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Take Action - Appeal Against war-propaganda and war-preparation

Past the video, your contribution is appreciated - Parsifal, June 01, 2014


(Image: The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are the actual drivers of the exclusive (inner) circle of the Bilderbergs, who meet since May 1954 annually, shielded from the public to discuss and literally implement the fate of the world.

So do they in 2014, in Copenhagen, where we meet investigative journalist Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change NY) who would like to share some words of concern with you.

video: Bilderberg Member Talks to Protesters about War with Russia?

In this video Luke Rudkowski documents Diederik Samsom a member of the Bilderberg group and Dutch politician who came out of the meeting to talk to protesters.


'We were only able to get a little bit of the conversation but according to video that will soon come out Diederik openly talked about

how Bilderberg was discussing Putin's behavior,

what should be done in Ukraine and

if they should raise defense budgets.

If you put the 3 topics together you understand that U.S and EU private and public powerhouses are deciding on war with Russia.

This important decision being done in a private meeting with bankers, oil oligarchs, and private bushiness is very troubling.

We stayed at the Bilderberg hotel the entire day because he said he would come out again, but sadly he did not.



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Take Action - Appeal Against war-propaganda and war-preparation

Bilderberg 2014 - Rendevouz of World-Criminals

Usually when only one of the more well-known participants in the Bilderberg conference would show up somewhere else, such as the WEF in Davos, then there would be everywhere photographers, TV cameramen and reporters.

When Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands or the Queen of Spain had a gig somewhere else, then it would be sheer a teeming of paparazzi for the tabloids.

In Copenhagen, but meet both crowned heads, plus 140 of the top shots from the political, military, corporations and the media, but no members of the press can be seen.

A total absence, as if it were ordered from above.

This 'blackout' of the media is justified because it is a ' private event '.

Oh as if the freaks of the media otherwise ever mind the privacy of celebrities and take pictures above every fence.

Parsifal, May 31, 2014

Image top: The mass murderer Henry Kissinger, below: Beatrix' charme-offensive


Moreover, if this event is private, why the big shots are then protected at the expense of the taxpayers by the police ?

Why is a huge security contingent organized ?

Why we as an alternative media are threatened with arrest ?

If we organized a private meeting, then the police, we can not get for free as a Security guard and keeps away the rubberneck.

In Watford at the Bilderberg meeting in 2013, the security costs amounted to over 1 Million euro and the city had to pay a large part of it, so all citizens.

That alone would have been a scandal story and the media would report on it.

But even more scandalous that meet the top criminals at Bilderberg and nothing happened to them.



In every war, in every political assassination and overthrow of democratically elected governments by the United States, this man has had his finger in the pie, from the 60's up to 9/11.

He effectively bathes in blood and the bodies pile...


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Bilderberg 2014 - Rendevouz of World-Criminals

signed.interesying stuff.

All I can currently do is share some of the graphics. I am unable to access any article or sign any petition. I have applied to join this group as that's the only reason I can figure for not being able to access anything.

'THE GREAT GATSBY" is a great movie to watch to see just how much opulance and abundance can jade your life.

when I watched it ,gatsby appeared to be like Rockefeller probably was when he was young,and the Rothschilds,among the Nazi's were all good friends...

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