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2 years ago

OBEY: Meet Your “Progressive” Overlords, Clerics of an Educated Ignorance

By Nick Sorrentino

Attached is a startlingly good assessment of the power the statist establishment wields in this country. In government, academia, and the media the “ progressives” – and the word “ progressive” should always be in quotes with these folks – now form an insulated and self reinforcing ideological block in American society. This block values collectivism over liberty, conformity over questioning, the state over the individual, and, I think it’s fair to say, expediency over the rule of law and the Constitution in particular.

It’s not new. There has long been a left of center political core to government, academia, and the media in this country. But in recent years the cultural lock-step has become remarkably more like goose stepping. Speech codes permeate universities. Those who stray from orthodoxy on all manner of things are excluded from the debate in the staitist media. Those who question the power of the federal government on anything are met with an “Are you serious?” look, ala Nancy Pelosi when discussing Obamacare. When pointing out president Obama’s “lackluster” performance – and we are being kind with that word – this group responds with a bristle if not immediate outright hostility.

It is an educated ignorance. This group has convinced themselves that the echo chamber they have erected around themselves is reality. That speech codes will protect them from things which make them uncomfortable” and God forbid make them think. That the world will end if we don’t immediately convert to renewable sources of energy but that massive deficits on the other hand are nothing to worry about. That, to paraphrase PJ O’Rourke, the world would work if only a bunch of smart kids from Yale were to run everything.

It is delusion which would be comical if it were not for the fact that many of the people who wander around in this collective delusion also wield considerable power.

(From The Daily Beast)

The modern Clerisy’s homogeneity springs from their social conditioning. Educated along similar ideological lines at major universities, they tend to be geographically concentrated in wealthy, “ progressive” places, where few dissent from the prevailing worldview. As such they breathe, as analyst Walter Russell Mead suggests, “within a cocoon.” Inside their urban cocoons they operate from a thoroughly internalized set of progressive tropes on such issues as the environment, urbanism, gender and race. In practical terms, such as in their support of President Obama and the Democratic Party, they are both broadly allied with centers of power and influence, much as the clergy was in Medieval and early modern times.

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2 years ago

"..the world would work if only a bunch of smart kids from Yale were to run everything."

     Funny, but it also rings true.  Several Universities generate a  hugely disproportionate number of those that run the government.  They are grooming those that intend on ruling the rest of us.  Not govern either....rule.  


Economic, social and political power are becoming more and more concentrated.  The Republic has ended.  "Democracy" is leading to collectivism.  Voices of warning are ignored or ridiculed.  


Excellent article.

Actual copy of a Common Core test paper
2 years ago

2 years ago

Note that this is for the 9- 10 year olds. A child's brain at this point is undeveloped. To repeat such ingrains the words into the child's brain. Later in life these words have meaning. At that point, the meaning takes on the elements of "truth". This is a form of cognitive convergence.  Or a form of brain washing.  


In the next section, the child is reinforced in the "truth" by using the love of a parent.  Very sophisticated. techniques.   

2 years ago

"Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life."

-bob marley-

2 years ago

The idea of the assignment is fine but I understand the content is not so much.

2 years ago

Can we have a link for that Jim? It seems a bit suspect. But it is disturbing if true.

2 years ago

(referring copyright: image found via google)

There are only four government ministries.


As described by Orwell, the Ministry of Truth is responsible for education, entertainment, fine arts and the news. 

In other words, it is the government department most responsible for the dissemination of propaganda and for the indoctrination of the populace. 

In short, it is responsible mind-control.

In Orwellian Newspeak: 'ministry political correct'

Limited Newspeak (reduced to the core): 'double[plus]good'

2 years ago

This originated from Pearson’s Reading Street (


Interestingly, although it morphed into a Common Core educational aid, it originated in 2007. That means that is began under the Bush regime. That doesn't surprise me. It's basically the same bunch who go from one administration to another continuing the same agenda's.


It's a real laugh that this has been picked up by Fox and such. I guess this stuff is OK as long as one faction is in power. But when the other "side" is at the helm of the state, the other "side" pretends to care. This is how the game is played and the people are deceived and divided against one and another their own interests.


BTW, Pearson's claims it all innocent and they will make some changes. 

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