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Disinformation Tactics
2 years ago
| Government & Politics

Especially in the light of current theatres of war such as Gaza or east - Ukraine repeatedly appear voices in favour of the retention and expansion of military actions against minorities in order to achieve certain benefits for the aggressor.


To establish desired consensus, it is tried to reach accordance for the warmongers on the widest possible basis.

In order to attain this approval, the facts must be hidden, bent or turned upside down, scattered rumors and always presented the masses new lies as the truth, the only, the ultimate truth.

This happens especially on the Internet, in social networks and discussion forums.

Remember always: War is always based on lies (Sun Tsu), and is profitable only to those who are in power.

So-called trolls, shills (paid disinformation - agents) are to maintain these power structures (and especially) opinion manipulators (spin doctors) employed.


The statements made above are true not only for the military-industrial complex (NATO and other militarily - conquest machines) but for all kinds of warfare and deception against the people and the biosphere, such as geo-engineering, (including 'manmade climate change !'), GMO, fracking, health (care) issues and of course the bank-bailout-agenda (find more).

Here is explained by means of examples, how this targeted manipulation is carried out.

I recommend to bookmark this article to have the appropriate arguments at hand, when required.

Enjoy reading (perhaps you recognize again one or the other situation in which you were already involved ? - Parsifal, July 01, 2009, update July 25, 2014


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Disinformation Tactics

2 years ago

Parcifal,I never trust the mainstream media.There are many sources for information,and even to combine them all,you do not even get half the picture.As far as the coflict currently,I pray for the perpetrators and victims for both sides.I have no alliance for either religion or country,only for the innocent children on both sides who had no thing to do with this,and do not deserve this either.Hi,every one.I do not know about you,but I anticipation for this week end is reaching an epitomy of intensity!I love my work,but the resting day is so needed!Shabbat Shalom to-morrow,if I am not on.Justice has blessed my  family beyond belief since she has been here,despte being so sick.Some people bring peace just by entering the room,I swear it.Sending love,irie vibes,positivity to every one,and the highest of praises to ALMIGHTY.HE is worthy,and HE is the ONE  WHO is our focus.

2 years ago

Father: Bring me a Soda
Son: Coke or Pepsi?
Father: Coke
Son: Big or Small?
Father: Big
Son: Bottled or Tinned?
Father: Bottled
Son: Opened or Sealed?
Father: Sealed
Son: With a straw or glass?
Father: glass
Son: On a tray or not?
Father: Urgh!!! Ok leave soda just bring water
Son: Boiled or not?
Father: Aah!!! I will beat U stupid
Son: With a stick or Slippers?
Father: I swear i will kill U
Son: With a gun or a knife?
Father: Go way
Son: Now or Later?
Father: Oh Ma God!! I wish I produced Yoghurt
Son: Strawberry or Vanilla?

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