weapons and the resulting 132 -page indictment connections clarification widely discussed , along with many of these issues were brought to light in the dark spot .

‘State terror USES ‘ Adana , the Anti-Terror Law (TMK ) is tasked with Article 10 of the indictment by the public prosecutor , first ‘terrorism’ focused on the concept . Changing the world , he said, with the concept of the balance of terror in the indictment, a political scientist who died in a bomb attack in the opinion of the aim of giving Ahmet Taner Kislali terrorism ” by the state of a large number of its policies have had a common area as a way to practice ” the statement said . Dread and fear of terrorist movements, as in recent years after a description of whether donor strategy focused on the establishment of the Al-Qaeda organization.

EXAMPLES attacks

Was created in the form of al-Qaeda cell in different countries , and are encouraged to make their own action highlighted in the indictment, 2003 – 2010 Al-Qaeda attacks in our country between the sequence and organization of Turkish foreign representatives and citizens , as well as in Turkey, the U.S. , Israel, and British diplomatic institutions and commercial facilities announced that the target is selected .

Line from the Salafi – Wahhabi groups in our country especially in reference to the indictment, the radical actions of the organization can be channeled , in Syria and Egypt were told to fight examples of calls made ​​.

Al-Qaeda tried to get TURKEY Syria is known as al-Qaeda is seeking Nusret Front sensational attention to the actions taken , then this organization in Turkey with large amounts of Ahrar -i- Sham organization ‘ disrupts the nervous system ‘ with sarin gas burner is working to ensure the chemicals used in the production of chemicals understood specified.

Widely studied chemicals in the nature of the provision described in the indictment, the case was in Syria, organizations, and leaders of al-Qaeda suspects focused on the connections . In this section, lived in Saudi Arabia , Syria, the passport holder, was a name , as well as the suspects forged passports were also recorded. There was a name for foreign parts procurement and development of chemical weapons and explosives operations taken care of.


With the Geneva Convention which prohibits the use of chemical weapons during the war in 1925 , sarin gas was discovered in 1938, described in the indictment , the U.S. adaptation of ammunition sari , designed and produced on a large scale , then the information given.

The use of gas and the development of the prosecution indictment , whether in the developments in the production of chemical weapons, and Al Qaeda connection was expressed as follows :

” Damascus and al- Ahrar -i Nusrah / Nusra Front used on the mensuplarca understood , with the terrorist organization al-Qaeda chemical weapons / is the connection between chemical substances . ”


In the indictment, some of the chemical plants in Syria has passed into the hands of Al Nusra Front was included in media reports in the west . Tapelerine phone call contained in the indictment , some chemical substances that 10 of them five thousand five hundred dollars , a thousand dollars to rise in the costs , delivery be made outside of Turkey , 250 meters from the roving quest continues, obtained from 200 -liter barrels of liquid per liter is $ 300 , phosphorus and bauxite substances can be provided on the quality of trust is reflected in the dialogues.


The suspects were presented in providing these gases, chemicals License Syria aircraft while bombing the cities that place again çıkaracağı not bomb airplanes with white smoke , chemicals, rockets and tankers polishing / polishing used on the armed activities of persons involved in the removal of smoke suggested that in order to avoid changing the snipers . In the indictment in this case , ” I did not know the suspects the right to ensure that the substances be formed sarin gas on this topic , we are constantly different , inconsistent, said things have been identified ,” he assessed.

Qassap Hytha telephone conversation between the defendant and sellers , the seller of chemicals , the desired 2 of the purchase and sales of eight chemical substances subject to the permission of the state said that the indictment took place.

‘ MY FATHER WAS sentenced to death ‘  click link for rest of article:

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3 years ago

Was Kerry wrong or is he a liar?   

3 years ago

Jim;   I think both, Kerry is known for his tall tales or fables even back during Vietnam war when he exaggerated the depth of corruption in Nam by servicemen, including far too many of murder, rape and mayhem when it was a few rouge sociopaths.


He has a tendency to recreate a story in his own fashion, if you want to call it a lie, it certainly can be under that category.

I also think he was misled by that faux 26 y.o. Elizabeth O'Bagy, who also exaggerated her credentials.  She was advising Kerry and McCain on the rebels in Syria, while she was a covert agent of Jihadists. 


Right now, Obama is shipping heavy US weaponry to the rebels, e.g. Al Queda, Muslim Brotherhood Jihadists to bring down the Assad regime.

All of these people are very bad.  If Syria falls into power of the MB Jihadist movement we are really in trouble.   It will be a replicate of Egypt as people fight Sharia Law and the Jihadist idealogy.


Obama is bad news, he has time and time again sided with the Muslim Brotherhood over any Christian league.  His plans of Obamacare are also bad for this country because IRS will be controlling heathcare.   Congress has exempted themselves from Obamacare but the people are suckered into taking it.   This whole administration is corrupt. 

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