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In France, Freedom Of Expression is Banned - Quenelle II.
3 years ago
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How goes the proverb ?

'The way to identify a dictatorship, it is to force it to behave like a dictatorship, so that everyone sees it'.

That is what happened in France and now everyone can see it.

The highest administrative court in France has confirmed a statute enacted against the comedian Mr. Dieudonné banned from performing.

His performance in Nantes has been banned in the last minute before a full theater.

Thus, the French Interior Minister Valls has shown what he is, the representative of a dictatorial and intolerant regime that restricts freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. The socialist government of France has fallen to fascism, but justified their censorship by anti-fascism…

Parsifal, January 10, 2014


We see this every day in this perverted system.

It is enforced tolerance and even goes so far that it leads to intolerance.

You can not even criticize the system and its protagonists by way of satire and comedy.

So it has become intolerant.

Therefore, freedom of speech only applies as long as you say what the government finds properly.

And therefore politically correct - bonjour George Orwell.

Who deviates gets put-on a muzzle, as happened with Dieudonné.

In this case, on Thursday the competent administrative court in Nantes has declared the prohibition of the government in Paris as unlawful.

The court namely found that the censorship by the prefect of the department of Loire-Atlantique is unlawful.

But this judgment held just six hours in the evening, just before the show started, the Conseil d'Etat, the supreme judicial body ruled in such matters, that the ban was lawful.


The French Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls, who has imposed the stage ban, is not even a real Frenchman, but born in Spain and naturalized with 20 years.

He took part in 2008 at the Bilderberg meeting, is a great supporter of the European super-state at the expense of national sovereignty, and he is a Freemason of the Grand Orient de France Lodge.

He was a Zionist and vocal opponent of Palestine, was against the admission of Palestine to the UN on the grounds that 'it could annoy Israel'.

He is the greatest enemy of Dieudonné.

Dictator President Hollande by the way, is also a Freemason and a member of the Grant Orient.


What has Dieudonné been charged that a performance ban had to be imposes ?

He criticized the policy of the French government and generally the establishment in France with jokes.

It is alleged that his sayings would be anti-Semitic.

Why ?

Does the government and the establishment consist of Jews ?

The arm-signal that he has invented the so-called Quenelle, which is to express to the representatives of the system, &lsquout this in your butt’, is interpreted as a hidden Nazi salute, which is completely wrong.


Dieudonné in an interview in Paris with Jewish Orthodox Rabbis in April 2012


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In France, Freedom Of Expression is Banned (Quenelle II)

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