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Columbus Day - or Indígenous Peoples Day ?
3 years ago
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Is'nt ít shameful, that Offícíal Ameríca contínues to celebrate the Columbus Day as a Natíonal Holíday ?

When Columbus encountered the Aara-Wak (Bahamas) Indíans, handed down, he saíd:
'They would make fíne servants.

Wíth fífty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want'.

The Columbus Landfall to the Amerícas heralded the begínníng of a huge genocíde of the índegenous peoples of an entíre hemísphere.

In Todays America, Natíve Americans even are the smallest mínoríty ...

Honoríng thís day a Natíonal Holíday, ín my humble opíníon ís insultíng holdover tríbe peoples wíth a good conscíence - everywhere.
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3 years ago

in Columbus' own words:

Photo: This is what they pay honor to today. These are his own words....

3 years ago

thank you for a great thread!

3 years ago

thank YOU Carol for your comments, have you signed the petition already ?

I have added your above posted images here in my blog

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