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The Change In Our Solar System
2 years ago
| Surprise Me

Is it the sun - or are humans responsible for climate change on the solar system's offshoot ?


WARNING: This Essay Does Not Regard The Enormous Impact To The Entire Biosphere By Geo-Engineering


What if - for a moment - we look at the climate change 'debate' from a very different perspective ?

Let us make a wider view, move away from earth bound computer models to what is happening in 'our' solar system.

What if there is evidence to support that climate change is happening to planets that are far afield from us, and still believe we are the problem ?

Is this just another money making venture for the power elite which imposed a draconian new tax on us all ?

What if our tax money can not 'save the planet' and not even (Heaven forbid !) the banks, dealing with Carbon Certificates ?

Are the climate change data we are being force-fed by governments accurate or to serve an agenda ?

- Parsifal, May 26, 2011, updated June 06, 2014


In 2006, Kofi Annan slammed global warming 'skeptics' as being 'out of step' and 'out of time', but how will altering human activity halt climate change when evidence indicates, sun herself and not SUV's is heating up the whole solar system ?

'The U.N. chief lamented a frightening lack of leadership' in providing next steps to reduce global emissions.

Let us start being more politically courageous, he urged hundreds of delegates from some 180 member nations of the Stockholm Earth Summit -1992 U.N. climate treaty...

He described the build-up of so called heat-trapping greenhouse gases, raising the planet's temperature as an 'all-encompassing threat' to the world.


Please Climate Specialost Al Gore, help me with that:

How are we supposed to bring into line the fact that almost every planet in our solar system is simultaneously undergoing temperature change and volatile weather patterns.

Does this not suggest global warming to be a natural cycle as a result of the evolving nature of the sun ?


Al Gore fill me in on this one please:

- Global Warming on Pluto Puzzles Scientists

In what is largely a reversal of an August announcement, astronomers today said Pluto is undergoing global warming in its thin atmosphere even as it moves farther from the Sun on its long, odd-shaped orbit.

(Pluto lies 7.5 billion kilometers from Earth. At the closest, the two are 4.28 billion km apart). 



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The Change In Our Solar System

Greenpeace co founder says NO Anthropogenic Climate Change
2 years ago

A co-founder of Greenpeace told lawmakers there is no evidence man is contributing to climate change, and said he left the group when it became more interested in politics than the environment.

Patrick Moore, a Canadian ecologist and business consultant who was a member of Greenpeace from 1971-86, told members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee environmental groups like the one he helped establish use faulty computer models and scare tactics in promoting claims man-made gases are heating up the planet.

“There is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years,” he said.

Even if the planet is warming up, Moore claimed it would not be calamitous for men, which he described as a “subtropical species.”

Skeptics of manmade climate change say there is no evidence the Earth is warming. A UN report on the scientific data behind global warming released in September indicated that global surface temperatures have not increased for the past 15 years, but scientists who believe climate change due to man is occurring say it has merely paused because of several factors and will soon resume.
read more @ the corporate media (Fox News)

2 years ago

Interesting. The part on how difficult it is to get a University grant unless one uses "global warming" as a theme is very troubling.

2 years ago

Aloha Dr. Jim

(me thinks political correctness is prerequisite for a grant);

an other thing to mention if you scroll down the page, to the right, check out Nonprofit Partners of c2 and find out for what some stand (in matters of Global Warming and the goal behind - Agenda 21).


There goes an old saying:


'He who pays the piper, calls the tune'

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