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On the Radio!
2 years ago

Yes,I will admit to this being a bit of shameless self promotion! ...

However Friday,January 24th at 9 am Central Time,I will be a guest on the KFAI Radio program Catalyst. The subject? Medical Marijuana.

I will be appearing with a member of Minnesota NORML as well as a representative of the Marijuana Policy Project.

While I'm sure much time will be devoted to local Minnesota issues, (There will be a medical marijuana bill before the Minnesota legislature this year) I can't help but to think some things of national interest will be brought up.

Just thought I'd share that..

2 years ago

....I wonder if any radio stations in NY have it?????

2 years ago

David,how can we find out what local stations may have the program?

2 years ago

The show can be accessed on the radio station..It is archived and can be listened to for the next two weeks! Check out the link

2 years ago

Nice David.  I watched that nasty woman you mentioned (reefer madness) on opposing marijuana when she claimed how many families  had been "ruined"  by pot.  How about the millions of families that were wrecked because of the war on drugs and the prison "justice" system?  

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2 years ago

will do!!!!

2 years ago

good point,jim....I know first hand families that were benefactors of ganja,as it helps to control many sickness,and mental health disorders too.

2 years ago

Thanks David, know people who have self-medicated with pot, and it had a lot less problems and side effects than prescription drugs

2 years ago

Here is another link to the program

2 years ago

Yoy talk about how you used the herb to help your cancer....I have a friend with a tumor,she is trying to use hemp oil not sure how she is doing that.Interesting.I use it a lot lately,have some unknown medical problems.It calms my nerves,I was snapping at people.even on here.Not like me at all.If it can help people,it must be malvolent people who do not care about others,only about making money,who would want to ban it.

juicing the leaf
2 years ago

I read how using the non High parts of the plant raw,in juices

helps with pain

also they have carboxylated ,or cannibinoid help for tumors and pain

while I prefer the cheeba labs produced chew edibles,decadose for both pain and pleasure.

JJ,the smart money is in legalization
the stores in colorado are running dry,they've made a billion or more dollars in the first month!!!

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