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It Depends on Which President Amnestied
3 years ago
| Government & Politics

On Thursday, two presidents have announced that they will pardon prisoners.

The one is polemically insults and the other praised.

President Putin has announced plans under the new amnesty law to lay off thousands of detainees by pardon, among others, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the 'Greenpeace' Arctic 30 (Soros) and Pussy Riot

President Obama announced today that he will pardon eight drug dealers, even one who was sentenced to three times life imprisonment.

It always depends on who pardoned as the Western press reacts to it.

Parsifal, Thursday December 19, 2013

'Why is Putin suddenly so gracious' ? Asks the German newspaper of stupidity (Bild) who vegetates their poor minded readers with just an other deceptive headline.

As always answered this filth paper not their own question correctly, but brings only the false claim: 'The answer is Sochi where there start the Winter Olympics on February 7 and was Putin's baby from the beginning'.

The correct answer but would be the Duma, the Russian parliament, adopted an amnesty law on Wednesday.


Putin, in the eyes of the lying Western media and politicians of course may NEVER do what is right, even if he puts the amnesty law of the Russian parliament in practice and pardoned thousands of convicted criminals.

Not even if it is his 'archenemy' Khodorkovsky, like the stupidity newspaper calls him.

'He had President Putin defied and denounced the increasing corruption'.

This claim is completely a lie, for it is exactly the opposite.


In fact, Khodorkovsky is the corrupt, unscrupulous and greedy scumbag, though he was convicted of tax evasion, money laundering and embezzlement of 200 million tons of oil.

At the current price of 811 dollars per ton Khodorkovsky stole from the Russian state 162 billion dollars.

Because of this gigantic theft, he was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Far too little, because I think he deserves at least twice.

I also would not pardon him now.


But the Western media has completely distorted the facts and Khodorkovsky portrayed as a poor victim of Putin.

This shows how one-sided and wrong people to be informed and their deceptive statements profoundly infused into the minds of the broad mass.

Paid writers portray him as a political prisoner, but he is a thief and a robber who stole the Russian national wealth in gigantic magnitude ... on behalf of the Western oil corporations and banksters whose agent Khodorkovsky was / is.


After all, where did he ever have the money to buy state-owned enterprises after the collapse of the Soviet Union and thus was a billionaire oligarch ?

Yes by whom ?


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.It Depends on Which President Amnestied

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