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The most abominable False Flag in history
3 years ago
| Government & Politics

The attack with a chemical warfare agent in Al Ghouta August 21 might be the scariest false flag operation in history.

As it currently may appear, many children were first kidnapped by the terrorists, then killed, their bodies lined up, filmed and uploaded the recordings on Youtube in order to blame the attack to the Syrian government, so that the world opinion reacts totally outraged and agrees to an 'humanitarian' attack by the United States.

This emerges from a study of mother Agnes Mariam de la Croix and her team, as Global Research reported.

Parsifal, September 29, 2013
image top: Mother Agnes Mariam de la Croix, author of the ISTEAMS report

In addition to the arguments already put forward as to why the Syrian army has not used chemical weapons, under the noses of UN inspectors and otherwise completely illogical, a new fact has become known.

As the Washington Post reports, Russian and American officials have noted, the Syrian arsenal of chemical weapons is not weaponized and could therefore be dismantled much faster within 9 months.

Not weaponized military parlance means, the material is not usable as a weapon.

The chemical warfare agents are located in a central location in storage tanks and not bottled in grenades, so that can not be shot.

If there is no ammunition, it can not have been used in Ghouta by the Syrian army.

If you analyze the videos exactly which were used by the U.S. and its allies as proof to attach to attack the Syrian government, then you can see they are staged.

Parents of abducted children namely report, they have recognized their children in the videos that are issued as victims of chemical attack of Ghouta.

How is that possible ?

If the scenes in the recordings are manipulated, then the makers of the videos are the real perpetrators of this monstrous crime and not the Syrian army, but which is accused of having committed the war crime.

One sees no parents or family members in the midst of the children's bodies, but only the adults standing around look like 'rebels'.
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3 years ago

'The statesman next, invent cheap lies, blame the attacked nation, and every man will be happy with this deception, which soothe the conscience.
He will study in detail and refuse to consider arguments of the other side.
So he will convince himself step by step that the war is just and thank God that he can sleep better after this process of grotesque self-deception.'
- Mark Twain - 'The Mysterious Stranger'

UN - No sarin found in Ghouta
3 years ago

Angela Kane, the High Representative of the UN Secretary General for Disarmament, has said in an interview with Russia Today (RT), there was no sarin found in the soil samples that the UN inspectors have taken in Ghouta.
As a reminder, on August 21 is supposed to have taken place a poison gas attack with sarin in the outskirts of Damascus, which, according the Western governments and media the Syrian army has carried out.

Parsifal, October 3, 2013
Why then the UN inspectors could discover no sarin in the environment a few days after the attack, although the alleged impact points of the shells were shown by the 'rebels' ?

Kane said it was detected only in the living alleged sarin victims of the attack in the blood, urine and hair samples.
Very strange.
No sarin found in the alleged impact area of the grenades but by the victims ?
It would logically but both be available, because Kane stressed as the sarin not quickly evaporates.
This raises the question, were the people that the UN inspectors were presented by the 'rebels' as the victim not from Ghouta ?
Were brought from somewhere else ?

What is also very suspect, to the question of RT journalist Oksana Boyko if autopsies were made to the dead victims or tissue samples taken from the bodies, Kane said, No, that would not make the UN inspectors.
She said it was not necessary, because the surviving victims were better 'witnesses' for whether sarin was used because (the inspectors) could consult them and evaluate their description of the incident.

A very unprofessional statement of Kane, for in every suspicious death an autopsy, the analysis of tissue samples and accurate investigation of the cause of death for poisons is the standard procedure by criminologists.
We see it in every CSI episode.
Kane said about this objection, the bodies had been buried immediately because it is so common to Muslim custom.

So what ?

It is also customary to exhume corpses and then to make an autopsy.
This can happen at any time after the funeral.
This approach looks to me more like a deliberate cover-up and concealment of evidence.

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