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United States - USD 40 billion less for food stamps
3 years ago
| Government & Politics

Fed Chairman Bernanke said on Wednesday about his decision to print further USD 85 billion per month:

The U.S. economy is a disaster and we can not stop.

If it pumps only 10 or 15 billion less per month into the system, then it is disastrous for the economy.

It's been five years after the crash of 2008 and nothing works, there is no way out.

The private owned Fed must continue to print 'money' and buy government debt, so long until the financial system collapses.

Parsifal, September 20, 2013

image top: A plastic card with USD 165 credit has replaced the food stamps


Bernanke can think of nothing else and is powerless.

The national debt is as so often at almost USD 17 trillion of the increased limit.

From November 1, the state can not pay its bills, is insolvent.


What Congress has therefore decided on Thursday as a savings measure ?

There are USD 40 billion which can be saved from the social program for food stamps over the next 10 years, a measure which can only be described as harsh austerity.


There are currently almost 50 million Americans to participate on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is subsidized by the state, so they can get food on the table.

The law passed by Congress will take 3.8 million people out of the program.

This saving measure comes in addition to already approved reduction of about 10 percent and comes into force the first November.

In most affected by the new cuts are long-term unemployed without children.

These people are only entitled to receive food stamps for three months within three years.


According to the federal law to file a claim, income to have 130 percent or below the poverty level.

For example, for a family of three, the poverty line for the coming fiscal year is at 1.628 dollars per month.

130 percent would be 2.116 dollars per month, or about 25.400 dollars in annual income.

The poverty line is higher for larger families and correspondingly lower for smaller ones.


Per month gets 1 person USD 189, 2 persons 347 dollars, 497 dollars 3 people, etc.

It is however retained a deductible.

So a family of three persons to get USD 101 less and actually a grant then only of USD 396.

This amount is charged to a credit card of plastic, which is used to pay at the checkout when buying food.

But Americans can only buy certain foods and drinks.

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United States - USD 40 billion less for food stamps

3 years ago

You know what I find odd?When cuts need to be made,do you notice that they go after the programs for the poor,the elderly,and the disabled?They make cuts to the people that already have so little,and who are the most vulnerable.You do not see them proposing to make cuts from people who have more than enough.Ever hear of polititians taking a pay cut and living on a salary that normal people have to live on?For that matter,do they propose any cuts in their already over inflated pay checks?Of course not.Also,they have endless amounts of money to spend on these illegal wars we are in,and to give weapons to murderers.If they each take just a small cut in their salaries,and stop arming known terrorists,that would free up a bunch of money right there.I also do not hear them complain about bailing out big companies,either.When cuts must be made,they always go after the people who do not have enough to begin with.

3 years ago

What about all those corporate loopholes- why not cut them?

Americans Increasingly Dislike Obama's Core Policies
3 years ago


Polls: Democrats and Republicans Both Oppose Core Government Policies Which Help Fatcats While Hurting the Little Guy by Anthony Freda:

Americans Becoming Increasingly Resentful of Skewed Government Policies

Polls show that – despite President Obama’s rhetorical skills – Americans don’t like his core policies.

This is not a partisan statement … Americans have come to despise both mainstream Democratic and mainstream Republican party policies.

Specifically, Americans:

  • Believe by a 70 percent to 30 percent margin that big banks and corporations – rather than average Americans – have benefited most from Obama’s economic policies. 2 years ago, 74% thought that the bailouts helped Wall Street morethan the people
  • Overwhelmingly support label
3 years ago

Democrats are realizing that Obama is as bad as Bush. And Republicans are waking up to the fact that the GOP leadership lied to them.

Peoples’ hatred of Congress is so passionate that it’s comical. And Obama’s patina of wanting to help the American people has worn very thin for everyone other than his most diehard fans.

Indeed, poll after poll shows that both mainstream parties – Democrat and Republican – are deeply unpopular with the American people.

Both conservatives and liberals want to cut the corporate welfare queens off from the public dole.

Americans of all political stripes have awoken to the fact that most politicians are corrupt, and that big government and big business have become intertwined in a malignant relationship which hurts us little people.

3 years ago

I really believe this article hits home.

People are disgusted.

Long-term partisan voters have now gone Independent more and more.

Yes, there is always corruption in every program that is put out there.  Everyone is sick of "corporate welfare queens" as much as the people who scam medicaid and food stamps.


They are of the same mindset, ripping off the government and the people.  They are dishonest.

What have we come to is the real question.

There are no real jobs out there that pay well and offer a benefit package.

Most have been reduced to part-time blaming the onset of Obamacare.


Before, manufacturing was shipped overseas for cheaper labor and a way out to not deal with Unions.   In this whole process, the people who get hurt most are the working class who are moving into the poverty class now.


I don't think Obamacare will get defunded in Senate and Obama will never vote to defund his own bill.   Time will tell, wait and see.

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